Michael Fiore’s Make Him Worship You Review (2022) – Is it WORTH IT?

make him worship you review

We, humans, are conditioned to seek pleasure through love and intimacy. This helps us build a strong relationship to fulfill the ultimate goal of recreation and growth. Besides the fundamental needs of food, shelter, security, and safety, humans need love & intimacy to feel motivated and reach the ultimate goal of self-actualization. The need for love, intimacy, and sex is in the center of all needs, and this requires effective communication to maintain a healthy relationship. The Make Him Worship You program, developed by dating expert Michael Fiore, delves into that aspect of effective communication to help you win heart, mind, and body of your beloved partner so that he could experience the purest pleasure. This Make him Worship You Review is to help you understand the program and make the right decision for a healthy and passionate relationship.

If you are finding it difficult to build a new relationship or sustain the relationship for long, this program will help you go deeper into men’s mind and explore his persona. The understanding of personality helps you frame your communication so that your man could fall in love with you and seek your company with more passion. Once you are aware of the mood, taste, and temperament of your partner, you can use the “Three Word Tricks” of the program to recharge the passion of your rather cold and distant partner.

You want to express your sensual feelings and passion, but you find it difficult to get the right words at the right moment. You know how important it is to use perfect enticing words in the ears of your man to have his highly responsive and charged body to get the climax. This relationship program is all about imparting communication training so that women could utter the right words at the right moment to make men more responsive, intimate, and super-active.

What exactly is this program?

Your man wants to be with you, feel you and caress your body with love and passion for exploring the new depth of relationship. Unfortunately, this is an ideal state, and in a normal world of crazy lifestyle, it is very tough to keep your man hooked to yourself. What makes him so cold and distant? Is it just the demand of a particular situation or something more intrinsic at the psychological level? This relationship program helps you understand the fundamentals of man’s behavior and hormonal interplay. The meticulously designed program from the bestseller writer Michael Fiore takes you on a journey of step-wise guided learning. You learn how to attract a man and keep him hooked with the highest level of passionate intimacy.

If you are exploring a new relationship and looking for handy techniques to attract a suitable man, then this program will be of great help in making your dream a reality. The relationship isn’t just about getting the right man but keep him hooked and excited enough to have the desired warmness for memorable moments. This program from a dating expert helps you learn most basic and easy to use tricks so that you could keep your man happy and committed. If your partner isn’t passionate about anymore, then this book will guide you on how to win your partner back and make him fall in love with you.

The whole idea is centered on effective situational communication. It believes that its word and the only word that triggers the basic emotional reactions of feeling good, bad, sad, romantic, passionate, or dull. It can create a perfect mood and heal all kind of wounds. It can take your stress away and boost your confidence to explore new horizon of love and intimacy. Healthy communication is the backbone of all type of relationship, and in man, to a woman, this takes another level as it requires going beyond the barriers of social barriers. Those few words whispered passionately in the ears of your man or texted via mobile can do wonders in terms of triggering the passion.

Thousands of women have experienced fruitful results using this program, especially the “3 Secret Words” formula. There are other crucial formulas like “4 word question” or “toxic question”. The wonder and change it creates in the approach of your man will shock you beyond belief. His passion for you will change, and he will try to amend his ways to come near you and explore the opportunity to spend maximum time with you. All you need to do is to be part of this program and master art of contextual communication. It is not just words that do the miracle, but how you say it and when you say it.

The simplicity and easy usability of the techniques makes this program one of the most effective relationship-building programs. People who have practiced it have reported amazing results in the quickest possible time. Keeping the modern user behavior in mind the book has been smartly packaged for all types of users. It contains online access, PDFs, videos, worksheets, and special text messages.

About Michael Fiore

michael fiore

The author, Michael Fiore, is a dating expert and relationship coach. With over 20 years of experience in relationship management and text messaging, he authored several relationships focused books on helping millions of people improve interpersonal communication effectively in the quickest possible time for a healthy relationship.

The globally acknowledged expert in helping people master the art of using text messages to strengthen their romantic relationships. He integrates the psychology of men and his need to make women more attractive to achieve the goal of an intimate and fruitful relationship.

Seattle based coach and the founder of the Digital Romance Inc. learned from his own experience that texting could be highly effective in maintaining a healthy and warm relationship. He decided to share his highly creative skill of texting in creating an insane level of intimacy and desire in both men and women. He wrote 3 separate texting guides namely “Text Your Wife Into Bed”, “Text Romance Back” and “Text Your Ex Back”. In February 2012, he released The Secret Survey focused on exposing the mysteries of the male mind and guiding women to attract the man of choice effectively. It was his first attempt to be more holistic about a relationship that looked beyond texting, and it became a sensation.

His latest work – Make Him Worship You released in May 2019, is one of his best programs so far as it focuses more on guiding women to have the suitable boy in her arms.

