The Ex Factor Guide Review (2022) – Does It REALLY Work?

the ex factor guide review

Breakup is the word which itself only contains seven alphabets, but it changes your world for a brief period. Some may take even a massive period to get over with. In this world, everything comes and vanish at its own pace. And that speed is increasing rapidly. Everybody gets into a relationship and at some point in time, breaks up. This breakup is maybe a small word, but it often causes great pain. This is why we prepared for you The Ex Factor Guide Review!

If you are attached to someone, and for some reason, they don’t want to continue. This causes separation. Especially in the case of teenagers and youngsters, it is hard to get through it.

Have you ever been in that situation? Everyone goes through it, there is no big deal, but if you don’t know how to get over with that, then it is a concern. At some point in time, we want to get into the relationship again. We want to retain that happiness. We want to patch up with our ex. Now here comes The Ex Factor Guide, which provides you with an accurate solution. It enables you to understand the ways by which you can get your ex again.

This article is a detailed review of the program. It provides good knowledge about the processes by which you can get your dear one. Before getting through the analysis, you should give brief attention to the condition. Before going towards anything else, these activities or state you are in should be addressed:

  • If you are going through a breakup and feeling devastated, sad, and nothing clicks you now, then you are truly in trouble. In this current state of loneliness and emotionally unstable, you are just not in the right frame of mind. If you will try to convince her to come back, then that is next to impossible. Anything you will say to her will only make matters worse.
  • Apart from that, you have to accept that the relationship is gone. There is a very minimal chance to get it back. Who knows, maybe that’s the best thing happened as that relationship anyway sucked. This is because if everything was going right, then there is no chance for any rift.
  • For getting back your ex, you have to shed off your all negative thoughts. You should fill yourself with positive thoughts. Always try to feed those special moments to her so that she cannot imagine her life without you. Making her realize about the things which your ex lose is the correct way. Try to tap her conscience and that place of mind, which brings your memory back.

If all these are the concerns for you, then you don’t have to worry at all. This review will exactly get you through this. The step by step tried and tested techniques will surely make you retain your ex. Moreover, with this knowledge, you can start a new relationship. The relationship is free of cheating, lies, or any other things which led to your breakup.

What is The Ex Factor Guide?

It is a detailed program that offers sequential methods for those people who want to get back together with their ex. This program provides you tactics by which your ex will crave for. It consists of psychological alternatives which can make him or her very much fond of you. This program can make them feel the void that is there due to your absence after a breakup.

This is a digital program that provides all the services virtually. It includes audio as well as video contents and also two bonus e-books that are sold online. This program is very helpful as the author is very good in this field; the way this program has been curated is undoubtedly good. The expert advice will make you get back with your ex. This book also helps you to get out of that zone of post-breakup. It deals with the right way to handle the situations and avoiding confrontations with your ex.

In these subjects of love and relationship, getting expert advice is foremost. The curator of this program knows it very well. Yes, he is an expert in this field. He knows what he is talking about. You need to have an honest and to the point interaction with him in the program, and he will guide your way out for that. He will act as a friend who is needed in the time of emotional crisis. It contains the action steps to take you through the path of taking your ex back. Also, one of the major advantages of this book is that it doesn’t make you feel guilty for the breakup. Simply the curator wants to make you lively and full of joy to get through that phase.

The program is divided into numerous parts, specifically in chapters, which makes it good for understanding in bits and pieces. All the things which can be critical to maintaining a healthy relationship are there in the book. It contains all the adversity as well as their solutions. Keeping up with the chapters with an understanding approach can be very beneficial. This benefit is for long terms as well as short-term. This can be used when you are getting to start a new relationship. You already know the things which hamper the quality of the relationship. This will keep you away from those things.
This book is also offering a 60-days money-back guarantee. You don’t have to think twice before using it. It is the total value for money product. If you don’t like the program or not have that success rate in getting back your ex, then you should return the product with 60-days.

