An In-Depth His Secret Obsession Review (2022)

his secret obsession review

The key to your man’s heart is to understand him completely. You may think that you know your man as you guys are together for years. However, that may not be true, and that’s why you are getting neglected. If you are feeling less loved by your man and wish to fix it, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to suggest you with a solution that can help you turn your relationship from zero to hundred. We present you His Secret Obsession Review.

A relationship starts with two people, and it gets stronger with two people loving and caring for each other. The moment one of you steps out of it or loses interest, your relation will cease to exist.

We have often come across people and mainly ladies complaining about their love lives. Some are like their men don’t love them anymore, while others feel like living with a stranger. This kind of behavior is often noticed in men when your relation gets old, or both of you get too used to each other. If you see your man moving away from you for unknown reasons, you know it’s time to act. Many of you will simply decide to end the relationship while others may want to continue the relation at the cost of your happiness. What if you are told you can fix it and make your man fall in love with you all over again? At this point, it may sound impossible to you, but if you want, you can actually make it happen.

What is His Secret Obsession all about?

We have always been told that men are simple living beings. They are fine as long as they are provided with food, sex, and bed to sleep. But in reality, there is more to that. When it comes to an understanding a man, you need to dig deeper into him, and only then you can make him stay with you.

The author suggests that men are not as simple as they are portrayed to be. In fact, they are quite complicated to understand. This is why you get so many self-books on men and relationships.

Women are made to believe that men always go for the prettiest girl. This is why women dress-up and give it their best shot to look all pretty. But all this is only good for a temporary period or sex. If you want to impress your man for a long-term settlement, you need to be more than just a pretty face. Well, this is what most women fail to understand. To help all these troubled-in-love women, James Bauer has finally developed a book on how to understand your man better and get him to stay with you.

It is basically a comprehensive guide book that teaches you the things you should say to your man to make him fall in love with you. You see every relationship goes through good and bad phases. This is why seduction is required from time to time. With the help of this book, you will be able to learn the art of seducing your man. Along with it, you will also learn some vocabulary tricks that can get your man crazy for you.

This book is ideal for all the ladies who are currently facing troubles in their relationships. Whether your man has lost interest in you or you guys, don’t feel close to each other, no matter what the case is, this guide can help you turn the situation around. This book is developed to help you improve your relationship. By following this book, you can create a long-lasting relationship with your man. The good thing is that this book can be used by both married and unmarried ladies.

In this guide book, you are going to find great aspects that will help you to understand the man. The book will also teach you some important techniques. If you are looking for ways and methods to make your man fall in love with you, then this is the book you need.

Who is James Bauer?

james bauer

Before we move onto any further details about the book, let’s get to know a bit about the author.

As you already know, the book is designed and compiled by James Bauer, who happens to be a well-known relationship expert, relationship coach, and a trained psychologist. He has been practicing in this field for the past 12 years and has helped innumerable men and women to cope with their relationship.

This is not the only book that is written by Bauer. He has written many other books on relationships before. One of the names worth mentioning is What Men Secretly Want. It was after the success of this book that Bauer decided to design a book for all the women who want to improve their relationships. This book is designed to help you create an everlasting relationship with your man. This book is basically the compilation of all his experiences and teachings.

The author says that it is very common for a woman to struggle in the rough phase of the relationship. This is when they try to seek help from others. According to Bauer, most of the relationships break or don’t work out because women are unable to figure out what their man is thinking. To help all such ladies, this book was brought into existence.

This book is nothing less than hope for all those heart-broken women who are currently struggling in their relationships. If you genuinely want your relationship to work and get better, then this is the book for you. The book contains the details of the author’s real experiences. He has shared his knowledge on men with the ladies so that they can get befitted from this. If you are interested in getting this guide, it is advised that you go through this review.


The main features of the book include the following:

  • This book is designed to help you make your man fall in love with you and stay with you forever.
  • With the help of this book, you will be able to learn and understand male psychology. Not just that, you will also learn how to trigger his hero instinct that will make him crave for you like anything.
  • This book is a step-by-step guide with all the techniques clearly explained to make it easier for you to follow. The language used in the book is also easy to follow and understand.
  • The guide is covered by a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • This book is the product of an expert relationship coach who has shared all his knowledge and experience in this one single book.

How does this book work?

Before buying this guide, you would surely want to know how this guide works. We have tried to explain the details below.

This guide helps you to understand specific tricks and phrases that can help you improve your relationship. By following this guide, you can actually work on your relationship to make it strong and passionate. This guide is ideal for all those women who want to create a long-lasting relationship with their men.

The phrases included in the guide are all about building attraction. With the help of this book, you will be able to understand and also unlock secret fantasies about what your man wants in the relationship. In other words, this book helps you to understand male psychology and why these phrases are effective in triggering male emotions.

The book is available in PDF format and is one of the best-selling books by James Bauer. This should give you a hint that this is anything but a scam. The author has revealed secret psychological techniques that will help you to get your man addicted and completely devoted to you.

If you notice your man losing interest in you, you can apply these secret phrases and tricks on him. Using these techniques, you will be able to tap into his hero instincts, which are a biological drive in men. It is just like other drives such as sex, thirst, and hunger. Once you are successful in activating this hero instinct in your man, half of the battle is won. After this, your man will be head-over-heels for you and claim his love for you on his own.

In this book, you will find a step-by-step guide that will help you to activate the hero instinct in your man. If you are having a tough time understanding your man, you need to learn about male psychology. This will help you to understand or know in advance the things that upset or make him happy. Thus, you will know how to act accordingly.

The book contains every detail about hero instinct and male psychology. To know more, you need to use the book for yourself.

