The Lost Ways Review (2022) – Is this book WORTH IT?

the lost ways review

If you are looking for an epiphany and consider yourself worshipper of the ‘minimalism’ then Lost Ways is one of the books that will readily guide you into what the world of minimalism holds for you. Minimalism is a revolutionary movement that starts with oneself. The movement is the avant-garde of finding who one is. If you can take a deeper look, it all about what Jean-Paul Sartre spoke of, finding your inner self. In the world of the buzz and noise of television and cell phones, we all need a book that we can repeatedly read to keep us grounded into believing we should focus on what we need and not what we want. This is one of the epic realizations that minimalism and its harbingers have gifted us. This is a rather unorthodox thought that the world needs to strive on. If you want to know more about this book, this is our in-depth The Lost Ways Review!

Whether you are looking for a good book recommendation or you are just wondering about a good non-fiction series, the book by Claude Davis can ensure you are hooked into your book. It helps you reconnect with the struggles that our forefathers went through to establish their life and puts light onto the daily struggles of finding food, home, shelter, and most medical self-sufficiency. The public health system in America is a sham.

Each year thousands of dollars in money are spent on the insurance of the American citizen. This insurance is a necessary aid for Americans to get the service of health care. This has enraged the Americans and the strive for simple living like changing diet plans to fruits, vegetables, and cutting down on junk food is one of the remedies they have embraced. Claude Davis’s book has given hundreds of Americans the guidance to be self-sufficient and how they can choose a sufficient lifestyle where they would not need medical care. It provides a resilient outlook on how our fore-fathers curated their life without the need for explicit healthcare or become suspect to obesity from fast food trends.

Some of the leading sources of inefficiency in countries like the United States of America are listed, and Davis’s take on them are as follows:

  1. Medicine and its escalating price: The supplier and distributor changes of big medicine firms are often lowlily equipped this leads to a lot of demand on these firms. With the ongoing need for medicine resulting from the obese lifestyle of most Americans, they are susceptible to diseases hugely. The history of prescribing medicine patterns and the heavy-duty and taxation all equally results into the escalating price of medical aid. Lost Way reviews include the knowledge of a sustainable way of living. It provides, guidance, training and teaches ways to practice of generic substitution. The book focus a lot on the forefather’s way to give a solution to these issues.
  2. Medicine and use of a substance: The counterfeit medicines from the drugstore often have harmful substances. Medicinal marijuana and other weak procurement are some of the things that have the destructive possibilities that can be inflicted on the human body. The irrational use of medicines also has various side effects that can cause further symptoms and diseases. This is a chain that extensively takes place and works in a vicious cycle.
  3. Waste culture: In most countries, especially the king of the first world country, USA has set its path on the sewage crisis. About 75% of the population has almost no control over the sewage disposal system. Lost Ways review the older generation and their stepping stone success on waste disposal and healthy living. Claude Davis explains how the older generations had one cup, one fork and eco-friendly bags made of jute that they used most of their lives. That enabled them to have a healthy life and rather than using plastic substitutes to these products. They are often carcinogenic and cause fatal threats to the lives of the people. In the first days, recycling was a natural habit and did not require propaganda. Recycling clothes and clothes were practiced all around. This did create not only a better environment but also a harmonious community.
  4. Water consumption: In recent times, the world is in danger. The polar bears are soon to be becoming an endangered species. The polar caps are melting, given the huge pollution and the world can use some help. Claude Davis suggests ideas like instilling water-efficient toilets and limited consumption of water to help the world. It is a survival guide. It gives a lot of useful ways that one can cater their lives into a more meaningful journey. Davis hugely focuses on food and its implication. Chapters like Cinamon Sugar Toast, Milk Toast, are not just delicious recipes but are also effective in making one a healthier person.

About the author Claude Davis

claude davis

Claude Davis is a well-known expert in history who has mastered himself in the knowledge of self-sustainability and has learned the measures taken by our forefathers to create a more self-dependent lifestyle. He believes in his movement to teach the generation X and Z to live on their own. From bits of advice on easy food hacks to preserving water without a single penny, it is safe to say he is a guru of the new age. He does not completely dismiss the need for technology and advancements. His ideas lie in the necessary hacks humanity will have to take in the face of an apocalypse and how to give them the key.

From living in small houses to rainwater harvesting, Claude Davis is the messiah. He has a great knowledge passed down from his grandfather, who became an orphan and was later on adopted by a Native American woman. This is where Davis’s family learned the use of conservative medicinal treatment. Medicinal plants are Davis’s preference when it comes to health care rather than spending money on insurance for medical aid. Claude’s family had been known as healers during World War 1. They had makeshift hospitals for soldiers and other wounded patients inside some of the French churches. The story ran when the doctors ran out of morphine, Davis’s grandfather used his hacks to provide relief to the wounded. The family was even able to take antibiotics from medicinal plants.

The Lost Way review is a great book that opens up the perspectives that are, now, unconventional to the world. At some point, the author himself believed in the concept of technology as a boon, but later on, Davis found himself reflecting the old values and traditions of his family. Even though most of the world cannot rely on Davi’s views, there is exceptional scientific power in the use of herbs and organic food. Not all of it is unknown, today a major portion of the demographic have switched to vegetarianism and veganism to sustain their life. They live in small houses and not big mansions. This is an aspiration of the author.

The author Davis has brought in a huge reformation when he says that making should access their resources to fulfill what they need and not what they want. When a single person consumes acres of land, the shortage of land is alleviated. The macroeconomics has proved us that this is how the world functions; Claude Davis can see it on his hindsight. From red beak powder that fights diseases to Log Man’s mending fur, Davis’s theory are scientific but also very economical. With his policies, the average American can save thousands of dollars on medical aid. It not only would improve the health but shall also give one a fruitful lifestyle.


