Halki Diabetes Remedy Review (2022) – Is It Worth It?

halki diabetes remedy review

Diabetes is a social evil that has taken over the world. It is a chronic disease that people have to battle daily. The worst thing about diabetes is that it often leads to other diseases that hamper the life of a person. We are here with the Halki Diabetes Remedy Review as the remedy claims to be a natural way to beat the disease. If it works, it will be a savior for thousands of people who are suffering every day from the evil disease. All of us already know that the doctors say that it is almost impossible to get rid of diabetes, and a person can either be on medicine or insulin or both depending on their blood sugar levels.

If you know someone who has diabetes, then you must have seen their perils before your eyes. Diabetes is a costly disease as you need to buy insulin and other expensive medicines. On top of that, one will need to have a regular checkup of their eyes, hands, feet, and skin, which are the body parts that are affected by Diabetes. A person may often feel like moving to something natural rather than sticking to using all the synthetic medicine used to treat the disease. The program appears to be an alternative and natural way of getting rid of diabetes rather than sticking to the conventional way.

What is the Halki Diabetes Remedy?

As we said above, Diabetes is a disease that isn’t friendly to the human body. On top of that, most of the medicines that we are using to treat diabetes are heavy in synthetic ingredients, which aren’t desirable. The Halki Diabetes Remedy is about going the natural route to treat the disease. We are doing the review to know if the process works in eradicating diabetes in a person’s life to give them a healthy life. The basis of the remedy is the natural herbs and vitamins that are found in nature. If you have heard about Ayurveda, you will know that the plants and natural substances that are found on our Earth can work as medicines.

In this remedy, some of the ingredients that are there include jujubes, seeds, kohlrabi, oranges, laurel leaves, and many other things that are known to be good for diabetes. One of the main reasons for the decreased and uneven production in the body is due to the production of toxins. These are a bad element which affects the organs present in our body and prevents them from working properly. The remedy vouches to work as a detoxifier, which gets to the root of the toxins present in your body and tries to get rid of them. It can take some time because the tools are natural, and they permanently get rid of them.

Well, think about this remedy program is that it isn’t only focusing on getting rid of Diabetes. It is more about increase the health and immunity of the person. In that way, they will be able to stay away from other chronic diseases like high blood pressure, nerve pain, cardiovascular disease, and others. These generally creep into the body, along with diabetes. So, the remedy is a wholesome process of making oneself healthier from inside using natural ingredients. It is all about reversing and repairing the body.

One of the greatest findings of the creators of the book was the fact that Type 2 Diabetes is a lifestyle that caused disease, but foods weren’t the main cause of it. They saw that we are constantly living in an environment that is polluted and full of toxins. Many people have a healthy lifestyle, but they still end up getting Type 2 Diabetes. It is also about finding out that the health industry often fools a patient by giving them ‘Band-Aids’ for diabetes rather than providing them with a real cure.

The remedy is available in the form of a book, which will help you to know more about each and everything as intricately as possible. The authors go to great lengths to explain each ingredient and the reasons for using them. The book also talks about the steps of leading a better life and keeping away diabetes.

About the Author – Amanda Feerson

The e-book is a collaborative work between a person who has researched about diabetes and its cure, along with a person who has seen the worst side of diabetes and wasn’t able to accept that anymore. Amanda Feerson created this program, and she devoted 20 years of her life to search about diabetes and its remedies. She wanted to find out more about the disease as well as look for natural substances that can be a cure rather than resorting to the synthetic substances.

Eric Whitfield is the person who we can take as the initiator of the program. He is an ironworker from Owego, New York, and he almost lost his wife due to diabetes. He was the person who found Amanda after his wife’s battle with a diabetic coma where her blood sugars rose to 488. He wanted to find a cure for Type 2 Diabetes and help his wife as well as other people who have to go through the perils. His wife was the first person who got to try the curated program. It worked great for her, and without any medicines, she was able to down her blood sugars from 488 to 125.

This was amazement for him, and she also lost a lot of weight, especially in her stomach area. The good thing was that she was able to reverse her insulin resistance, which is the top cause of diabetes in our body. Right now, she has healthy, and due to the work of Eric and Amanda, more than 33,405 people have been able to find their cure for diabetes. He made many volunteers try the remedy before launching it in the market. For him, it is not about making any profit; he wants people to know the real reason for getting diabetes. We did want to do the review after reading the story.


