Unlock Her Legs Review (2022) – Does The Scrambler method work?

unlock her legs review

Getting true love is not an easy thing. People spend a large portion of their lives in search of a true life partner. A correct partner is more of a companion who stands by your side in every situation of life, but it is very difficult to get that kind of person in life. You can like somebody, but you are not able to express your feelings to him/her. But these days there are some products that can help you to express your love, sentiments, and emotions to the person whom you love or want to propose but could not approach him/her because of several reasons. Products, like Unlock Her Legs, are helpful for men; it allows them to get the kinds of girl that they want in their lives. Our Unlock Her Legs Review revives the hope in all those men who have not been able to get the right kind of girl for them.

Product review is very important to judge any product. You need to read the reviews of all the products that you use so that you do not fall into any trap and chose the wrong item for yourself. Some products do not have reviews written for them, but the products that have reviews written for them should always be read before using it.

What is the program?

It is an online product that is based upon the scrambler method. With the help of this method, you can easily get the girl of your dream in your life. This helps you to attract the girls that you want to have, or in other words, it makes them crazy for you in just some simple steps. With the use of this method, you are not only able to impress the women that you want to; rather, you can easily get them to bed in by putting some small efforts. The authors of this book change your thought process in terms of girls. You will become the man of their dreams and so they will automatically be pulled closer to you and will allow you to have physical involvements with them.

This method will work upon your behavioral patterns that need to be changed when you meet the girls. You need to have some specific sort of behaviors that attract women so that the girls show interest in you and will like to see you more often. Like for example, girls generally have this opinion that men do not listen to their talks and do not give the desired attention to them; this irritates them. So you need to be a good and sympathetic listener for the girls and allow them to speak their heart out to you. This will create a good image in their minds, and they will be impressed by you and would like to hang out more with you. If you understand them and empathize with them, then they would become emotionally dependent on you, and they would need you in every situation.

Apart from bringing behavioral changes in men, this program is also helpful in making changes in your house as per the requirements of your female partners. It teaches you to make your house more welcoming and filled with warmth so that when you get your partner home, they feel comfortable because of which you can share some quality time with them. If you keep your house filthy, messy, and dirty, then no women would like to make out in such places, so in the first place, you need to have a clean house with some good lighting and proper bedding. You can also cook or arrange food from outside for your lady to share a meal with her and spend some cozy time with her.

The authors have written this book keeping in mind the ideas of love, relationships, physical intimacies, etc. They provide you with some important tips to please and satisfy your partner in bed and love her with more compassion. This guide above every other thing takes you to a journey where you discover yourself in deep. It prevents you from making mistakes in your relationship and makes it more compassionate.

The authors share the experiences from their intimate life and tell us about the making of various strategies to make good relations that are mentioned in this guide. It allows the men to discover their deep inner self so that they know their capacities and potentials. The eBook contains a lot of examples, incidents, and stories from real life, which makes it fun to get the lessons, and the journey of self-realization of men becomes interesting, and also they can impress their girls to have physical intimacy easily. The guide gives you stepwise instructions that are easy to follow and works well with girls.

The program could be like a gift for the men who find it very difficult to impress girls and could not attract any women in their life. If they are friend-zoned by the girls, then this guide can bring them out of this and help them to bring women in their lives.

About Bobby Rio and Rob Judge – the Authors

bobby rio

The masterminds behind the discovery of this wonderful program are Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. They tried to create a program for those men who do not find good girls in their lives. They tried to know the reason as to why some men are not able to find any women in their lives, why they could not gain the confidence to express their feelings to the girls they were badly attracted to. After doing a lot of researches, they came to know about what is known as seduction weapons that arouses the desires in women. They researched more and then named this method as the scrambler method that has four basic steps to attract women.

This method works as a magic for women, and they start to desire for your presence, and they, in a way, become obsessed with you, if you follow the method that is provided in the book. They tried to give some useful tips for bringing women home and that too in some easy ways by making certain changes in your behaviors, living pattern, and habits. The authors have tried to keep the book very real and so they have created this program after experiencing a lot of dates with girls. They have tried to understand the minds of the girls by knowing their likes and dislikes so that they can provide the correct and practical tips to the men to please women in some easy steps.

The Scrambler Technique revealed

The basic technique on which this program works upon is called The Scrambler technique that has 4 steps in it, which help men to attract women towards them, and they can easily take them to bed.

