Bruce Krahn’s Lean Belly Breakthrough Review (2022)

lean belly breakthrough review

Being healthy is the most important thing for every human being. However, it is very ironical to note that very less population of the world is perfectly healthy, fit, and fine. Everybody is suffering from one or the other health issue. It has become very crucial to focus on health as it is rightly said that “health is wealth”. If one is healthy and fit, then he/she can achieve everything that they want in their lives, but it is tough for an unhealthy person even to earn his livelihood. Therefore it is correctly said that to stay happy and with full freedom to enjoy the world, you need to be fit and fine. People are not healthy these days because of their daily routine. There are, of course, various other reasons for it, but the basic lifestyle comes at the top. These days many products are coming up in the markets to have a perfect body and many things like that. This is why we wrote our Lean Belly Breakthrough Review.

Wrong body shape, obesity, fatty stomach, etc. are among the common health issues that are very observed in almost every part of the world. On one side people want to look at a perfect body to look good as these days the importance of external appearance has increased a lot. On the other hand, there is this huge problem of excessive weight gain, belly fats, etc. The craze to look thin and slim has increased because of two reasons – because of the health issues and due to fashion and style. We all want to look glamorous and beautiful as the most celebrated people look. The fashion industry has flourished a lot in the past few years and has brought the craze for slim and thin body shape to have a more attractive and stylish look.

There could be many reasons for bad health and bad body shape with increased belly fats. Unhealthy lifestyle, loss of sleep, uncontrolled and unregulated food habits, stress, workload, less mobility, etc. could be the major reasons for bad health conditions. The world has become digital and is still progressing towards a more advanced form of digitalization. This is laying a huge impact on the lifestyle of human beings. People do not have more physical works these days; rather, they are confined more to desk jobs which offer good payment but are bad for health. People are stuck to their work and are very busy; they hardly get time for physical exercises and walks.

Many products are coming up in the markets now, and then that offers to have the solution to problems like belly fats and increased weight. It is, however, very necessary to read the reviews of all the products and their detailed information before using them.

It is therefore important to know about this idea and ritual that is bringing sensation in the world for weight loss. It is necessary to know the features, pros, cons, the process of its use, etc. All these things are being discussed below in great details.

What is the program?

It is a system of weight loss that is beneficial for those who want to lose one pound of belly fat every day. It is applicable for both men and women over 50. This is also effective in many other diseases like depression, diabetes, heart diseases, etc.

This was designed originally by Dr. Henrick. He created it for an aged person who was the victim of severe cardiac issues. This older man was no one other than the father-in-law of Brice Krahn, who had a mild heart attack in Germany. Later on, Bruce Krahn did in-depth research and study, and this 2 minutes ritual was discovered. He modified the formula used by Dr. Henrick, and thus a new method was born, which is known as a Lean Belly Breakthrough.

This is a 2 minutes ritual that includes some weight loss herbs along with some spices and vegetables. This method also includes 5 easy and simple movements of the body that are possible for everyone to do it at their homes very easily and comfortably. This method is not only applicable for reducing belly fats; rather, it is helpful for other parts of the body as well. Bruce Krahn figured out about the focused elimination of fats from the body from Dr. Henrick’s method. He discovered the ways of reducing the body fats by burning them more at a time.

The best part of the method is that this does not have any prescribed drugs, new-fangled tools, and also no hard and strenuous workouts. Therefore this is more reliable and trusted. This also regulates the sleeping mechanism and thus regulates the metabolism of the body.

The book is a weight loss program that is available online. This program involves some detox smoothies, 2 minutes of exercise, some diet and 10 rituals to supplement all the other things. This helps in reducing the weight is just 21 days and 7 pounds in a week that makes it 1 pound every day.

It almost seems impossible to reduce the weight if you have gained a lot of weight and think that you are obese. But with this program it becomes possible to do that. With the online purchase you get many other bonuses apart from its one major helpful bonus of glowing skin and vibrant face.

With every online purchase, you get the following mentioned items that are very useful for you.

  1. The Main Manual: In this, all the ways and processes have been explained. This helps in following the rituals and processes correctly without any problems. Also, it is the answer to all the queries that you have related to the diet and every other thing related to the process.
  2. Emergency Fat Loss Guide: Bruce khan finds it very important that you reduce weight, and for this, the plan provides an emergency fat loss guide that helps you in reducing weight by following certain diets. He wants the users to have the special knowledge of the hormones that are responsible for weight gain and also about the fat-burning hormones and their functions.
  3. Recipes and Metabolism Boosting Meal Plan: The book contains easy and tasty recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It contains the complete meal plan, which includes the detoxifying drinks also, which helps in reducing the weight at a more rapid state.
  4. 2 Minute Belly Fats Shrinking Ritual Track Sheet: This sheet reminds you of the daily works and is also beneficial in monitoring your progress and compliance.
  5. Libido Boosting Foods: This book has the details of the food items that help in increasing libido inside you. This attracts many of the users.
  6. Abs-Friendly Dessert Recipes: To lose weight, you need to sacrifice the habit of eating sweets and the love for your desserts. But this program does not prohibits you from eating any sweet desserts. This book provides you with the details of healthy and natural sweets that can be preferably eaten in place of junk foods.
  7. Body Fat and Hormone Guide: We all had known that hormones are responsible for regulating all the actions of the body. They are responsible for weight gain, storing fats, and even weight loss. This book gives you the idea of the kinds of food which makes a balance of your hormones. This will help you to have a fit body.

