Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review (2022)

Every person is born unique. We all have some of the other quality in ourself that makes us different from each other. That uniqueness in one’s personality defines that person. Everybody can not be good at all the things, but they all can be good in some work or the other, and this is what differentiates them from the others. Some people are good at dancing, some in singing, some in painting, some in art and craft, etc. These are all known as hobbies. Woodworking is also a kind of hobby that some people possess. The trend of woodworking is new in today’s life. Fewer people knew about it earlier, but now this is gaining popularity. There are some packages in the market that help teach woodworking. Ted’s woodworking is one such package and this is our review.

Hobbies and profession are two different things for many of the people throughout the globe. But for some people they are same. Hobbies could be multiple in numbers, but the profession that one selects is always single. It is, however, possible for some people to carry both hobby and profession together, side by side. Few people work somewhere else, but they never leave their hobbies behind, and in free time they even commercialize it or practice their hobby for pleasure. Woodworking is one such thing that can be practised in free time, and if you want, then you can even sell the product that you make. There are start-up companies which are based upon such small business ideas and are flourishing a lot in today’s world. The program will help you to know more about woodworking and will help you to make good use of your time.

For those who want to have some knowledge about woodworking ideas, the program will act as a boon that will help them to go with their creativity and make something creative and new. Woodworking is famous as a lucrative profession nowadays. Earlier it was merely a hobby, but now it has evolved as a wonderful profession. Woodworking is a creative art of making things from various types of woods using tools and equipment.

Woodworking is a very interesting and recreational hobby. This is a beautiful art that needs a lot of creativity. The products that are formed from the woods are commendable and are very different from other things. Woodworking is both relaxing and exciting at the same time. This kind of hobby stands apart, and it gives peace. It takes you out of the routine and makes you create things using your imaginations and thoughts. This gives you a break from daily life stress and tension.

Ted’s woodworking is a perfect thing to opt for if you are interested in any woodworking or want to make something creative and utilize time in a good and sensible manner. Some more information about it, its features, pros, and cons are discussed below in great detail.

What is Ted’s Woodworking?

It is a wonderful program created by Ted Mcgrath that provides a good opportunity to create something new and beautiful things made up of woods by following some easy steps. It provides you with the woodworking plans that can be converted into a practical item only by spending a few minutes. This program provides you with the easiest and quick woodworking ideas that are practically applicable.

You can create anything from woods by following the instructions and steps that are given in the guide and video. This package has step by step details provided that is very easy to understand and follow. By following the instructions, you can make something creative from woods.

The benefit or the advantage of this program is that they are very specific, and they provide clear instructions and guidelines. They even use a diagram to make the users understand the tricky and confusing parts of the woodworking process. There is hardly any chance of getting confused or stuck at any step.

This program can also be useful for amateur woodworkers who are interested in making something new using woods. This is also helpful for the new woodworking learners, as the package is filled with numerous new and exciting ideas that can be done or practiced at home. You need not have professional wood crafters for making anything. You can make things on your own using some tools and minor equipment.

The package has a tremendous amount of woodworking techniques and plans that include creating a small toy from simple woodcutting to tough and complicated designs. The program appears so good that it sometimes seems as if it may be fake, or some scam. But this is not at all like this. This is a very authentic and reliable package that can be trusted for woodworking plans.

It is said that the creator has given 40 years of his life to this program. He has spent this time in collecting comprehensive data and pieces of information about woodworking from all over the world, after doing a huge number of researches he finally made a plan that worked for all the woodworkers. He succeeded in catering to the needs of all the people who love this craft both as a profession as well as a hobby.

The package claims to provide approx 16000 ideas, but the number is not exactly correct; however, the quantity of the ideas is huge. They are sufficiently good and satisfying. This is a suitable package for beginners and also for the professionals as it provides step by step instructions, list of materials used, detailed systematics, and the useful diagrams which create the work easy and interesting.

With every Ted’s woodworking pack you get some bonus that is described below:

  • The package provides you with unique tutorial videos that make it very convenient for the users to understand the plans. The training clips in the package prove to be very helpful for every woodworking project that you make.
  • It provides you with downloadable guides. They are useful for understanding the ideas in a better way. These make the project fun and enjoyable.
  • Along with the guides and tutorial videos, you also get a DWG or CAD plan viewer that contains the diagram of the various designs plans that are given the program.
  • The program also provides you with tips for starting a business of woodworks. This is very crucial for those who want to convert this creativity into their business ideas and eventually wants this woodworking to become the profession in their lives.
  • Apart from all these, the program gives you free updates for the lifetime of every new idea and other important notifications that are needed for woodworking.


