Metabolic Factor Review (2022) – Does It REALLY Work?


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metabolic factor review

In today’s time weight loss have become a serious struggle. This applies to both men and women. The problem of weight gain and obesity have become widespread and prevalent because of the lifestyle we lead. One thing that most of us have in common is that we all want to lose weight, but none of us want to go through the drill. If you are looking for a potential weight loss program, then Metabolic Factor by Dr. Jonny Bowden is the solution for you. This is one of the best weight loss program available for both men and women. We have reviewed the product in details. If you are interested to know more about it, then you should give this article a read. This is our in-depth Metabolic Factor Review!

Losing weight is not as easy as gaining it. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, even to lose a few pounds. You have tried everything but still not getting the desired results. Well, this is the case with most of the people trying to lose weight. When you get stuck, you start to lose hope and then gradually give up. It only becomes an addiction when you see the results.

You can find so many weight loss programs available. But the question is how many of them are helpful. If you are tired of getting scammed and cheated by all such products, you are in the right place. It’s high time that you do something worthwhile to lose your weight.

What is the program?

Metabolic Factor is the answer to all your weight loss problems. This 22-day fat loss program is written by Dr. Jonny Bowden, and it is a very effective product. The program is suitable for both men and women who want to lose body fat efficiently by boosting the fat burning capacity of your body.

The program is available in the form of an e-book. If you think this is just another scam, you should once take a look at the reviews and ratings it has received online. With the help of this weight loss program, you can increase the metabolism rate of your body. This is achieved by training your body to use the stored fat as energy and also by triggering your metabolically active tissue.

In simple words, this is a fat loss nutrition program that is mainly designed to control your carbs and use carb-rich cheat meals. Other than that you will also get routines to improve your sleeping patterns, detoxifying your body, getting exercise, and managing your stress. All these different aspects are known to play an important role in weight loss. Not just that, but it is also important for your health, mind, skin, and energy.

The program has two plans, including the basic plan and the advanced plan. Both the plans will help you address all the five pathways to optimize your fat-burning process. However, there are still some differences between the plans. For example, the advanced plan provides you with some additional steps following which you can easily master the five pathways to optimal fat-burning metabolism and health.

The main strategy of the program is to target the hormones that are responsible for metabolism and fat loss. One of the main hormones is IGF-1, which helps in the process of burning fat by releasing energy in fat cells. Other than that it also helps to activate your metabolically activate tissue. This tissue is made of your bones and organs and can burn more than 50% of your daily calories.

You will get a nutrition plan with the program which will tell you the foods you need to eat to activate IGF-1. Not just that, but you will also get to know about the food items that you need to avoid completely. Following this nutritional diet doesn’t mean that you will have to deprive yourself of food. You will get plenty of food choices to eat. There is no need for you to follow and eat a specific list of foods. Other pathways mentioned in the program are also targeted to optimize IGF-1. It will help you to cut down on the hormones that can have a negative effect on your fat loss and metabolism rate.

Once you pay for the program, you will get instant access to it. You can download the program in a digital format. If not, then you can even order the physical version of the program along with the PDFs. This is one of the most effective fat loss programs to follow. If you can follow this program with full dedication, you are sure to get the desired results.

About the Author – Dr. Jonny Bowden

dr. jonny bowden

This amazing weight loss program is written by Dr. Jonny Bowden, who is a certified nutrition specialist and weight-loss researcher. He has a degree in Masters in Psychology and Ph.D. in Nutrition Science. Being a professional nutritionist himself, he has helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off. He has earned 6 advanced exercise and nutrition certifications as well.

He came up with Metabolic Factor from his personal experiences. There was a time when the author himself was struggling with his weight issues. This motivated him to look for a solution which he is now sharing with the world. After years of research and working with several clients, he could finally write a book on weight loss. He also took inspiration from other fitness experts to learn more on the topic.

In this book, he provides his users with five pathways that can help you lose your body weight effectively. He is very much aware of the problems one faces when trying to lose weight. With the help of this guide, you can take care of all that. This is easy to follow the guide, and therefore, you shouldn’t have any problem following it. It is written in simple English for your convenience. Not just that, but you can even avail the program in both physical and digital format.

This is not the only book that is written by Bowden. He has written 13 New York Times and Amazon bestselling books. Not just that but he has also appeared in a lot of TV shows like the Doctors and Dr.Oz. Coming from an expert nutritionist like Bowden, there is no way that the program is a scam. Unless you use the program, you wouldn’t know its effectiveness.


This particular program is designed to help you lose weight in the most effective weight. If you don’t want to stick to a specific diet for a prolonged period, then Metabolic Factor is what you need. The program comes loaded with features. In other words, you will get to learn a lot of things from the guide. Before you decide to get the book, you should once take a look at its features. Here you go with the details.