About Bruce Krahn and Dr. Henrick

bruce krahn

It has already been discussed above that the discovery of the method of the Lean Belly Breakthrough is done by the person Bruce Krahn. He is the one who borrowed the idea from Dr. Henrick after his father in law suffered from a minor heart attack in Germany.

He is also the author, creator, and designer of the book. He does not use a false name as an author; he rather tells about his discovery and ideas by presenting himself as a real being. He is married and has 2 twin kids. He was a well-recognized personality before the publication of the book also. He was a famous personal trainer and the nutritionist guru in Mississauga in Canada with almost 20 years of experience working as a fitness expert.

He is also the author of the book Fat Fighter Diet. This book has been a bestseller and is proved to be very helpful for many of the people throughout the globe, who wanted to have a fit and shaped body ever.

Bruce Krahn has been helpful for many acclaimed personalities like:

  • Criss Angel, an America musician, magician, and illusionist.
  • Nelly Kim Furtado: A Grammy-winning singer and songwriter from Portuguese–Canada.
  • Thomas Cochrane: A singer and songwriter from Canada who was a central figure in Red River, a Canadian rock band.

His online programs have affected many others, and he is also readily available on twitter, facebook, and other social media accounts. He always answers the questions of the public and helps them.


  • It is a very helpful and beneficial program for weight loss. It can reduce up to 7 pounds of weight in just 7 days. This is an efficient program that takes only 2 minutes daily to follow the easy guidelines to reduce the belly fats.
  • At the very beginning, the program helps decrease bad food habits that increase the cholesterol amount in your body. It detoxifies the body and cleans all the earlier taken toxins from the body. The bad cholesterol and the toxins both are responsible for polluting your body and thus cause many diseases. This program also helps in reducing the stress and improvises the production of good hormones in the body.
  • It regulates the diet by actually not prohibiting all the tasty foods rather by removing only some of the bad junk food intakes from the person’s lifestyle. It adds to your taste by including many tasty and new recipes.
  • It does not focus on rigorous and pain taking exercise and workouts. This means that you do not need to go to a gym to lose weight. It is a simple formula that can easily be practiced at home, and the best of the results can be achieved without actually taking much pain.
  • It brings a healthy habit home with an improved lifestyle. It provides a comparatively refreshed body and makes you feel more energetic and active.

How is this book different from other weight loss programs?

  • It does not involve rigorous and painful workouts as other programs. They improve your health and lifestyle and make you look pretty and attractive.
  • It is not merely a weight loss program that is only effective in reducing the belly fats. It is helpful for the entire body as it changes the whole functioning and metabolism of the body and makes you fit not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.
  • It is practical and base on the basic truths and principles of life. It is self-experienced and does not have any severe side effect on the body.
  • It not only shapes the body rather brings your life to the proper functioning and thus improves your health.
  • It does not take much time. It is not something very experimental for the body; it is something that is the need of everybody.
  • It gives you self confidence, along with good health. People with heavy belly fats are likely to have an inferiority complex, but this simple program can revive your confidence and trust in yourself.

Pros and Cons

It is generally seen that for reducing weight, one has to make a lot of sacrifices and have to undergo numerous prohibitions and restriction, especially with the food items. With this program this is not the case. This program does not need many justifications related to your food habits, except for a few junk foods, not even desserts.



  • The program provides a proper manual and guidelines that are very helpful in following the correct instructions and guidelines.
  • This program does not demand any medication or drug intake. Therefore there is no chance of allergies and side effects. They involve only natural herbs and some spices along with some vegetables.
  • It does not demand strenuous exercises and workouts. Like other weight loss programs, it does not ask you to join a gym.
  • This program is even beneficial for aged people also. At old age, it is almost impossible to lose weight, but with this book – it is possible.
  • It offers 60-days money return guarantee. This gives the users some assurance for the program, and so they are encouraged to use the program.
  • The online content to use the program is not very loaded and complicated, thus easy to use.



  • The digital format may be very confusing for many people to use.



The price is only $37. It also offers 60-days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.


Any program needs to be appropriately verified before using it; otherwise, it might become a problematic issue for the person who is using it. It is necessary to know the worth of such programs. The book is worth buying and using. It is very practical and well tested. Also, it is natural and takes less time, so it is beneficial. It is not a scam like many other weight loss programs. So, if you want to find out secrets to weight loss, this book comes handy!

We hope that our Lean Belly Breakthrough Review is helpful to you!

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