An In-Depth Amy North’s Text Chemistry Review (2022)

text chemistry review

The world has advanced through science and technology rapidly, but the cost of all the change has affected human communication. It is although safe to say that ever since the invention of the internet, the medium of communication has become limited. Even if in today’s world, one can seemingly talk to anyone anytime over the internet, communication has been compromised. In this article, we are going to provide you an in-depth Text Chemistry Review!

The body language, the tone, the chemistry has been affected hugely. This is why most of the population, especially the youngsters and early adults, have lesser knowledge in the fields of communication. We all can agree that communication is the key to love, any kind. It needs no further explanation that love without communication has no chemistry. It loosens the bond. The book shows the intricate details of love and relationship bonds and how they can function better.

What does the program offer?

To educate the world with her fast knowledge, Amy North has birthed her book Text Chemistry that focuses on chemistry and communication hacks on the lines of the advanced internet relationship. The book shows the world where internet is one of the sole mediums of communication and an undeniable one. Her sage wisdom as a relationship coach has helped couples of all ethnicities, and her service has gotten her fame worldwide. Her goal has especially been more women-oriented as women are one of the important parts of a relationship. Her book helps women become more independent, free, and have an agency through their relationship.

The book envisions for the ulterior motive that women should have happier and long-lasting relationships. The book is built on texting psychology, and as the title engages ‘Text messages to capture his attention’ to capture the attention of the man in the relationship. The book is also promising when it focuses on the differences in man and woman and also addresses the key issues important to a relationship from both the sides of the male and female purview.

The popular culture has spread a filthy knowledge about the man into our world. The image that a man does not have emotions, cheats on every relationship, and so on are broken apart and proved to be myths by the book. It shows the man in the relationship as someone who has feelings and is kind and when comes to relationship. The man is not the villain. Media’s projection of man as a perpetrator has proven to have a man become emotionally reserved. The book works in breaking the public notion and allowing men to be a part of a relationship.

About the author Amy North

amy north

Amy North is the author of the book ‘The Devotion System‘ and ‘Text Chemistry’. Professionally Amy North is specifically a woman’s relationship coach that helps hundreds of women find a happier and desirable place in their relationship through her advice. Originally from Vancouver in Canada, Amy North chose the path of dating and relationship as her only career option because of her love and respect for people’s stories. Growing up, North saw how little society had taught women about a relationship. According to her, women have always been subjugated to the bouts and whims of man and hardly live a happier life. Most of a woman’s life, Amy believes, has been revolving how to get happiness and positive outcome of a relationship.

She was moved by the huge number of marriages an relationships ending and believed she could help others with her knowledge. Amy North has helped clients all over the world and in her locality with just five years of experience. Not to mention her advice has helped millions of people to find a new approach to life. When asked, she said she is a firm believer in love and understands that as a human community, we can have great power of bringing people together only through love. She is not only a world-renowned relationship coach but also a guru and a motivator.

Amy North is a woman of strength and does not believe in destiny. She believes, even with love, one must earn it, respect it and fight through the adversities like all the struggles in all walks of life. Amy North, shows the desire of women in a relationship and how to have an agency over their romantic relationship with men.


The book has a various topic related to love and relationship it covers. Both keeping in mind of men’s need and a woman’s desire in a relationship, it is written to make the relationship happier for both the parties. There are some topics that Text Chemistry rises:

Focuses on sexual well being

In any relationship, the sexual connection is as important as commitment, trust, and verbal communication. It needs no justification that couples who are happier in a relationship have more sexual connection than their counterparts who are miserable in a relationship. A study has completely proved that sex and affection are complementary, meaning they go hand in hand. This is why having a happy relationship requires a happy sexual bond.

The book has the entire requirement for both the man and woman to have a happy sexual connection. The book comprises of chapters such as ‘ways to turn on a man through texts’ and so on that help all women to understand a man’s desires completely to keep the man invested in the relationship. For the most of the culture, women are not taught the sexual mysteries. This often leads to marriage and relationships ending, but Amy North’s relationship pieces of advice have been famous all through the world and have helped her become a successful relationship coach.