This technique allows you to know the reason for women’s attraction and permits you to catch the center of the attraction for women so that you can keep them attracted to you, and they are ready to do all that you want. The method is divided into small but major 4 steps in hierarchic order. The 4 steps are as follows:

  1. Mystery and uncertainty: This step is all about creating some dramatic suspense and mystery in front of the girl. The suspense in your character will attract her, and she would want to discover you, and the uncertainty about the status of your relationship will make her more interested in you.
  2. Power: The second step of the method makes a shift towards the power balance in your love life. This step teaches you to keep the attention of the girl stuck on you. It gives you some advice as to what would attract women and how will they be impressed.
  3. Validation: 3rd step is about seeking validation and advice. If you reach a stage where your girl needs to have validations from you, then you are very close to your aim, and this is what is done in the 3rd step of the scrambler technique.
  4. Anticipation: In the last step of the scrambler technique, your girls should be ready to make anticipations. This method is important as it allows you to have proper command over your girl, not only in talks or so but also in bed. This makes her crazier about you, and you will be able to take her charge in bed.


The features of the program are as follows:

  • This program focuses upon getting you the girl of your dreams in some easy steps. It teaches you how you can manage a girl and also gives you the tips by which you can make her fall for you and even make her want you more in bed.
  • The program works upon the thought process of the girls that is their psychology and then provides you with useful ways by which you can attract them. This program makes use of the scrambler technique to understand the mindset of the girls and also to please and attract them in general as well as in a bed.
  • It does not ask you to go chasing after the girls rather the girls chase you, as this program works on the principle of attracting women not by chasing them rather makes such conditions that they chase you and they fall in love with you.
  • It allows you to create an impression on the girl’s mind that is long-lasting and so the girls are attracted to you. Your mysterious behaviors allow them to be more curious to know you and so they will spend more time with you.
  • The program enables you to have the correct mindset to control the relationship so that the girl seeks allowances from you for further steps. Your approval should become important for her as this will give you an upper hand, and you will be able to make her more desirous for you.
  • The eBook would give you some basic strategies to make some behavioral changes in you so that the girl admires you and want to spend more time with you. This attraction will give you command on her and make her more wanting in bed.

What do you get with purchase?

With every package of the guide, you get the main guide book, and in addition to that you get the following mentioned items for free or in bonus:

  • A 2-hour audio file
  • 12 “Weapons of Seduction” Videos
  • The LUST System Manual
  • 10 LUST System Videos
  • Bonus 1: Invisible Escalation
  • Bonus 2: She’s Sending You Signals
  • Bonus 3: The Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence
  • Bonus 4: The Magnetic Effect Pattern
  • Bonus 5: Her Erogenous Zone
  • Bonus 6: Dirty Dozen- The 12 Conversations that will Make Her Fall in Love

Pros and Cons

In this section of our review, you will get to know about the pros and cons of the program in detail. This will help you to know the program better and allow you to decide for yourself as to whether you want to use it or not.



  • You can apply the method that the guide provides to any girl that you want to impress.
  • It helps improve your relationship with your partner and allows you to love her with more compassion.
  • This gives you a kind of sensitivity for your partner and makes you more understanding.
  • This helps unlock your alpha-male attitude in life.
  • The instructions are easy to follow as the guide is user-friendly because it provides the guidelines in an organized manner in steps.
  • It teaches you the basic manners to deal with a girl, like the way of talking to them, handling them, etc.
  • It makes you learn about the right time to send invitations to women so that she gets your signals and comes to you.
  • It provides you with the psychological aspects of understanding a girl and uses the scramble techniques to impress her.
  • It makes you learn the ways of handling the women and their emotions in bed and also tells you how you can satisfy them at most.
  • This has free bonus guides that are an addition to the package of the product.
  • It also gives a money-back guarantee within 60 days.
  • You get updates for a lifetime once you buy the package.



  • The program does not provide any hard copies; it only has e-books and PDF available.
  • Several of the methods and techniques that are provided in the guide do not work instantly. You may have to put effort into making them work.



In the reviews of any product, the price of the product is must to be mentioned to provide the new buyers the information about the costing of the item so that they can decide if they can afford to buy the product or not. This program is neither very affordable and nor excessively pricy. However, the bonus that the program offers adds to the benefits of the program. The price is $79, and you get the program immediately after payment.

The Final Verdict

It happens a lot of times that things appear very difficult when it is not tried, but when you go practical and try them – they are not very difficult or tough as they seem to be. Men sometimes think that they can not impress the girl or approach the girl of their choice because she is a hard nut to crack, but they fail to understand that sometimes the girls that they are interested in can come in their life if they try. Our Unlock Her Legs Review shows that it has helped many such men to get whoever they wanted to be in their life. So it is worth investing in this guide.

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