  1. This is a 75-page program guide that explains the science behind weight loss in details.
  2. The book is very easy to follow as it is written in simple English. This will help you to understand the book nicely.
  3. Unlike such programs, you can get Metabolic Factor both in an eBook format or the hardcopy of the book.
  4. The book will provide you with a complete plan and recipe book, which are custom formulated with a variety of food and preferences.
  5. You will also get health and nutrition tracker so that you can keep track of your improvements and body transformation. Other than that, there are many health indicators, such as mood, energy, cravings, sleep, etc.
  6. You can also get access to the member’s area where buyers can contact a team of nutritionist and get an instant response from them.
  7. The program also comes with a lot of bonus items which you can get for free.
  8. It is written by an expert nutritionist himself. Not just that but the book has been around for 3 years now, and people who have bought the book have got the desired results.
  9. With the help of this guide, you will learn how to optimize your metabolism and thus, burn more fat.
  10. The book provides you with enough resources to support and guide you.
  11. One of the main advantages of getting this book is that it allows you to customize your diet according to your own choice and preference.
  12. You will also get a quiz which will help you to find your fat-burning type. Based on your answers, you will get a customized video that will tell you and about your challenges.

What’s included in the program?

As already mentioned earlier, the program is available in 2 delivery options. You can either order the online copy or get the physical version, whatever you feel more comfortable with. You can order both the version together, but that option is only available when you order the hardcopy of the book. But if you want instant access to the guide, then ordering it online would be a smarter option for you.

Once you purchase the book, you will get access to all the guides and tools that are provided with it. Here is a glimpse of all the things that you are going to get with the program.

The Metabolic Factor Blueprint

This is the main program guide that will tell you what to do. This 22-day guide comes with detailed step-by-step instructions what you have to do to fix your metabolism and burn fat naturally. The guide addresses all the five pathways that can help you burn your fats. Not just that, but it will also help you to stay healthy. In each section, you will learn something new. You will be told what to do in a step-by-step manner. This will continue for 22 days in total.

The Metabolic Factor 10 Minute Meals

This is a cookbook that will provide you with many easy to make and delicious recipes. The good thing is that these recipes are meant for the whole family, including children. This means you can take care of the health of your whole family while losing weight yourself. Most of the recipes mentioned take only 10 minutes to prepare. Not just that, but you can make the recipes using very common ingredients that are available at any local grocery store. The recipe includes a variety of metabolism-boosting carb meals and desserts. With this cookbook, you don’t have to starve yourself in the name of diet.

The Metabolic Factor Quick Start Guide

If you don’t want to waste any time and start right away as soon as you get the program, then this quick start guide can be helpful to you. This is the condensed version of the whole Metabolic Factor plan. This quick guide will provide you with the gist of the entire program easily. You can get the same benefits from this quick guide.

The Metabolic Factor Progress Tracker

This is a daily calendar that helps you to track your results. You can use this calendar to monitor your weight loss and improvements. You can even track fat loss from specific parts of your body or the places from where you want to lose the most weight. Along with that, you will also be able to gauge how quickly your MAT is getting activated.

Metabolic Motivation Emails

You will also be delivered daily email messages that are sent from Dr. Jonny Bowden. You will receive the mails for 22 days to provide you with additional support that you need. The main purpose of sending these emails is to keep you motivated and inspired to reach your goals.

Weekly Coaching Calls With Dr. Jonny Bowden

You will get the chance to get the author himself on 4 video calls. There you can interact with him directly and can get personal coaching as well. He will help you to go through your transition and into the active, lean, and healthy phase of your life.

So these are the main sections that are included in the program. All these are provided to help you lose weight faster. However, that’s not the end as you will also get bonus items with the main product. The good news is that you don’t have to pay anything extra to get these bonuses. Once you have paid for the main product, you are done. That is a one-time payment you need to make, and after that all the program materials are yours. Having said that now let’s take a look at the bonus items that you are getting with the program.

Free Bonuses

You are getting not one but four bonuses with the program and that too for free. Check out the details below.

Top 50 foods that trigger IGF-1

As you already know, IGF-1 is a hormone that is responsible for your metabolism. It determines how well your metabolism works. Certain specific foods can help you trigger this hormone. This guide will provide you with a list of all those food items. You should have all these foods more to benefit yourself.

5 mistakes to avoid that damage your metabolism

Many of you may not know this, but some exercises can affect your IGF-1 secretion levels. In other words, it may have a negative effect on your IGF-1. This bonus guide will teach you the exercises that you should avoid to help your metabolism.

