Metabolic Cooking Review (2022) – Does This Diet Work?

metabolic cooking review

Being healthy is very important for everyone. If you do not remain healthy, then you will not be able to live and enjoy your life to the fullest. In today’s world, the most common problem that is faced by most people is related to weight gain due to the unbalanced life routine. The Metabolic Cooking program is one big help for all the people who want to look slim and fit in their life. If you want to know more about this product, read our detailed Metabolic Cooking Review!

The basic concept on which the program is based, is recognition of the human body as a machine that is functional. It takes the human body as a machine that has a set of instructions that can be activated to encourage weight loss in human beings. It justifies the whole process as to how specific eating habits can lead to a specific catalytic response in the human body to trigger the metabolic reactions inside the body.

What is the program?

The Metabolic Cooking is an online program that contains some e-books that have the information which is helpful in reducing weight at a faster speed and an easy manner. It guides you through preparing healthy foods in simple steps so that you can prepare tasty foods that are at the same time healthy as well as delicious in taste. It, therefore, enables you to lose weight easily. Above all, the program keeps its users motivated and encourages them to follow the program step by step so that they reduce their weight easily.

The program contains more than a dozen e-books; however, there is no compulsion that you need to follow any sequence for reading them. In other words, you can read any book of your choice and then switch over another by your choice, and in doing so, you will not lose any important details in any manner. The complete package contains more than 250 recipes, along with some extra information related to each kind of food that is mentioned in the recipe book. Along with that, Metabolic Cooking includes a cookbook that has more than 100 recipes for tasty and healthy foods. It also contains tips related to healthy diets, unhealthy food habits that cause weight gain, and it provides you with some motivational tips to eat healthily and thus live healthily.

One of the interesting features of the program is that the users do not need to read the e-books in a particular sequence. They can read any book of their choice and get information. Every book is a complete package in itself so that you can read them at your own pace. The e-book is meant, especially for controlling your health by efficiently managing your source of diet and diet itself. You need to follow the guidelines and instructions given in the ebooks step by step to get the desired results. You will start to feel the benefits of the program from the time you start using it properly.

About the Author – Karine Losier

karine losier

The brain that has been involved in the creation of this wonderful program is none other than Karine Losier, who is also known as Lean Kitchen Queen in the world of fitness. She has been tirelessly working to help the people to reduce their weight by making some changes in their cooking pattern and culinary experiences that are different from the traditional way of cooking. Karine Losier adds her style to every meal that she cooks and describes in her cooking guides as well, thus adds a healthy appeal to every diet.

Apart from being a fitness and health guru, Karine Losier has got a master’s degree in Psychology. Due to her good and quality education, she was able to understand the mindset of people and could read their problems as well. She could easily connect to them and their perception. She could connect especially to women by understanding their perception; she could read their body perception and image easily.

Karine Losier works in the companionship of Chef Dave Ruel, who is also known as The Muscle cook due to his perfect physique and the real recipes that are helpful for in losing weight and of course help you to achieve fitness aims. Chef Dave Rule also helped Karine Losier in writing all these e-books for reducing the weight that incorporates major dietary changes, which help lose weight. He has debunked several myths related to food habits and diets.

The ebooks also discuss the reality of eating habits in terms of snacks and fast food items as well. It also looks as to what amount of nutrients should essentially reach the human body so that they remain healthy and fit. It also takes into consideration the timing of having meals in a day as the time of eating plays a very important role in the weight gain or weight loss process.

Chef Dave Ruel is a food connoisseur, and along with that, he is also a good expert of fitness and health buff. He had a good longstanding career both in the field of fitness and health, as well as a chef. He has reached greater heights due to his hard work and dedication. He also has worked with numerous publications and renowned personalities.

So it can be said that the program is an amalgamation of both the writers, namely Karine Losier and Chef Dave Ruel, that helps the people to overcome the problem of their weight loss and advises them with better nutritional diets. The e-books allow you to eliminate the excess fats from the body quickly and easily in some simple steps.


  • The breakfast ebook of the program is specially designed in such a way that they would help in balancing the proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in our body that will help burn more amount of calories in the entire day. The breakfast menu includes curry scrambled eggs, spinach egg wraps, etc.
  • Recipes like chicken burritos, chicken piccata, Tuscan chicken, etc. are included in the recipe books. In other words, it means that you need not compromise with your taste when you are following a regulated diet and instructions of the program.
  • The program also contains delicious recipes of fishes; this means that the recipe that is mentioned in the Metabolic Cooking are of different varieties and so the person who is using the program will nor be bored eating similar kind of foods.
  • The diet that this program suggests is full of proteins, fats, and other important nutrients. The best part of the program is that all these nutrients reach the body of the user without creating any trouble with the taste in the food items.
  • Apart from the non-vegetarian items, the program contains the recipes for vegetarians, as well. There are huge varieties in vegetarian meals also so vegetarian people who are following the diet will not have to compromise with their taste.
  • Apart from the tonnes of recipes that this package provides, it is also helpful in the sense that it provides its users with several bonus items along with the e-books that the program package originally provides.
  • The bonus items have a lot of additional and exotic recipes from all the corners of the world, like desserts of various kinds, smoothies, breakfast recipes, post-work our recipes, paleo recipes, seafood recipes, etc.
  • There are more than 250 recipes that are interesting and tasty, and at the same time, simple and quick to cook are provided in the recipe books along with some additional knowledge of the dishes and food items.
  • You are also told about some of the basic tips and rules that you need to follow while cooking in the books.
  • You also get a nutrition guide and fat loss optimizer book in the package.
  • The concepts of delicious and healthy salads help boost the metabolism rates in your body. It, therefore, regulates the body mechanisms in simple ways.
  • It provides its users with the quick sheets with which they can take help while cooking and can use them as references while cooking.
  • The users of the program also get some more useful materials like pre-made a grocery list, food logs, a cooking glossary, etc. in addition to all the other services that the package provides.

