Yeast Infection No More Review (2022) – Real Candida Eliminator?

yeast infection no more review

Most of the healthy vaginas contain yeast. At times, the yeast grows up and leads to infection. Infections caused by the yeasts cause irritation and discomfort. The vaginal yeast infection is also called “vulvovaginal candidiasis”. The infection is named “candidiasis” because it is caused by a type of yeast called “candida”. Yeast infections aren’t contagious, and it doesn’t spread during the sexual engagement. The symptoms of this infection are thick and white, vaginal discharge, which often doesn’t smell. You may also realize a creamy, white coating around the vagina and redness in the vagina. If the infection gets extreme, you may get sores on your vulva, and you may get a sting feeling when you pee. Though sometimes, the infection can worsen due to sexual contact. Few things that cause vaginal yeast infection are:

  • Change in hormone levels during the menstrual cycle
  • Drugs like antibiotics or cortisone
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Weak immunity
  • Reaction to another person’s genital chemistry

Almost 75% of the world’s women are affected by yeast infections. Medicines alone will not be able to cure the disease completely. If you want to get rid of the problem and make sure it never comes back, you should get a copy of Yeast Infection No More.

What is the program?

There are some anti-fungal medicines that the doctors prescribe as a cure for yeast infections. However, the medicines can give relief for a few days only. Once you stop the application, the infection can rise again. Any friction in that area can cause the germs to spread, and the infection won’t heal. Yeast Infection No More can give you an insight on how to take complete care and get well completely. One of the main reasons why women are not able to cure their infection is that it keeps coming back. The moment you think that you are cured and stop the application of the medicines, you will feel the uneasiness growing back again. This happens because the medicines target the symptoms and not the disease. The book will teach you how to eradicate the disease and cure yourself once and for all. Things that you will learn from the book:

  • The reason behind the yeast infection attack
  • Finding the best cure available and knowing the wrong ones
  • Know how to prevent the infection from returning
  • Build up a defense line
  • Know the myths and truths of yeast infection
  • Usage of Phytochemicals to heal the infection

Following the contents of the book like a bible would help you start feeling better much sooner than could imagine. The itchiness and the scratching job, keep you in a bad mood throughout the day. You often cannot concentrate on the better things of life because your brain gets stuck up to this one thing. The curing methods mentioned in the book are sure to take away your tension.


The author of the book is Linda Allen from California. Linda is a nutritionist by profession and a sufferer of yeast infection. She has very nicely detailed every aspect of yeast infection. She has brought many unknown facts into the limelight so that the best cure can be presented to the readers. We will get into the details of the book’s content.

  • Chapter 1 – It is just the introduction of the book. There is nothing much to discuss in the section. Therefore we move on to the second one.
  • Chapter 2 – Chapter no. 2 deals with the basic reasons for yeast infections. The writer here describes how causes such as an unhealthy diet or weak immune power can bring in the infection problem in your body. She has proof of how the mentioned causes are related to the infection. To get the best cure, root cause analysis is very important.

Candida produces ‘Acetaldehyde’. It is a waste material that should be in your body and is also poisonous. Further, it turns in ethanol and causes awful symptoms. The symptoms include pain in the upper back, mouth ulcers, bloating, mouth thrush, vaginal candida, restless leg, severe headaches, bloating, and blurred vision.

In this chapter, she also mentions eating healthy food, listening to the hints of your bodies carefully, and taking charge of your health.

Allen has written about the medical treatments that are generally practiced and how they are unsuccessful. The various creams and pessaries asked to use has many side effects which do no good to you. The program tells you about how you can let the body achieve its cleaning process to flush out the poisons and toxins.

  • Chapter 3 – This chapter is all about how you can get to know that you have a yeast infection. The realization of the disease in your body is very important. Only then you head towards the cure.

She describes the miscellaneous tests that the doctors ask you to do, also, how the tests are done and sent to the laboratories.

After this, she also mentioned how the diagnosis is at fault most of the time. Hence you get to know about the actual problem much later that it occurs. The questions asked by traditional doctors for the unrelated issues hamper the diagnosis of the actual problem. You can understand your problem and take measures only if you understand your body well and take charge of your health.

  • Chapter 4 – This chapter tells you that Yeast Infection No More is a relief treatment that cures you 12 hours. This is a delightful thing for your ears. Information that you will get in this chapter are:
  1. The 12 hours relief program explained in full detail. The information is fragmented hour by hour so that it can be described in detail, and it will be easy for you to follow. There is a warning mentioned that the treatment could be messy or untidy.
  2. Recipes of herbal washes, which you can use on your body to get rid of the symptoms.
  3. When the symptoms start to heal, you might think of stopping the rest of the treatment as you are somewhat comfortable at that point. However, that would not be the ideal way to think. The writer tells you why you need to follow the entire treatment plan to eradicate the cause of the infection from the base. Only then, those horrid symptoms will go permanently.
  4. Cures for nail fungus infection. This is an additional thing that the writer offers to you. Nail fungus is also a symptom of Candida infection.
  • Chapter 5 – This chapter features a treatment with a small duration, and you get to see the relatively faster results. Even people who are too busy in life also will be able to follow the treatment easily because of the short span and easy instructions.
  • Chapter 6 – The detailed 5 step program to get rid of yeast infection is described in chapter 6. It has 6 important dietary principles and ensures that you are free of yeast infection. The program has been paraphrased due to copyright rules. The gist of the 5 steps are mentioned below:
  1. Get your immunity strong – the dietary supplements good for the body is prescribed.
  2. Cleaning out your body’s system – a procedure to detox and clean the body’s organs. The detox plan includes the diet chart, how fasting works, intake of juices for cleansing, and hearing the needs of your body. After reading this, you get to understand the digestive system even better than some physicians. Ways to banish parasites. Why we should do it, and how it helps to get rid of yeast infection.
  3. Destroying the candida – Best suggestions spelled to destroy the yeast.
  4. Best products that your body requires – the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to get back to the optimum health condition.
  5. Lifestyle options that should be followed – How stress affects candida and tips to reduce stress.

Uninterrupted sleep is necessary to cure yeast infection. Advice for getting better sleep.

Unique suggestions on how to keep your surrounding environment “Candida free”.

Pros and Cons



  • The book is considered to be the best one that every yeast infected person should read.
  • This book would help you to not only get rid of yeast infections but also digestive problems like bloating chronic constipation and acne.
  • The book has explained in detail about the lies, myths, and fallacies about the confusing subject of yeast infection.



  • The only negative feature of the book is there is too much content with a variety of information. Some readers may find it a bit confusing.

Who should buy it?

Anyone and everyone who is trying to free themselves from the pangs of yeast infection. It provides in-depth advice to deal with a yeast infection naturally.


The cost of the book is $37, which is affordable. Also, it offers 60 days money-back guarantee so if you do not find this program useful, you can take your money back.


The book is quite extensive, which focuses on 100% natural yeast infection treatment. The readers will feel confident about the program. They will surely understand the worth of reading the book. It is the most comprehensive book ever written on yeast infection. However, our Yeast Infection No More Review will help you know the major parts and areas that book covers.

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