7 most powerful foods that boost the IGF-1 hormone

This bonus will tell you about the special food items that can boost your IGF-1. Not just that, but the guide will also tell you which food is more effective or better for your body type. The boosters that are mentioned in this guide are all-natural ingredients.

The super bonus material

This is a special bonus item that you can avail by buying the program. Users of the program will get weekly personal calls from the author himself. The creator of the program will provide his users with individual coaching and guidance over video calling. You will get a total of 4 video calls, and this will continue for 22 days.

After going through the details, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that these bonus materials are good and helpful. The content of these bonus guides is related to the main program. Therefore, following them together will be more beneficial for you.

How does the program work?

Metabolic Factor is one of the best weight loss programs available out there. This 22 days program is known to address all the five pathways to achieve optimal fat-burning metabolism and health.

According to the author, each of these pathways needs to be addressed if you want the desired results. If you miss out on any of the parts, you will fail to get any results. Every part or section of the program is important to follow.

By following the plan for the five pathways, you will be able to activate the hormonal responses that are required to boost your metabolism so that you can burn fat faster. The program will tell you what the things you exactly need to do and also the foods that you need to avoid are. This is a 22 days process. If you can follow it till the end, you are sure to get results. Once you get results, you will automatically start to lead a happy life.

The program is designed in a way that it allows users to customize their meals according to their own choice. No matter what type of diet you are following, you can still fit in this program. It is easy to modify as the program is all about boosting your metabolism.


Now that you know the details, you will want to know the price of the program. You can have this program for $67. Unlike other programs, Metabolic Factor comes at a very low price. Also, you are getting free bonus items with the program. This means that you are paying the specified amount for all the things you are getting with the package. Once you make the payment, you can have access to all the content of the program. This $67 is a one-time payment which means once you pay it, you no longer have to pay anything else.

It is quite unbelievable that you are getting this program at such a low rate. Coming from an expert nutritionist himself, not many of you would expect that, but the author is generous enough to share his knowledge and help you at such an affordable rate. Low rate and effective pathways are what makes the program great.

Other than that a 60 days money-back guarantee also backs the program. This means that you can claim your money back if you don’t find the product useful. You can buy the product and use it for 22 days and then claim your money back if you don’t get any results. The author is so confident that he is willing to allow you to use his program for free. He is letting you walk away with the program. This should give you confidence in trusting this program.

Pros and Cons

Just like everything else, even this program comes with both good and bad things. Before you make your decision to buy the program, you need to know both the sides. So let’s start with the pros.



  • This program is completely transparent. All you need to do is buy the program online and then download it on your device to use it. Thus, you can see how simple it is to use. There is nothing hidden from you. Even the price of the product is shown, and there are no extra charges involved.
  • You can get both physical and digital copy of the program available out there. It is up to your convenience which one you will go for. If you want, you can have both the copies. If you choose the physical version, you also get the digital format free with it. However, this option is not available when you buy the digital format of the program.
  • The company also provides you with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t find the product fruitful, then you can ask for a refund within 60 days of buying the product. Your money will be refunded in your account without any questions asked.
  • This program is designed to help you lose your body fat. It helps you to boost your fat-burning metabolism and health. Even if you are not able to lose much weight, you will surely have better-looking skin and hair. Not just that, but it will also improve your cognitive functions and boost your energy levels.
  • The program is written by an expert nutritionist himself. The author has shared all his knowledge and experience with weight loss in the program. Both men and women are suitable to use the guide.
  • The author has provided a step-by-step guide which should help you to understand the things you need to do. Not just that, but you will also get to know about the food items that you should eat and ones that you should avoid.
  • You will also receive a lot of bonuses from the main product. All these bonus items will be given to you for free. You pay only for the main product while others are given for free. Along with it, you will also get 4 video calls with the author himself. You will even get daily emails for 22 days to keep you motivated.
  • Despite being on a diet, you will still be able to enjoy tasty foods. The guide will provide you with a wide variety of recipes that you can try. You don’t have to stick to eating to a specific list of foods.



  • The guide is not a miraculous one. You need to follow it thoroughly to get the desired results.
  • The results may vary from person to person. So if your friend has got more benefit, don’t expect you to get the same benefits.
  • The author says that you can lose weight without any exercise. All you need to do is follow the diet and do some movements.


To conclude this Metabolic Factor Review – it is a legit weight loss program. Many people already use it, and they are all happy with the results. If you are struggling to lose your stubborn fat, you can consider trying this program.


Instead of "Metabolic Factor" now we promote a product named "Metabolic Cooking" which, in our opinion, is better. It is also much cheaper. Please, click here to read our review or click the button below to check a product website.

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