VO Genesis Review (2022) – Earn Money in the Voice Over Business?

vo genesis review

Are you an individual who wants to do work online to earn money? Are you a person who possesses the skill of affiliate marketing? We know that you have already tried reading various books, watch numerous videos on YouTube, like how to earn money online, and so on. It is one of the most common desires of many of us to find a good-paying job. If you are one of them, you are going to get something that is very helpful and extraordinary today in this article because VO Genesis Review will do it for you.

Have you ever felt that your voice is capable enough to make some money? If you are a holder of a good and clear voice, then you can surely try in voice over business. Voice over business is a field that requires a good quality of voice for various tasks. This specific area of voice-over business can help you to earn money using your voice.

When we talk about voice over business, then there comes off guide which can direct how to get into this business. The guide is named as VO Genesis.

As an initial step, let us know about voice over business. Let’s dive into the world of voice over to get the knowledge about the product.

What is voice over business?

Just like another form of business, voiceover business is also showing a business that can provide jobs with the use of voice. We all have been heard about the audiobooks. Audiobooks are the perfect example of a voice over the business. There is the various speaker who holds a very good quality of voice who can perform the translation of the book into an audio one.

A voice-over business is all about trading your time to get money just like a job. Voice over is an online job where you have to do voice-overs for people, and they will pay to you if you are an interesting individual who wants to start their career in the voice over business. If you are, you should read an online book named VO Genesis.

Voice over is one of the best ways to generate money using technology and the internet.

What is the program?

VO Genesis stands for voice over genesis. It is an eBook of 93 pages, which contains a deep and helpful guide to get into a voice over business. This voice over genesis program shares the secret of making $1000 per hour by working in voice overs. Jenny Lewis is the creator of this program, and she is also the spokesperson of the product, as claimed.

This program is all about making money in less time with the use of voice. It is a program that teaches you how to make voice-overs and how to make money through that. This program teaches you how to connect to the audience to set your resources. A perfect guide makes much money in an hour through working voice overs for different people.

What does this program contain?

This program is going to contain 15 videos of 2-5 minutes length. These short videos will teach you the variety of skills with abilities required to cope with the working procedure of voice over jobs in the field of work.

The short videos are in the form of many modules, which is very easy to understand. Modules seem very clear for the learner because they can be easily followed. It seems easy to understand because they are of short duration as well as it is well portrayed for us, such as editing of audio file source with concise slideshows to define the message in a short but understandable manner.


It is a Guide to occupy job collection of data to search work of voice over. One can easily get all the following materials to mark a name in the voice-over industry. The program contains below-mentioned features:

  • How recording equipment can be set quickly.
  • Proper set up of recording equipment to record the best quality of audio.
  • A complete guide was full of short tricks, including tricks for demo recording along with a recording of a sample voice.
  • Using any editing software that is free to use can edit your audio.
  • How one can ignore and avoid the noise of background or pauses, which seems awkward.
  • How one can modulate voice tone to be favorable according to the description of the job.
  • Sufficient descriptive tutorial on how one can easily perform the editing of sample audio using a free of cost editing software.
  • It incorporates the method of using the right kind of words in the audition of jobs.
  • It provides the learner to learn how to analyze various scripts from the clients for giving the best of oneself.

The module of the program continues to get more deep into details regarding different methods and techniques to enhance the portfolio of samples and for auditions. This part of training can be performed by practicing different margin of tension in voice, dedication towards work with establishing a connection with spectators.

Above mentioned training program helps to make a unique voice by adopting various methods. Few methods incorporate:

  • The technique of breathing can help you to record the best voice of yours.
  • The focusing ability will remain helpful ever after in the recording.
  • One should be able to find and know the breaks in the given performant that can be used in conjunction, along with breathing ability and tension in one’s voice.
  • With the help of feeling in communication with conviction power, one can easily connect with voice over business.
  • An example of what you realize inside the area of membership. At the cost you pay, it is truly great, and it will enable you to get familiar with some incredible aptitudes to improving as an artist of voice over.

Pros and Cons



  • Information given in the book is genuine and realistic.
  • One can easily follow the techniques and methods mentioned in this program.
  • There are two more bonus books available with the product.
  • This can help any beginner a lot to set a base of any profession.
  • There is a money-back guarantee within 60 days.
  • It can be instantly accessed on the internet.
  • Using this book as a guide, you can work part-time as well as you can work from your home.
  • It specializes in giving the opportunity of working from home.
  • As it is worth mentioning, it can give work of short duration perhaps you can earn more through these small hours work.
  • It is always going to be available in the memory of your electronic device.



  • Two of upsell recommended books are not related to the industry of voice over.
  • The promising income amount which they claim in the first attempt is somewhat exaggerated.
  • Available online only.


Who should buy it?

If you are an aspiring person who wants to work from home and can make money fulltime or part-time. If you’re going to become a voice-over artist, then it is mandatory to possess proficiency in English speaking.

This item is for anybody keen on the voice over the business; however, we trust that it is most appropriate for tenderfoots or naive who have no past understanding and might want to find out about this beginning at its fundamental level.

This is likewise an incredible alternative for retired people or somebody moving toward retirement who might need to attempt voice work yet who would prefer to earn 100’s of dollars to find out about it.


The actual price of the program is $97, but you can get it with a massive discount for $37 by clicking the button below. It also offers 60 days money-back guarantee.

The Final Verdict

This book is a perfect guide to earn some quick money. We have tried to mention every kind of information that is related to the VO Genesis program, which can help you in either of the ways. This program is perfectly legal, and there is no illicit function in it. We are surely recommending this program to those people who are really in need of some extra money. The ease of availability of this book makes it more popular and important.

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