Unlock Your Glutes Review (2022) – Will It Make Your Butt Perfect?

unlock your glutes review

Before we go into deep detail and discuss the Unlock Your Glutes Review, let us do a quick discussion regarding its subject. A lot of people must have understood the subject of this book after reading its title, if not, then you will understand after reading this. Now, the way the world is changing every day, it has changed our way of living also. We live in an era where each one of us wants to look beautiful and attractive. There is no denying that before any fashion thing, a good body structure will help you in looking attractive. If we talk about the shape of the body that makes you attractive, then there is no defined way. However, in any body type, a toned butt area is very important. Even if you have a slim and flexible body, even if you can do heavy exercises, if your butt is not the way it should be, it is of no use.

What is Unlock Your Glutes?

Now, coming to our review, the title of the book suggest that this book is all about the topic that we discussed earlier. This is a book that can help you enhance the shape of your butt. The name of the author of this book is Brian Klepacki. It is step by step guide for all those who want to shape up their butt. This is a four-week program. This book is a complete guide, and how things have been mentioned in this is just amazing. There are manual and videos of 36 exercises. If one has to complete these exercises, then it will require them the time of 15 minutes twice a week. The manual that comes with this book is a guide that will help you in learning about the benefits of these exercises. Along with that, the manual also tells us about the reality and misconceptions that people have in their minds regarding the butt building and shaping. The author claims that all the information and exercises that have been mentioned in the book are a result of full-blown study and research conducted on this topic.

The best part of this program is that it is suitable for everyone. It does not matter whether you have been to the gym in your life or not. Your age and your fitness level too, doesn’t matter. However, people who have undergone any knee injury at any point in their life might face problem in doing these exercises. Also, these will work for both men and women.

After this quick summary, let us have a look at the chapter-wise detailed summary of the book.

Chapter-wise explanation of the book

Chapter 1 – The very first thing the first chapter of this book shows us is the importance of gluten in shaping up to our body. This is something very important. You will learn as to how gluten will help in the development of the upper body and in enhancing the daily activities that you do.

Chapter 2 – The second chapter of this book comprises of the Anatomy and the Biomechanics of the glutens. The whole theory has been explained in this chapter. If one has to make it even simpler, then it is the explanation as to how the three types of Gluteus muscles help in shaping and making your body attractive. These three muscles are called Maximums, medius, and minimus.

Chapter 3 – The third chapter is called a sleeping giant, and the title is apt according to the theory that it has in it. Now, this is an explanation of how you can activate your glutes. If you follow the technique mentioned in the chapter, you will be able to fire up your gluten before starting your workout session.

Chapter 4 – The fourth chapter of the book is named as “A healthy front = A healthy back”. The literal meaning of this title is if the front part of the body is healthy, it’s back parts will remain healthy as well. Well, the theory explained in this chapter says the same. In this chapter, the author has explained how a healthy butt can help you in keeping away the back pain. It also helps in making the performance of daily activities easier.

Chapter 5 – This chapter is again like all other chapters that are focused on the glutes. However, this could be considered the most important one of all. This chapter talks about the health risk of having weak glutens. Apart from that, it also focuses on the benefits that a healthy butt can give you. Reading out the benefits that are listed in this chapter, you will get motivated and will think of keeping it strong by any means.

Chapter 6 – This could be seen as the extended version of the previous chapter. In the previous chapter, also, there was an explanation as to how the glutens can help in keeping your body healthy. In this chapter, the benefit that was listed in the previous chapter has been explained. This chapter tells us as to how the power that you get from the healthy butt is used for sports and the enhancement of daily life activities.

Chapter 7 – Chapter 7 talks about the method of making the gluten strong. The name of this chapter is Building a Bigger, Stronger booty. Now, it compromises the exercises that can help you in making it stronger. It is also helpful in shaping the butt and toning it properly.

Chapter 8 – This chapter is a continuation of what we saw in the previous chapter. Here, the exercises have been discussed in depth. The author has talked about the cardio exercises and resistance training, which can help you in focusing more on the toning up of the butt area. These exercises target, especially on the toning of your butt, and are designed in such a manner that you can get the maximum results.