Talks about heartbreak

We have all suffered from heartbreaks and the pain it causes people is less familiarized even though all have suffered from it momentarily. A relationship can end at any time. Even though the book shows ways to stop the demise of a relationship, the author also allows people to accept heartbreak, if and when it occurs. North’s intention in the book is to help people go through all aspects of a relationship and recover. She believes there is more to life, and even though problems persist, they can be dealt with. There is a greater understanding of oneself than just their relationship in an e-world, and more often than not, it can be gotten over. She quotes ‘it is a universal part of the human experience’.

Hacks and Tricks

Apart from serious discussions on communication, sexual health and understanding and heartbreak, the book also has a section where one Amy North gives hacks and tips to help the reader have better control of themselves and the situations regarding their relationship. Some sections are dedicated to helping a man fall in love with you or ‘5 ways to flirt with you’ that help woman have better knowledge on their situations and understand more of the online world of dating. The book has all the advice that one might need to be in a relationship, go on a date, or even get a text back from the guy one likes.

Unhealthy ties

As the book talks about relationship hugely, one might be skeptical. However, like many relationship coaches Amy herself realizes that the apart from the distanced man in the relationship, women can also have unhealthy ties. Supposedly, the man who is uninterested in a commitment cannot be forced to commit with the help of this book. Amy addresses the women who are toxically tied to the men in their life and provides remedies to help women out of situations where they are fixated to their unhealthy bonds.



  • Makes you confident: The book helps women with ultimate confidence as they know not only on their relationship but also themselves. The program is an easy guide and has straight to the point messages and advice that can help any woman to feel confident. It also helps a woman to have better communication and understanding with their man that results in a happy relationship. A happy relationship means a happy life.
  • Related: The book shows relationships and all its shortcomings from the perspective of both men and women. One might think the program might often be harder to understand because of the variety of problems from other’s relationship; it is not so true. Since most of the relationship problems are from real-life couples, they are very relatable. One can not only find great help but can also feel more empowered.
  • Removes insecurity: It is a book that will ensure that you have no insecurities once you have fully read it. With more power coming from the knowledge in your hand, one can surely find the way to a man’s heart. With this book, you will know all that is to know about your man and how to make your relationship better.
  • 60 days money-back guarantee: If you feel that this is not for you, then you can surely return the book at any point within 60 days. This gives you the ultimate confidence to have the product tested. In case one might feel the product is not for them, then your refund amount is just one email away. The purpose of the program is not to make money but help women to have a better understanding of their men, their relationships, and therefore, their lives.



  • A digital program: The program is inaccessible to those women who have no internet and is therefore very class-specific. It, therefore, cannot be seen offline. With a book, it can be often carried along everywhere you go, with a digital program it is often not possible.
  • Concentrates mostly on men: Even though the program is for women, it mainly focuses on what men want and their desires. The hacks and guides mostly revolve around how to get them back to a relationship and so on. She is taught to invest into a man who has been ignoring her or want to get her off his back. The book also provides tips for a woman to get her man to propose and guides on taking the right picture. Critics believe, a man will propose when he wishes to. Probing pressure is often a sort of manipulation that the program makes woman indulge in.


You can get this product at an affordable rate of just $49.95. Considering the features of the program, the price is unbelievably low. Also, you are getting free items worth hundreds of dollars just for free. All you need to do is pay one single payment, and you can get all the items for yourself.

A 60-day money-back guarantee also covers the product. So is at any time you feel that the program is not worth your time then you can ask your money back. Well, it’s that simple.


To conclude this Text Chemistry Review – if you are someone who finds themselves fixed in a broken pattern when it comes to relationships, this book might come handy. It provides a better knowledge of what and how men want things, you surely won’t have to worry about the shortcomings in you. The guide shall help you have a brighter future and have healthier relationships coming your way. It is not only promising but shall also ensure success on your path to love.

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