What will you learn from the book?

As already mentioned above, this guide will teach you important techniques that will not only help you to understand your man but also make him fall in love with you. Check out the details to get an idea.

Relationship Material

This is basically a checklist to make sure that your man stays with you for the long haul. Once you imbibe the qualities of relationship material, your man will never leave your side for anything or anyone.

The Private Island

With the help of this technique, you can develop emotions and feelings in your man so that you are the only woman he thinks about. This technique includes a scientifically proven skill that defines whether your man will marry you or not.

The Ex-Back Signal

This technique is particularly meant for the ladies who have been through a rough break-up in the past but is still in love with her ex and wish to have him back. This technique includes four phases that will help you to get your ex back in your life. Not only that, but he will also beg you to stay with him.

The Glimpse Phase

With the help of this technique, you will learn how to stop your authentic self to your man and win his interest. This will leave him wanting to know more about you.

The Damsel in Distress

By following this method, you will be able to tap into your man’s protective instinct. This will help you to get all your man’s attention all the time.

Silent Action Signal

This technique will show you how to make use of your hidden skills to trigger the hero instinct in your man. Once you successfully do that, your man will be madly in love with you.

I Own You

This technique will help you become the only confidant to your man. Once you apply this technique on your man, he will open up to you mote and reveal all his secrets to you before sharing it with his friends.

All these techniques together can help you improve your relationship. The main advantage of this guide is that it is effective for all types of relationships. Whether you are suffering in your relationship or had a break-up, you can use these techniques regardless of the condition of your relationship.

Is it for you?

Now that you the details of the program, the question is whether the guide is meant for you. We have listed some pointers; if you can relate to any of them, then you are the ideal candidate to buy this book.

You should buy the book only if you genuinely want to make your relationship stronger and better than before. You shouldn’t use the techniques mentioned in the book or trigger the hero instinct in a man to exploit him. This book is meant for fair use, and therefore, you should encourage any kind of wrongdoings.

If any of the following pointers apply to you, then you are ready to use this guide:

  • If you are going through a phase in your relationship where you feel like your man has lost or losing interest in you and that he can leave you anytime.
  • If your man is not treating you right or have taken you for granted.
  • If you are with someone, who is caring but doesn’t want to take the relationship any further.
  • If you want to form a deep connection with your man.
  • If you think things are not working out between you and your man.
  • If your man doesn’t trust you and therefore, won’t share any of his secrets with you.
  • If you feel that you don’t have any control over your man or the relationship.
  • If you have reached that point in your relationship that you just want to walk off.
  • If you think that your man treats you as his second option.
  • If you are still in love with your ex and want to get him back.
  • If you think that your relationship has no spark left.
  • If you wish to create a stronger and passionate bond with your man.

If any of these sounds similar to you, then you should definitely consider getting this book. With the help of this guide, you can turn any of these situations into a long-term relationship that you have always wanted.


The book is available at the cost of only $47. This is a one-time payment after which you can have the book to yourself for the rest of your lives. Once you buy the book, you don’t have to pay any more charges.

The good thing is that the book is also covered by a 60-day money back guarantee. If you feel unhappy with the product, you can return it within 60 days of your purchase and get your money.

Advantages and Disadvantages

After going through all the details, it’s the time that we also take a look into the advantages and disadvantages of using this guide. This will help you take a well-informed decision about buying this guide.



  • One of the main advantages of using this book is that it is very easy to follow. It is written in simple English so that you don’t face any problem understanding. Not just that, but all the instructions and techniques are very well explained so that you can understand it better. The author has made sure that the user doesn’t face any hassles while using his guide. In case you face any sort of problem, you can get in touch with the customer’s support.
  • The book is written by James Bauer, who is a relationship expert and therefore, you shouldn’t have any trust issues with the book. The author has put in his 12 years of experience and knowledge in the designing of this book. You should also know that Bauer has helped thousands of couples in his entire professional career.
  • By accessing this guide, you will also be able to save a lot of money. When you have this book with you, you don’t have to waste your money on relationship experts. Instead, you can buy this book available at a very affordable cost. Having this book means you can reap its benefits for the rest of your life.
  • The best thing about this book is that it works on all types of men. Therefore, there is no need for you to worry about anything as such.
  • The book is also covered by a 60-day money back guarantee. If you feel the techniques given in the book is not working for you, then you can claim a refund. You can avail your refund within 60 days of your purchase.



  • The main problem with this book is that it is available only in PDF format. This basically means that you need to use your computer whenever you want to access the book. This is indeed very annoying for the users. It would have been much better if a hardcopy of a book was made available.
  • To get results, you need to follow the book very closely. You need to go through every detail and apply them correctly. Or else, you may not get the desired results. Also, you should know that the results may vary in different cases, as different factors may affect success. To achieve guaranteed success, you need to make better use of the techniques.


You get only one life to live, and love happens to be an important part of our lives. Therefore, it is totally worth doing everything to create an everlasting bond between you and your man. Yes, you are surely met with troubles in your way, but that doesn’t mean that you will give up. If you really want to make your relationship stronger and powerful than ever before then, this book is the perfect option for you.

The book will help you to understand male psychology and also teach you to trigger the hero instinct in men. By doing so, you can make your man fall in love with you and never want to leave you.

This guide is made for all the ladies who are suffering in their current relationships. In fact, this book is also suitable for the ones who are still in love with their ex-boyfriend and want to get them back. The book is available at a very minimal cost and is also covered by a 60-day money back guarantee. Also, this is not a scam as it is written by an expert relationship coach himself.

Now that you know every detail regarding His Secret Obsession, you will be able to decide better whether you want to buy the book or not.

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