Chapter 9 – Chapter 9 is titled The Scientific Solution. Now, the title is very apt according to the content of the chapter. If we talk about the solution, in this context, then it is the exercises that are mentioned in the book. Focusing primarily on this chapter, it could be said that the author has made a strong point. This chapter consists of the exercises that are scientifically proven to be the best way of enhancing the butt size and shape. In addition to that, the author has also written a scientific citation to prove his claim.

Chapter 10 – This chapter focuses on the overview of the entire program. Along with that, it also discusses the different parameters set for the exercises. Not just exercises, but it will also help you in getting the parameters for the nutrition that you need to take and for all the exercises individually, as the cardio, warm, and other related things.

Chapter 11 – This chapter could be considered to unlocking your glutes review in the words of its author, as the author himself has shared the overview of the entire book in this single chapter. It is named as “Final thoughts about the system”.

Chapter 12 – This chapter could be considered as the workout manual, as it has the list of the workouts that one needs to do while following the entire process. These exercises could be conducted to get the maximum of the results in the minimum time. Apart from that, these work out charts could be used for setting up your goals for the exercises. You can practice them twice a week or even more than that.

Chapter 13 – This is the last chapter of the book. This chapter, too, consists of all the exercises that are listed in the book. However, in this chapter, you will get to know the definition of the exercises, along with their benefits. You will also get pictures of all the exercises that are there in the book.

After this detailed explanation, let us move to the pros and cons of the book.

Pros and Cons



  • You get to learn from an expert

This is, in our opinion, the biggest advantage that one can ever get if he or she is trying to follow any fitness regime. The author of this book, Brian Klepacki is a professional trainer. If we talk about his experience and achievements, then he is the author and editor of the very popular website called criticalbench.com. This website is responsible for providing fitness and muscle building tips for a lot of people since 1999. He has done his major in Exercises Science and now is a certified nutritionist. Well, there are other achievements too, and we could list all of them here, but we can say that with all these achievements, he is the appropriate person to be consulted for any such help.

  • Helps in building the perfect butt

A lot of people think that by perfect butt, we mean a well-shaped butt. However, it means more than that. The perfect butt is not just a matter of look, but strength and power also. It helps you in lifting heavyweight and in making your body stronger. Apart from that, healthy gluten can help a person in correcting his or her body posture and ultimately helps in building up self-esteem.

  • An inexpensive program

It doesn’t matter whether you have gone to a gym or not or have enrolled yourself for a fitness program; the truth of the fitness industry is not hidden. We all know how expensive it could be to enroll oneself in a fitness program. The best part about this program is that it is highly inexpensive in comparison to a lot of other such programs. Thus, all of those who won’t take the benefit of it can go without thinking twice about it.

  • Comes with a 60 days refund guarantee

Yes, you read that right. First of all, the price that you are paying for the program is 20 dollars. After that, if, for some reason, you don’t like the program, you can ask for a refund. This program comes with a 60 days refund guarantee. You can try and test this program out at your home, and if it doesn’t work for you, send a simple message to the author or his support team. In our opinion, 60 days are enough to try and test this program and to decide whether it is good or not.



  • A digital program

This is something that could not be considered as a con for everyone. The whole world has become digital today. Getting access to something available on the digital platform is easy in comparison to the other things. However, some people still live in such areas where internet connectivity is a problem, and this program is not suitable for them.

  • Can’t be better than the physical advice

We have already mentioned that those who have faced any knee injury in the past could not use this program. Now, if a person has this problem, then he or she will first need to consult a doctor. Physical advice will always be above this program.


The actual price of the program is $50, but you can get it for $17 with a massive discount by clicking the button below. Also, it offers a lot of bonuses and 60 days money-back guarantee.

The Verdict

With this, it is almost clear that this book has very fewer cons and a lot of pros. The points that we have mentioned here not just tell you about the book, but if also tell you as to why one should use it. These points will act as a guide for the readers and will help them in recognizing this book as a good or bad pick.

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