About the Author – Brad Browning

brad browning

Brad Browning is the author of this program; he is an expert who specialized in these complicated works of relationship and divorce. He has worked with numerous couples to patch up between them. He is in this for 10 years. Except for this program, he also wrote: “Mend The Marriage” which is an online program that helps to mend the ways between the couples. He hails from Vancouver, Canada. Moreover, Browning has a YouTube channel and is also a contributor as well as a senior editor at different websites related to the relationship. He is one of the most trusted and super expert in this field.

His gist or mission is that a person may lie at the lowest point of their life when they are going through breakups. The mix emotions of confusion, anger, love, and cravings are horrible. But if you are of those heartbroken kids, then feel free to know about this process, which can somehow rectify the wrongdoings. The feature of the program entails much about the program.

The expertise of the author is quite excellent in the field of relationship and love. The tactics which he provides are top of the grade. Moreover, both the gender cab get help from the author. This is also a definitive nature of the author.

Main features of this program

The ex-factor guide is a detailed guide to relationships and connections. This consists of the multi-directional view toward yourself. It makes you realize the techniques by which you can deal with breakups. This guide is in a book format. This book consists of chapters. Let’s continue our journey towards the ways by which we can save ourselves from harm.

Here, in The Ex Factor Program Review, we will discuss the core features of this program. The chapters which it contains are of detailed analysis of various things. It consists of a total of nine chapters. Below is the brief introduction about those:

Chapter 1

Here the author defines the main reason for writing this book. Numerous people go through heartbreaks and don’t know about what to do after that. He explains the ways by which he can help if you need that.

Chapter 2

This chapter gives you an overview of those characteristics which can make you attractive. It helps to maintain a good relationship.

Chapter 3

Just knowing the positive aspects doesn’t help. This chapter will give you an overview of the unattractive characteristics which should be present in your relationship.

Chapter 4

This chapter deals with the unusual. This enables you to know about the ways by which you can keep yourself away from panicking. This also makes you accept things as they happened. Making the situation worse by pressurizing your ex to come back is not good. This chapter will tell you about that.

Chapter 5

This is the chapter that gives you the idea of how to deal with the consequences after a breakup. In this, the author recommends a specific period by which you can get off your age and anxiety. Finding a way out in this period is foremost. This no-contact period is crucial for anyone.

Chapter 6

This chapter deals with how to follow harmony after a breakup. How will you continue talking and eventually make her know that you are seeing someone else? The core function of this chapter to make you aware of jealousy. It may make your ex miss you.

Chapter 7

This chapter discusses the ways by which you can respond if your ex contacts you.

Chapter 8

This chapter is the vice-versa of the previous one. It discusses the way by which you should respond if your ex does not mean to keep in touch with you.

Chapter 9

This chapter deals with the processes by which you can show your ex that you are contained. If your ex is considering starting again through a date, then finding out what you should do is important.

These chapters contain all the knowledge and tactics which can control the damage. These chapters should be in a deep understanding as these are the bases; these contain different scenarios as well as various characteristics. This only defines the nature of tactics you should apply for getting your ex.

Before a breakup, there lie only two things, either you will get back with your ex, or you will want to move on. If you’re going to give a shot to getting back, then it will require accurate moves. If you are too emotional, then it can be a cause of pushing your ex back away. This book gives a total pathway to the reasons for a relationship to end. For instance, the author says that breakup happens due to the haziness of your relationship. For some people, a breakup is not a matter of concern, as they think it happens. One of the main reasons for break up is also diminishing physical attraction. This book can be helpful if that is the case.

