The Lost Book of Remedies Review (2022) – All Nature In One Book?

the lost book of remedies review

Nature is full of surprises. We humans might boast of being a master of all, but in reality, we know just the fraction of the vast repository of knowledge that nature has. Imagine any problem, whether physical or mental, and dig a little deeper, and you will find that remedies were found in nature itself. In simple words, every single problem has its solution in nature; we need to be open in accepting and searching the natural remedies. The Lost Book of Remedies is all about that pursuit of natural search of remedies for all the ailments.

It is now universally accepted that there are thousands of medicinal plants that can help heal and cure several of the day-to-day diseases. It is in the interest of pharma majors to keep you in the dark about the benefits of natural miracles so that they could flourish. Imagine a situation, when you have access to a database of medicinal plants with details of identification, benefits, and usage. How much this will hurt the interest of multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical majors. The Lost Book of Remedies Review will help you understand the content and composition of the book so that you could take the smart decision.

This 300-page eBook has all the ingredients to disrupt the whole medical industry, as this takes you back to nature in finding the solution through natural remedies. It is all about making you aware of the resources available in nature to fight against any ailments. This book is a repository of knowledge about medicinal plants, its benefits, and usage for specific prevention and cures. If you are looking for an alternative to the prescription medications of hundreds of side-effects, do read the book.

What is The Lost Book of Remedies?

The idea behind this book is to make you aware of the possible solutions available in nature. The first step in that direction is to help you identify natural herbs so that you could find desired solutions. This book, written by Claudia Davis, is a repository of information of all medicinal plants available in defined geographies. This book gives you the names, images to identify along with properties and benefits. It helps you to be precise in identification as any mistake could have serious repercussions.

Interestingly, this book explains in detail the use of plants with specifics on whether it is edible for a specific use or not. It is of amazing value if you are in some disaster situation, and all possible medical help are far from reach. This helps you find remedies for a special situation until medics reach you.

In simple words, it helps you to survive and regain the lost ground.

This book helps you to learn about several things like treating burns using herbs, controlling diabetes naturally, and find a solution for stress and depression among several other problems. Not only that, but it takes you a step forward and teaches you about growing, harvesting, mixing, and the use of each of the plants.

The medicinal plant is a complicated field as it involves learning of botany along with the understanding of biochemistry and medical science to find a strong correlation to justify one plant remedy or the other. The author has made it sure that you get all possible plant-related detail in the simplest possible way. He classified plants based on where you could find them, such as:

  • Trees and Shrubs
  • Nationwide Plants
  • Forests and Woodlands
  • Household Remedies
  • Backyard Weeds
  • Wild Plants in Great Plains
  • Coastal Tropical
  • Water Loving Plants

Within each category, plants are alphabetically along with the likely benefits you could get from those plants. You can access a specific section of the book by the symptoms of the ailments like fever, flu, snake bite, a heart condition, etc. Thankfully, each listing has details about how to grow such plants in your locality.

Who is Claude Davis?

claude davis

The author of this repository of natural medicinal plants, Claude Davis, believes that he must pass the ancestral learning to the next generation. He says that this book is just a modern presentation of information from his grandfather’s journal. According to Davis, these remedies helped several victims of the WW-II and beyond.

He believes that one should pass learning to the next generation as a duty; otherwise, the effort of hundreds of years will disappear without any hint. It will be disrespect to ancestors if it doesn’t get passed to the next generation in better form.

Credit goes to Davis for compiling this masterpiece so meticulously without disturbing the original feel of the classical journal. This gives you the feeling of learning something from the annals of history in its purest form. Whatever is the idea of the author, but it is of great value in this era when we are destroying flora and fauna at the fastest pace ever.

What Will You Get From It?

Just name any day-to-day ailments like flu, fever, bumps, bruises, scrapes, cuts, bites, hair loss, weight loss, fertility, fatigue, agility, skin disease The Lost Book of Remedies is there to find matching plant remedies for you. Interestingly, this 300-page eBook has been compiled so beautifully that you can access the relevant topic without much effort.

You can buy this either the eBook to download in your device or order for the hardcover book. Whichever you buy, you will get the same content in the same manner, and of course, it would be much easier to search relevant content in the digital version.

Just like other digital products, you won’t have to wait and get instant access to the book. You can keep it on your PC, mobile, or tablet where you wish. In this era of the smartphone, it is better to get the eBook as you can access it anytime, anywhere.

This book comes with two bonus books. One is elaborating on the ways to grow specific plants in your garden and the other book detailing medicines you may need in disaster situations. To make it more lucrative for you, this comes with a money-back guarantee along with the online support to seek an explanation from Mr. Davis.

The book has a plethora of information like how to cure common conditions with medicinal plants. Since most of the popular medicines work like natural remedies, this book explains how you could use plant remedies as a substitute for traditional medicines. Medicinal plants keep you away from the harm of external chemicals that you take in the form of traditional medicine. Additionally, this book tells you how you could use plant remedies in your normal diet for better prevention.

Does The Book Work?

Knowledge in any form cannot ever be useless. This book helps you learn how to identify plants that could be of help in finding solutions to your ailments, how this could harm to anyone. Knowing is a different thing, and using that knowledge is a different thing. There is no doubt that this book does work, but you have to learn how to use it properly. You cannot start serving half-baked cakes only because someone is hungry. You have to learn the basics first then start using the book for remedial purposes.

This book nowhere claims that it has all the solutions to all the problems of the world. But, if you use it judiciously, you can solve the majority o the day to day problems. Frankly, there is no other better option where you could find such a vast repository of medicinal plant knowledge in just 300-pages.

Pros and Cons



  • This book is amazing in terms of presentation on how to use medicinal plants.
  • The natural habitat information of a specific plant is fantastic.
  • It covers all major ailments and links them to specific plant remedies.
  • It is a vast repository of information from several generations.
  • This book teaches you how to grow specific plants in a particular condition.
  • It is focused on looking towards nature in seeking remedial solutions.
  • You get a 60 days money-back guarantee.
  • You have the option of both digital and hardcover.
  • You have bonuses to grow your plant knowledge base further.



  • You have to read the book thoroughly. You cannot use it as a referential dictionary.
  • You have to rely on your learning and experimentation to find the right remedies.
  • You might feel tempted to find every possible solution in this book.


The price of the book is $37. It is available both in digital and physical copies. By clicking the button below, you can choose which one you prefer. It also offers 60 days money-back guarantee.

Final Verdict

The Lost Book of Remedies is best you can get in the medicinal plant category, especially when it is focused on applicability. The challenge is that the author avoids giving you the exact blend of herbs to find a cure for any specific ailments. Taking the ancestral legacy forward, the author leaves it on you to learn the fundamentals of medicinal plants and add your own experience to take it forward to the next generation. You get all possible information from identification, growing, processing to target diseases.
In this era, when our environment is facing an existential crisis, it is better to learn about the basics of natural resources and preserve these learning so that we could use them in the right context and scale. It is highly likely that advancement in technology will help in finding better remedies using a natural resource in the future. Buy this book to amass vast knowledge of medicinal plants and start growing it to find better natural remedies.

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