Michael’s Digital Romance Inc site offers a solution-focused on relationship solutions. The whole idea is to help people communicate more effectively using text messaging technology for a better relationship. The site has products for all types of user in need of solutions to improve romantic life.

The ‘3-word formula’ has revolutionized the way people communicate, especially in private life. People are using it to build a new relationship and maintain it with the maximum level of intimacy. In this digital era, when personal life is under threat, it is extremely important to remain connected with your partner through healthy and exciting communication. The program is a must for every woman who wants to rule the mind, body, and soul of a partner.


The book is well designed step-wise guided program to keep learners engaged. The output-driven approach of progressive learning helps you not only learn, but experiment so that this becomes your habit and ultimately, it becomes your natural skill. The program is divided into six main modules comprising core training videos, supplementary materials and tips and tricks and of course the experimentation.

Here are the modules to have an idea about the content of the relevant section. Although it is recommended to go through the whole program, you can refer a particular module if you wish so. The hyper-interactive style of writing keep keeps you hooked, and you will be tempted to try your learning without even finishing the particular module.

Module 1: Introduction and the Toxic Lies You’ve Been Told About Men

This module is all about understanding the basic psychology of your men – how his through process operates and how it reacts to a particular situation. Most importantly, here, you will learn how words could do miracles in terms of winning the heart.

Module 2: What Love Means to a Man

This is like an extension of the previous module with a bit deeper understanding. You will be shocked here as the author takes you to the notion of “The Crisis of Masculinity” and how bizarre your approach was while dealing with men. In simple words here, you will learn to find the sexy, strong, powerful men right under your nose.

Module 3: The Secret Emotional Life of Men

This model is focused on understanding the hidden side of men. This helps you play the game in his courtyard. This makes him feel manly, and this trigger is enough to make you feel desirable. This is simply a Primal Provider Drive. Give your men what he wants most.

Module 4: Accepting Yourself

This is the key to the book that lets you know where you go wrong. You might get shocked that how unknowingly your words, phrases, and even body language used to dampen the mood of your partner. Acceptance is the rule here. Accept your pain points first so that you could treat it. The author shares several easy tips to overcome the mistakes and how to replace them with perfect messaging.

Module 5: Feeding His Masculinity​

This module is all about understanding the bodily and hormonal need of your man. You will learn the tricks to unleash the inner caveman and boost his testosterone level. The change would be like higher passion, amazing desire in the eyes will make you most desired women in the world.

Module 6: Communication and Getting What You Want​

This module covers the solution for all possible types of situations. Here you learn how to communicate effectively with romance in focus. The whole idea is to use the right words and phrases in the right moment to trigger the right passion.

The program has Bonus Material to help you find suitable solutions for particular requirements:

  • ​When To Sleep with a Man
  • Make Him Beg to Be Your Boyfriend
  • Good Girl’s Guide to Texting Dirty
  • Unstoppable Confidence with Michael Griswald
  • The Man-Melting Backrub

Pros and Cons



  • It is a very liberating experience to know about the men in details as this helps in understanding and act accordingly.
  • The very structured approach of teaching with videos, materials, and worksheets that keeps you engaged.
  • The author has given his voiceover in each main module, making it highly effective. You have a transcript in the video to make it more effective.
  • This is written by a man to help women, so it takes you to a different world altogether.
  • The value you get is incredible in just $37 with 60 days money-back guarantees.



  • You cannot finish it in a hurry. You have to go step by step for over 2 weeks.
  • The Videos are a bit lengthy of 25-30 minutes duration.



It is tough to be an evaluator here as the output to count is the happiness and satisfaction of a romantic relationship. No cost is too big to discourage you from getting these lifelong learning of assured happiness and intimate love. The program has a price tag of $297, and this would be considered a low price, especially when you are getting the formula of making your man adore you.

Don’t worry, happiness and romance are there for you opt to buy immediately and get the complete program for the discounted price of just $37.

Here is your first dose of happiness. If you want more, then you have an offer get 100% cashback if you don’t get the desired result. This is how confidence works. After all, the author is a master of communication.


All women of the world want his man to be perfect in every possible aspect. There is nothing wrong in having that kind of desire, but you should be reasonable in her expectation to be happy in the long term. Know your man not just physically, outwardly, but inner also. This urge to know your man makes him open, and you can use that opening to go deeper and explore maximum intimacy using effective words. The book teach you how to explore that depth and how to find that romance.

You are unique in your way, and you know what is best for you. All you need to do is identify emotional cues that impress your man and use it effectively through the right communication tricks shared in the program. Ultimately, it is all about happiness and the ultimate goal of self-actualization. A great romantic partner makes your journey memorable. Do everything possible to get the right partner, keep him hooked to enjoy the life to the fullest. We hope that our Make Him Worship You Review is helpful to you!

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