The Lost Ways provide a complete survival kit for its reader and give them a full understanding of food that can be helpful to grow in the backyard. The medicinal plans that one can take up and also provides a complete guide to building one’s rotational can. The book is instructional, and critics are with the opinion that the book can help one pass through an apocalypse. There are some intricate features of the book that are worthy of discussion:

  1. Simple language: Even though amazon reviews might misguide you about the language of the book, it is written in layman language covering all the points of survival and explaining in details the medical plans that one can opt-in their area or country, the EMP practices. The book is friendly to all ages, especially older folks, as it has larger fonts and double-spacing that allows it to be easily read. The details go as far as to providing many pictures in the book that helps break down the concept even better for novices.
  2. Recipes: The book offers not only hacks and cracks to teach generation X about the lifestyle of older generations but also includes many food theories. This automatically means that there are hundreds of recipes for you to make at the comfort of your home without having to need fancy equipment or take help from technology. It helps the person connect with nature and appreciate nature. The book is a complete proof that without technology, human beings can survive. Nature can make heat, water, and ingredients, and a sustainable survival kit does not require one to rely on technology.
  3. Promotes independence to self: One of the biggest areas the book focuses on is how human beings are born self-sufficient. The capitalistic world tricks us into believing that technology is what saves us. Davis disagrees, in the advent of an apocalypse, he believes and makes a point through his book, and sustainable living is the solution. Technology, according to Claude Davis, is too complacent. Life has become simpler with technologies and has made humanity weak. He promotes Darwin’s value ‘survival of the fittest’. His book promotes strength and teaches the new generation of comfortable living to survive without unnecessary advancements. The book braces the people of the 21st century to prepare for the oncoming eventualities, which Claude believes would ruin humanity.


  • Easy to understand: The book is written for all kind of readers. The book engages the reader into its bigger fonts and provides pictures to make the reading experience better. Most parts of the books provide pictures so that the reader can correlate with the author, and they can be on the same page, literally. The program breaks itself into millions of details so that it is easy for the reader to follow up. The book is well-versed, and the author has put a lot of effort, and it shows. The book is an ultimate guide to self-sufficiency not just economically but personally, mentally and materialistically. The book is available in both hard copies and e-book format.
  • Economical: The book’s greatest advantage of the book lies in the promise. The author says what he means. When the author approaches his book to provide his readers with economic means, he means it. The book is available at affordable prices in stores and online. The book not only provides the readers ‘’with ways” to and ‘’how to’s ” but all of the approaches can be fulfilled by the reader at almost no money to very very little money. For say, there is an entire chapter that the book preaches Rainwater harvesting without no money. The book, therefore, is to help people for goodwill purposes and not to preach know-how.
  • Topics: The Lost Ways includes a variety of topics. The topics in unison would guide you into a healthier lifestyle. From cooking a delicious yet healthy diet to making medicine out of plants, the book has all of the information one needs to adopt a healthier lifestyle. With the world so closer to its falling apart with issues like ocean life destruction, forests on fire for cultivation and even infamous issues as global warming, we all need to break apart from the toxic lifestyle. The topics are not only environment-friendly but also help nature. The topics on organic food are not only engaging for the reader but also requires plantation of trees and cutting down on unhealthy meat consumption.
  • Guaranteed money back: If you are someone who cannot keep up with the book or do not deem yourself fit for the lifestyle, the book can be returned so there is no any complaints. You can surely get your money back. The book’s motive is not to make money but to preach a message of non-cruelty, healthy, and peaceful lifestyle for its readers.



  • Pictures: Even though the book has pictures all through to elucidate the points in details, the hard copy and e-book have a major difference. The pictures in the hardcopy are in black and white, whereas the ebook is full of colorful illustrations. Critics have often found this to be as discriminatory as the hard copies are costlier than the ebooks.
  • Some readers find the lifestyle that Claude Davis talks about is unattainable in the 21st century. Most of the world works on the internet and relies heavily on technology. Without technology, the world can break down. It can affect politics; it can lead to jobs being eliminated and make the world dull and boring. The book is sometimes considered to be delusional and impractical in the recent day and age. Readers are more considered about the negative connotation of the book by judging to have been published only for money-making reasons.


The price of the book is $37. It is quite low in comparison to other such books on the market. Considering the price amount, it shouldn’t be a big deal for you to buy it.


From the advantages and disadvantages of the book, the pressure on the book is just matters of perspectives. While most of the critics are retrospecting the book and the pieces of advice of the author someway, the book is one of the top books under the genre of survival guide. The book may not fall under the section of light reading as it does have a political agenda and ulterior motive to it. Though sustainable living is one of the amendments that one must make in their life towards a healthier self and environment, the repercussions to it are also undeniable.

When the author talks about the controversial topic of how technology is not exactly a boon, the eyebrows are raised. The world economy is grateful to technology, whether it be medical advancements or artistic advancements. Critics have argued that as time runs by, the disease has a bigger impact on human beings. The ailment is more serious, and the remedy can do better than biting on an aloe vera plant, yet when Claude David gives us a new outlook to the monotonous life, he is pushing us towards simpler lifestyle, a happier one. With or without technology, we can still choose a happy life for ourselves. Hopefully, our The Lost Ways review is helpful to you.

The book is available both in digital and physical format – you can choose which you prefer.

NOTE: There is also a sequel of The Lost Ways available ($37). So if you want to read both books, click the button below!

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