Power Efficiency Guide Review (2022) – Does It REALLY Work?

power efficiency guide review

We cannot say that if electricity isn’t there, life won’t happen on this earth. This is not a new thing, as humans have sustained on this earth without electricity, but imagine a life without it. Can you see the people around you happy and satisfied? Well, the answer will surely be no. We can survive without electricity, but the advancements that humans have done to date will remain of no use if there is no electricity.

The irony is the electricity, which has now become an important part of our life, comes with a huge cost that our nature pays for us. We all know that the ways and methods that are involved in the production of electricity are not good for our environment. Keeping this thing in our mind, we are here going to talk about one such way that doesn’t involve these harmful methods and toxic chemicals. Here is the Power Efficiency Guide Review, which contains an alternative to the conventional power production methods.

About the Author – Mark Edwards

Writing such a book is quite an uphill task, and the person who has done this uphill task of teaching a common man, how he can build power source in case of emergencies is called Mark Edwards. As we say, necessity is the mother of invention; the example of Mark Edwards is a perfect case for this phrase. Once Mark suffered a very bad outage of power and that to in extreme winter. Adding to the woes, there was no information regarding when the power would come back. At such a difficult time, Mark decided to take the matter in his own hands and do something about this problem himself. He called some of his friends who had plenty of knowledge about electricity and created his power source. This power source was capable enough to power his home for the time when electricity was not there. All the steps that he took for himself for the creation of a power source are the same, which he had mentioned in this book.


If you want compact knowledge regarding building your power source, then this is the book for you to purchase. This is a no nonsensical book and offers nothing which is of no use to you in developing your power source. It offers cut to cut information that you are searching for.

It does not make you read unnecessary chapters regarding the history of the system or who invented it and how was it invented. It directly jumps to the topic, and from the very beginning starts to tell you about developing your power source. Moreover, in the very beginning, it also tells you about all the things that you are going to need for making the power source so that you can accumulate them all at once. Your power source can run on various natural sources of energy. It also explains very interestingly about how all these different natural power sources can provide the required energy to your powerhouse.

Most of you would not believe that everyone has enough resources to create his or her power source. Once you have all the parts, you need to have proper, correct information and step by step guide regarding how to assemble them all correctly and make them functional. In an attempt to make the process simpler, the book has divided the complete process into various chapters under headings such as a list of components, DC motor 12 – volt, gears with sprocket chains, flywheels, rotors, alternator, generator, switch, inverter, battery, conclusion, and list of tools. The book has been designed so simply and elaborately that even an amateur after completing this book can create his or her power source.

The book has elaborate information regarding everything that would be needed in the construction of the powerhouse along with the guidelines regarding how to assemble it and use it efficiently without any issues. One more bonus feature that this book has is that on the side of each of the items, that’s required there is mentioned the website where you can get it along with photos of every equipment so that you can very easily recognize them in case you decide to buy the equipment.

The book uses pictures in an attempt to make people understand more clearly. There are diagrams for steps that are to be used in the formation of your power source. The book teaches elaborately on how to build the power source and how it is going to function. If we take an example, we can see that the book has a lot of equations to solve, but they are only for the people who want to know how the power source work, if you have decided to create the self-power source then you should skip all these equations and directly go to the instructions regarding assembling and creating of the self-power source.

There are also a large number of issues that have been sorted in the book, like how to build a magnet monitor, how to reduce energy waste, and how to power things with the help of a Smith generator.

What is the program?

Well, it is a book at the first and a guide book specifically. This guide book is a step by step tutorial of how you can produce energy on your own. Now, when you start reading the book, the idea that you get looks like you don’t need to have any windmill or a solar panel or any other such things that are used for generating electricity. All you need is to follow the steps that are written in this book. This is a program that gives you the power to make your mini power plant. The best part about this book is its way of making you understand the whole thing. It provides you every diagram, steps, photos, instructions, and list of all the things that you will need in the whole process. Not just this, but there would be all the links from where you can find these things. Everything that you will need could be got easily.

Now, there are a lot of people who think that how is this so easy. We have got an answer to this question. First of all, this is not that easy. It’s just that, if you have all the equipment with you, then you can create this power plant. The thing is people don’t even try to do it and say that it’s very heavy work and couldn’t be done easily. This book will give you the motivation and the real way to create the whole setup. If you read just the first few pages, you will realize that those who have not tried this out are so unlucky.

Some people think that if this is one of the options for creating power, then why there are other things there. This is a comment that can come from someone who has not read the book. If you read the book, then you will realize that the process is all about the method of spinning, which is used for charging electric cars. Now, this is one such method that uses electricity and multiplies its effects. This means that the amount of the product is less, and the product that we get is huge.

Apart from this, this program can give the opportunity of leading bonus programs also. The bonus programs that you will learn will be the ones related to this one. You can use information simultaneously. If we talk about the whole procedure and the things that are involved in making this possible, then you are not going to face any problems in getting that, as everything is available online. Not just the equipment, but the program too. You need to download the program on your laptop or mobile phone, and you can begin to learn. What makes it even better is the convenience and the comfort that you get while doing it. You can do this program sitting at any place you want.

Before we move ahead and discuss other things related to power efficiency guide, let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages that this guide has.

Pros and Cons




From the above discussion, it must be clear to our reader that there are more pros in this book then the cons. If followed properly, this book could help you in creating wonders. Here is a list of advantages of it.


  • The very first thing that you will get is a power setup of your own. This is a huge thing. You could imagine how beneficial it would be to have it on your own. There are many. It won’t just give you relief in the cost that you pay for your electricity bill, but will also give you the peace of your mind. You don’t need to get involved in the hassle that normal people go through daily.
  • Digital things are making their place in the market and are liked by people too. Now, the second thing that is beneficial in this program is its digit formula. It is very easy to approach and easily accessible too. The best part is that you can complete this program wherever you want. One can make any corner of their house a workspace.
  • The benefits that we are listing here are related to the program itself. What we get after the completion of the program is a whole different thing, but what we get in the program, matters the most. Well, this is a program where you will see that the steps that are given are very detailed and easy to understand. So, there won’t be any problem in learning the program.
  • It’s indeed a cost-effective way of generating electricity, and we have no doubt in that, but what’s even better in this particular way of producing energy is that it is environment-friendly. There would not be the use of any harmful or toxic chemicals that most of the energy production techniques involved in them.




Like everything in this world, this program, too, has got its cons, but trust us, they are manageable. However, one needs to know about them, so here is the list.


  • Like every energy-producing device, this too will need maintenance. Now, the maintenance would be lighter, but still will be a requirement, and you will have to include that in your monthly or annual expenses.
  • Digital things are in and tending, but still, there are a lot of people who believe in conventional things. Now, for those who prefer physical things over digital things will have a problem with the program.
  • The biggest advantage of all is how the program is executed. If you learn how to interpret the things, then it’s brilliant, but if not, then you will get confused while doing the program. Now, the steps and the instructions that are given the program include equations and those are way too confusing.

Price and Bonuses

The actual price of the program is $149. But, you can get it, with a massive discount, for $49 by clicking the button below.

Also, the program offers 60 days money-back guarantee and a lot of free bonuses worth $79:


That was our Power Efficiency Guide Review. One of the most important things that we want to mention here is that people have a very different and wrong perception of this book. Not just for this, but for every book or everything, for that matter, one should first use it and then should say anything about it. Here, if you will read the book, you will get to know some really good things which could be helpful to you for the entire life.

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