What are the various kinds of bonus items that come with the package?

fat loss optimizer guide

Free bonus 1: The Fat Loss Optimizer Guide

This is guide tells about the reason behind all the methods that are suggested for the users to use and also tells the reason why certain things are suggested in the diets and other things like that. Apart from this, the fat loss optimizer guide provides you with some additional tips like the tips to prepare the foods in simple ways, the tips for the supplies that you need in your kitchen, some useful tips to save money, etc.

metabolic salad builder and metabolicious dressings

Free bonus 2: The Metabolic Salad Builder and Metabolicious Dressings

From this particular guide, you will learn to make your metabolic salads that are rich in nutrients like protein, fats, etc. They offer you some different combinations like broccoli cauliflower carrot mix salad, Waldorf salad, lemon slaw, classic spinach salad, etc. along with variates of salad; you also get many other helpful tips and ideas that are helpful to you in many ways.

thermo charged seasoning guide

Free bonus 3: The Thermo-Charged Seasoning Guide

This guide is basically for the extra help of the users. Like for instance, if you do not get the time to cook the fast recipes in the night time, then there are some alternatives suggested for you in this particular guide in the bonus material. This would be easy for you to follow and will also help you to follow your diet in some strange conditions as well.

metabolic cooking quick sheets

Free bonus 4: Metabolic Cooking Quick Sheets

The Metabolic Cooking quick sheets help you to organize your cooking plans and diet plans as per the guidelines of the program. Several printable sheets are helpful in several ways. They also contain some other helpful things like recipe finder list, food glossary, master list for shopping of grocery, daily food logs, etc.

Pros and Cons



  • The benefit of this program is that you need not starve yourself to lose weight. It provides you with efficient solutions to lose weight in some simple ways without being hungry.
  • The cooking instructions are simple to understand and are easy to use in practical life. The ingredients are also easily and readily available.
  • The program provides you with the additional nutritional information for each recipe that it provides in its recipe books.
  • It contains a variety of recipes, both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian recipes of all kinds of meals of the day.
  • Since the program is created by the world-famous and leading personalities in the fitness world, it does not have any side effects as all the suggestions are practical, and the things that are suggested to use are all-natural products. Therefore, there are no chances of side effects.
  • There are more than two hundred and fifty recipes in the program package that help rev up the metabolism rates in the human body.
  • Apart from the exact package materials of 9 programs, the Metabolic Cooking also includes around 20 bonus materials in the set of 4 major free bonus guides.
  • The price of the package is affordable. Also, the program contains videos that are carefully put into use.
  • The e-books are independent of each other; this means that you need not sequentially read the package. You can pick up any book randomly and read it as per your choice.
  • It also contains a handy supplement optimizer for hard gainers.
  • The program comes with 60 days money-back guarantee that assures many users and encourages them to use the product.



  • The explanations and principles that tell as to why and how the particular food can lift your body’s metabolism rates are not clearly defined or stated in the books.
  • Several videos take quite a lot of time to download.
  • It makes you very tired at times as there are too many books that you need to read, and so it can be a painful experience at times.
  • The program is only for the online users, so the offline services of the package are not available.
  • The fonts of the books are not very friendly for the eyes, and you may have to take strains to read them.

Who should buy this program?

This program is especially meant for the people who want to lose their weight and reduce their body weight as well as their body fats. Therefore, all those people who wish to look slim and fit should use this program. People who want to reduce their body weight can also make use of this program very effective and will get to see the effective results in lesser time. Overall the program is all about healthy diets as well as a healthy lifestyle, so anyone who wants to be healthy and follow nutritional diets can use this program.


The price of the program is also not much; in other words, it can easily be bought up as this would not be a burden to the pocket. In general, it costs $29, but if you click the button below, you can get a discount of $19. So it becomes more affordable – it costs only $10. Also, 60 days money-back guarantee makes the program more attractive to users.

The Final Verdict

The Metabolic Cooking Review of the customers has been good so far and we also recommend it. The program can be used by the people who need to lose their weight and live a healthy life. Also, there are no side effects of the program as it is based on natural ways and natural ingredients so that it can be put into use without any fear of any bodily harm.

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