The features of the program are as follows:

  • The program provides you with the program that applicable and good for all. People can become a master in woodworking without actually using big and expensive machines.
  • It provides you with the idea of woodworking with different competencies and various levels of skills.
  • The package provides you with clear and detailed guidelines and instructions staring from the beginning of the design to the end of it, which includes tutorial video clips, written guidelines, detailed plans, and professional drawings.
  • You can watch your products even before they are constructed with the help of designed picture plans and diagrams.
  • The package provides you with exact and accurate material and cutting item list so that you can get things arranged at a time without any problem. This saves a lot of money as you do not end up buying extra items that could be waste if not put into use. Is also saves time along with money as you do not have to run to shops for buying things time to time, as the list gives you the details of even the minor items that would be required, so you get everything at one go.
  • The plans in the program have a colorful and clear cut scheme; therefore, the guesswork is not needed. Every detail is taken care of, and also, the projects are timely managed.
  • This program includes plans of a wide range. It offers both small and large projects. This makes the package more comprehensive. You can make toys, furniture, outdoor decoration items, etc. using the ideas in the package.
  • The lists of programs are never-ending as you can get an update of the new programs every next month. So you are never short of ideas.
  • The specific guidelines make the program easily accessible. Also, the program comes at an affordable price, so it is not to be bothered much for prices and all.

Pros and Cons



  • It provides you with a rich number of ideas and plans. Almost 16,000 project details are given in the package.
  • The designs or the plans that are given are all practical and could be made at home without taking the help of professional wood crafters.
  • The ideas can be put into proper practice without using expensive tools and equipment.
  • The guidelines are stepwise due to which they become user-friendly and can be used by amateurs as well without any problem.
  • The projects are not stressful and are easy, quick, and cheap; that means the items or the materials required for making the products are of affordable prices.
  • Lifetime free update service of the program is commendable. This provides you with life support in terms of notifications helps and updates through emails so that you can easily complete any of your projects and overcome all the difficulties that you face while doing the project.
  • This program also offers a money-back guarantee for 60 days. This gives a kind of satisfaction to the users and also encourages them to buy the product and use it without hesitation and fear of losing or wasting money.
  • The new ideas and contents are available every month. So it is like you pay for one time and enjoy the services for life long.



  • The quantities of the plans are less than they advertise, that is less than 16,000 ideas are there in the program. However, the list is huge.
  • Some ideas seem similar.
  • Available only in digital format.



The price is only $67. For that amount of projects, this is a fair price. It also offers 60-days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it.

How Ted’s woodworking is a program different from others and stands apart from other such packages?

There are many points or aspects that make the program the best-suited plan for woodworking. Following are some of the major reasons that make it a distinct program:

  • Unlike all the other woodworking programs, this program provides good customer support. The questions and the problems of the users are answered within 48 hours. This makes it reliable and dependable. There are mailing services that are very easily accessible. This customer care facility makes it the best-suited program for all those who are interested in woodworking and creating new things.
  • There is a tremendous number of plans in this program. This makes this program very demanding and interesting as the users never feel that they are in lack of ideas.
  • The lifetime free updates facility makes this program catchy. This facility catches the attention of the users as they add to the benefits of the program. The ideas keep on coming every month, so they provide a never-ending service in just a one-time payment.
  • The videos and the professional drawings enable the users to visualize the designs before they are even made. The videos in the video library make it very convenient for the users to use and implement any plan with full confidence and interest.

When everything seems so perfect, then it gives a sense of doubt also, as it is very tough to believe in anything because of their popularity. This program is something that has got its popularity and fame due to its work and efficiency. It is not only a storehouse of ideas; rather, they provide you with all the basic things that would be essential in doing the project. Not only this, it even provides you with a complete list of the item and materials that would be required to do any project. The amount is so accurate that you do not need to go beyond the description and the best part is for every plan the list of materials are given separately.

The bonus that comes with every package is commendable, especially the guide that gives you the tips for starting a new woodworking business. This makes it very evident that this program gives a kind of hope and confidence to the users to begin something new. This makes the program distinct from all the other woodworking packages. Therefore it can be concluded that the Ted’s Woodworking is a good choice for all those who are interested in the process of woodcrafts. This program is also a good choice for the amateur learners of the woodcrafts and is helpful to them in every possible way.

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