Sciatica SOS Review (2022) – Will It Eliminate Your Back Problems?

sciatica sos review

We live in a modern age where we are so much occupied with the comforts of scientific progress that we have given rise to many fatal problems in our life. People are suffering from several mental and physical disorders. Now and then, new medicines and treatments are being invented to deal with these problems. Our schedule has become so hectic that we have discovered various types of pains in our body.

Our body contains several nerves, which are often the cause of pains in our body. One of the longest and the most important nerve is a Sciatic nerve that runs all along our back from the neck through the vertebral column along the legs. The repressions in this nerve lead to pain in several parts of our body. One might suffer from tingling and numbness. Pains did not allow the body to function as usual. People suffering from sciatic pains have difficulty in moving their bodies, sitting, sleeping, bending, and walking. In this Sciatica SOS Review, you will find out whether this eBook will help you eliminate these pains.

What is the program?

Several attempts have been made to understand the cause of these pains, and many treatments have been formulated. The Sciatica SOS is one of the best books on medication, written in simple language by Glen Johnson, to make people aware of the causes and treatment of severe sciatic pains. He has observed, in his books, that these pains are not the cause, but the symptoms of the greater nervous breakdown – Sciatica.

This book is a step by step guide to understand the situation and feel relaxed about the methods of treatment described. The book is simple in language. It is an attempt to break the myths of treating sciatica in the western style. The program is to enable people to treat their sciatica by themselves without spending time, energy, and money on therapists round the world.


  • The book is systematic in an approach that enables us to understand the problem discussed logically.
  • The language is simple. Anyone can read the book and get the benefits discussed. One needs no great knowledge of the medical terminology to comprehend it.
  • It discusses the importance of eastern therapy using some medicinal plants instead of western drugs and pills.
  • This book has made the understanding of sciatica very easy with all its causes, symptoms, and cure.
  • The books are also available in compatible e-book versions on the internet that can be downloaded from anywhere anytime.
  • A huge amount of information has been provided about sciatica.
  • The fact that this book is written by a sciatica sufferer gives it more credibility for being relied upon.
  • It claims to be a hundred percent effective. This is the reason it comes with the sixty days money-back guarantee if one does not find it helpful.
  • This book serves as a doctor who does not charge any extra fees.
  • It talks about the importance of self-help and exercises as the prime method of treating these types of pains.

Pros and Cons



  • The healing techniques discussed here are more durable.
  • It relates the pain to the soul instead of the body.
  • The language of the books is very simple that enables common people to understand it easily.
  • The tea that is prescribed is said to heal the spinal injury, along with connecting us to our soul.
  • It comes in just $37 and that too with six addition books on other important topics related to our health.
  • The book also suggests four easily available foods to be taken up daily to keep the immune system fit for fighting the attacks of the pain.
  • This book also prescribes some very simple exercises that can be performed by almost everyone at home.
  • The best thing about the whole book is that it tries to state that it is the lifestyle that needs treatment rather than the body or the mind.
  • Three natural compresses have been discussed that might help relax the lower back muscles and get relieved of the spinal pains.
  • The book comes with a total home remedy that requires one to treat their pains at home itself. They need no doctors to visit them.
  • It also has dealt with several stretching exercises. Those who have never done the stretching exercises would also get an opportunity to learn a few of them. And it is not much time taking. One can practice them every day, and it takes not more than half an hour.
  • It is very difficult to find proper sleep when you are suffering from sciatic pains. This book has some illustrative sleeping postures described that would make one sleep in a relaxed way. Also, one who is not suffering from such types of back pains and sleeping difficulties may get to know the right way to position your body while you sleep.
  • Some very painful nerve points have been described to be pressed at to get relief from pains.
  • The one with the sitting job must buy this book. The person who has to sit all the long in a chamber at their offices are more prone to such back pains and sciatica.



  • There are several ways of treating specific nerve pains. The medication provided by Sciatica SOS is nonspecific. It attempts to relate all the pains to the same cause.
  • The tea or other medications discussed in this book does not directly treat the problem. So many precautions and related exercises are needed to be performed for the complete treatment of this problem.
  • The tea drink that is talked about might not be available to everyone.
  • The places where the author visited would not be reachable for all.
  • The patient himself has shared his getting-treated experience rather than treating experience.
  • The books come with no illustrations whatsoever.


Who should buy it?

The most important thing to ponder is the price of the book. As the book is being written in a simple language, it needs to be bought by the common people. The cost of the book is $37. Investing this much little amount is judicious. One might not feel reluctant to purchase the book at this price because this book is not just a treatment guide to the problem of sciatica but a full guide to the inculcation of better lifestyles.

The book is affordable because it comes with a 60 days guarantee which claims you back your money if you find the book and the methods discussed not useful to you. One may write down his or her remark on the store’s site and get their money back. The retuning doesn’t even ask you the reason for its return.

This book also gives the buyer six addition books free with it. Those books are also helpful in many ways.

  1. Lessons from Miracle Doctors
  2. Sleeping Solace
  3. 10 Ways to Fight Off Cancer
  4. Stress Soothers
  5. How to Lose 10 Pounds Naturally
  6. Free Lifeline Updates


The actual price of the program is $69,99, but you can get it with a massive discount for $37, as mentioned earlier, by clicking the button below. It also offers a lot of bonuses and 60 days money-back guarantee.


The Sciatica SOS has proved to be a one in all solution to our day to day problems of neck pains, pains in our hips, the spinal pains and all kinds of severe pains that makes our body numb. The book starts with an explanation of the causes of Sciatica. It then makes clear the steps through the next six chapters about how to treat this pain.

All the chapters, if read individually is sufficient in itself. While one chapter talks about the exercises that are essential for relaxing the body, another deals with the food habits necessary for keeping our immune systems perfect. The step by step resolution of the problem of sciatica is both trustworthy for it has been written by the person who has the first-hand experience of the pain as well as the treatment and comprehensive (as it uses the simple language narrative). This Sciatica SOS Review will further help you explore the best and a fair details of the program.

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