Pros and Cons



  • This program teaches you to get off from all the drama and emotional depression, which you acquire after a breakup. It also avoids you from confrontation and getting face to face with your partner as it can cause collateral damage. It also teaches the right way to deal with that phase of seclusion.
  • Getting help from an expert is the best thing you need just after a breakup. Downing is an expert in relationships and love. If he will give you some credible advice, then it meant to work. Only you have to be crystal clear about your problem and act as a friend. Taking a personal approach is good. It will productively provide you with efficient solutions.
  • The detailed action steps enable you to make the right decision, which will make your relationship like a new one. The book also doesn’t give all the reasons for the breakup; either it is claiming you as the sole reason. The author wants to keep you happy with your efforts.
  • The additional three videos also act as an advantage. Moreover, there is some additional program which you will get as an offer.
  • The book also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is luring. You will not have to worry about the viability. If this doesn’t work, you can get your refund. You will get your true value of money.
  • This program provides a good alternative or almanac for getting a good relationship. Also, it keeps you away from those people or relationships which can harm you.



  • There are some gaps in the saying of the author. The communication between any couple is foremost for a healthy relationship. But this author doesn’t consider communication as the cause of the breakup, which is not very ignorable. Delving with that problem of communication should be addressed by the author.
  • Some of the tips for making your ex jealous is not up to the mark. For instance, if you get with someone else for just making your ex jealous, then what will be the condition of that budding relationship when your ex responds to this tip.


Who should buy this?


Ultimately the main objective of this guide is to control the minds of the people when they are in an adverse situation. The phase-in which people come after a break up is the adversity. An irrational thing can cause a lot of damage to anyone. So to contain yourself after a breakup, this guide is mandatory. It helps to avoid the disorders you have, such as the obsessive behavior that should be shed off as it will cause great difficulties. This book can help you to attain the right path and moving on from the worst experience of the lifetime that is a breakup.

In both ways, this book helps a lot. If you want to get back to your ex, then also and when you don’t want to continue. There are numerous ways in this book by which you can get your ex back. Moreover, it also enables you to keep a good and lovely relationship with your better half.

The advice given by Browning in this book is quite helpful. They help to lead a healthier and long-lasting relationship with your significant half. The best thing about this book is that it contains all the related materials according to the age and relationship status of yours. According to the author, the negative things should not control your relationship; it can be very volatile as it causes a lot of difficulties.


The price of this program is not much. It is quite nominal. Given the advantages of this program, the price of $47 is a mere. It provides you with different benefits that can keep you away from all the future attachments also. Keeping a hefty price is not viable. The author has selected a price range that can be opted by those who are going through that phase of a breakup.

Moreover, the value it brings to the table is enormous. You will not need any amateur advice at the time of the breakup period. As sometimes, those aggravates the situation. It helps you to keep away from negative or angry thoughts.

In a nutshell, it provides value for money. As if you want to go for therapy after a breakup, then it will cost a hefty amount. So to avoid that deep hole in your pocket, opt this program and get your ex back. After all, if you want to carry forward your life in a good way with your ex, then also it is quite useful.


There is no doubt in this statement that it feels very hard for almost everyone to experience a breakup. It can be tiresome. You will get mentally and emotionally tired. The possibility of losing your mind and doing some crazy stuff is always there. You may also become violent towards your ex. You may threaten or pressurize your ex to be with you. This is wrong. This will make you a psycho from a lover. So to avoid doing irrational things after a nasty breakup, this program will give you some sense.

Keep your sanity intact and not becoming violent is one of the man consideration of this program. The book shares the tips which after following, you may get a second chance to rectify your mistakes. You can also learn about bad and good relationships simultaneously. There are large numbers of advantages and disadvantages if you avail of this relationship guide. Various sections of people have their views about that. Some find it productive, but some find this vague. If you are attached to your ex and want to get back, then there is nothing harmful in that. It will only make your life and relationship healthy and lovely. This book will teach you every bit of things that can make you sustain relationships. Keeping a check on a different emotional level while being in a relationship helps a lot. If the breakup is inevitable, then you should also opt for something else. Keep yourself updated with the tactics of The Ex Factor Guide.

The most important thing is that this book keeps your self-esteem intact and ultimately makes you a good person. There is not any harm in following a sequential process to achieve this thing. In both cases, this program helps a lot, which is commendable. The Ex Factor Guide provides all the desired details which you will need to live a meaningful relationship. Also, sustaining the worst case.

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