Thumbnail Blaster Review (2022) – Real YouTube Channel Booster?

thumbnail blaster review

For any video that you upload on your YouTube channel, thumbnails are very important. Therefore, one needs a thumbnail maker, which should be easy to use. One such software is the Thumbnail Blaster. It has amazing features, and you will know about all of them in the Thumbnail Blaster Review that we have done here.

What is this software?

It is a software that is made using unique artificial intelligence technology. It is of great use for those who have their YouTube channel and are struggling to generate high traffic for their videos. This software can help these people in getting the required traffic and also in ranking their videos on the top. This also tells you about the ranking of other videos. It was launched in the April 2019, but in this short period also, it has won the trust of its users. One can make exciting thumbnails using it, and if for some reason you don’t find it useful, you can easily claim for your money, as it comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee. To complete this review, we have tried to list all the important information regarding it in the sections below.

About the developer

The software is developed by a Romanian-American computer scientist, Ion Stoica. This is not the first work of Stoica, as he has made other popular softwares also. However, the way this one has emerged and gain popularity is just commendable. Stoica is known for his specializations in distribution systems, cloud computing, and computer networking. The product was tested well before its launch in the market. It’s his efforts that have made this software gain the trust of the users in such a short period.


If we talk about the features of this software, then they are unique. We have discussed earlier also that it has all the features that a thumbnail maker should have in it. There are a lot of tools and functions which could be used for the editing purpose, but here we will talk about the modules that are there in this software. The modules listed below will tell you how you can use the software.

The main module

There is no specific name as such, for this particular module, but one can call it the main module. The reason for which the name should be given to this module is that you can create thumbnails for your videos using this module and that too in a very easy way. It is just that one has to learn the methodology, which is again very easy. Here are the steps to be followed.

  1. The very first and obvious step for this particular process is to select the YouTube account for which you want to make thumbnails.
  2. The second step of this process would be to select the particular video for which you want to make the thumbnail.
  3. Now, this software has a lot of thumbnail options that are already made and are ready to use. You can select one and can proceed further. If for some reason you don’t like the thumbnail that is there, then you can create one on your own also. There are a lot of options there also. Not just that, but you get a lot of tools too to edit these templates.
  4. The fourth step would be to select the Thumbnail and to customize it in your way.
  5. This was the final step. Check whether the changes that you made are good or not and modify it if needed. Finally, publish it with your video.

Apart from the main module, there are two other modules also.

Split test

The second module that we are going to talk about here is called a split test. As the name of this module suggests, this is there to split your thumbnail according to your video. There are very easy steps involved, and you can use this module for your videos. The maximum thumbnails that you can have for your videos using this particular module are 2. This module suggests two thumbnails, changes them accordingly, and then records the statics for you. This software will change the thumbnail for your video at a particular time interval, and after that, will show you the final statics. Thus, you can use that data in deciding which thumbnail is better for you. If we talk about this module in detail, then it allows selecting the templates from a variety of niche. It could be anything according to your needs. The splitting functionality will help you in deciding which one is better.

Analyze Image

The other module that we are going to talk about here is given for analyzing the template that you are using. Now, this has to feature from which you can select the template and can analyze whether the template is good for you or not. There are several ways in which you can make this thing happen. You can either upload the image of the template through your computer or can use the image link for uploading it. One can even use their YouTube videos link to upload the image and then can analyze whether it is good or not. Now, after you have selected the image, you will see that you can see whether your image is safe or not. If it is not safe, you can always modify it, and if not, then you can leave it as it is. This module will allow you to analyze everything about your thumbnail.

Pros and Cons



  • The first benefit that you will get after using this software is that you need to install it. It is cloud-based and, therefore, won’t take any space on your device. Search for it on the internet and use it accordingly.
  • The second thing that is quite clear by now is that the whole software is very easy to use. All the tools and techniques that are there are unique, and you can use all of them for creating the best thumbnail out of it.
  • The thumbnail creator that you get is based on artificial intelligence, which is again a plus point.
  • You need to follow three steps to create the best thumbnail, which again comes in the category that it is easy to use.
  • This is a library for more than 100 thumbnails. Along with that, you get a lot of design elements that could be used for designing your template.
  • The editor that you get with this software is drag and drop style. This is the biggest pro out of all.



  • It is a library of more than 100 templates, but sometimes this number is not enough.
  • In some cases, the templates need editing before final publishing.
  • Sometimes, to get the apt template, you will have even to download it from the other sources.



Before letting you know the actual price of this software, we want to assure you that whatever price you are paying for this software is worth it. The reason behind this is that it has all the features that a good template maker should have in it. The price that you pay for this is 37$, which are again very low, and anyone could afford it easily. Also, it is backed by 60 days money-back guarantee.


The verdict for this particular software is quite clear. From the point that is mentioned here, it speaks that you can use this in the way you want and create thumbnails of your own choice. If you don’t want to create one, you can easily use the one that is already there. The price that you pay for these features is also very low, and this makes it even better. Therefore, if you look at all the aspects of this software, you will realize that it is the best choice.

We have tried to discuss all the points related to this software in detail so that the readers don’t feel any difficulty in following the steps. The points mentioned here indicate that this is the best way to make a template for your YouTube channel.

We hope that our Thumbnail Blaster Review is useful to you!

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