When we read about any program, it is obvious that we will have a look at the features. So, while undertaking the review, we thought of looking at some of the key points of the program. The author is quite energetic and confident about the things that he mentions about Type 2 Diabetes. He has had firsthand experience of the disease, which made him look for newer and better remedies. So, here are the main features of this program.

It talks about the cause of diabetes

When you approach a doctor, they will never tell you about a clear cause of Type 2 Diabetes. They have some jargon which they use when a patient asks about the cause of the disease, and they would never talk much about the researches. The Halki Diabetes Remedy talks about a cause that is pollution and the toxins that get into our body. The authors also go on to criticize the current healthcare system, which is there for Diabetes. They say that rather than hitting the roots of diabetes, the healthcare system tries to hide the symptoms by giving different medicines.

It is inspired by natural roots

The authors tell that they were inspired by the natural foods of the Halki Island, which helps the resident keep diseases away from themselves. The ingredients were tested, and all of them are natural and easily available. They say that the people of Halki have food that is rich in detoxifiers, which help to heal their bodies. So, they included them in this program as they found out that one of the key causes of Diabetes is the toxins that get into our body through pollution. The authors include a Detox tea in the program, which they call to the most important cure present in the program.

It has a 21-day protocol

The constant let down from the healthcare system has led us to a place where we do not usually stick to a program for a long time. The authors understand this, and so, they have initiated a 21-day protocol, which will push you towards adopting the lifestyle. The recipes are included so that you wouldn’t need to have the same thing, and they are mainly based on 8 key ingredients. All the instructions and information are provided, including the right mixture of the products. The regime that the diabetic person will follow is a great option to heal their whole body. The best thing is that the protocol only calls for you to make tasty dressings.

It isn’t a fad diet

There are lots of diets in the market that tell you to do certain things strictly, which will provide you a cure. It never really happens, and you end up doing a fad diet, which eventually wrecks up your whole body. This hampers the immunity system and shocks it, which may eventually worsen the situation. While doing the review, we found out that this program is more about finding the lifestyle that will provide you with a great Diabetes free life.

It comes with a bonus

Apart from the quick guide that is the main book, the product does come with other bonuses. The authors provide 3 video series with the program. They include Achieve your Goals, Energy Multiplier, and Relax Mind Healthy Body. These are important to maintain your mind and soul, which are important to maintain a good body.

Pros and Cons



  • The program is quite systematic, and it helps to teach people more about diabetes.
  • The program aims to take in the views of people and provide them with do-able things.
  • Rather than following a hip diet, the program urges people to go natural.
  • The program is doable as it doesn’t restrict a person in any way.
  • The authors have done their research before creating the program.
  • The program is believable, and it doesn’t have any tall claims that it can’t prove.
  • The authors are providing a way to take and don’t only talk about superficial things.
  • The program does come with bonuses.
  • It comes in the e-book version, which makes it extremely portable.
  • They do provide a 60 days money-back guarantee for people who do not like it.
  • The e-book is quite affordable at just $37(and you can get even cheaper – $17 with voucher), and people with diabetes pay a huge amount on their medicines.



  • The program does require hard work and commitment.
  • A person will need to devote their time to reading and understand the book.
  • It takes about 1 month to know the difference.


When we were starting with the review, one of the things that we wanted to know was the price. The amount often dictates a person’s idea about a product. We were thrilled to see that the authors are providing the book at just $37, along with the bonuses, but this is not all. By clicking the button below you can get $20 voucher and get the program for $17. This is great as it makes the product super-affordable. Any person with diabetes spends much more than that in a week on their medicines. The product also comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee for people who do not get any benefit from it. At times you can get extra offers due to sales.


We have come to the end of our Halki Diabetes Remedy Review. We can say that it is a good initiative on the side of the authors to provide such a program at a great price. People with diabetes can try it out to see if it works for them. Even if they aren’t keen on practicing the lifestyle or food choice, the e-book can give them a different knowledge about Diabetes. We do think that people with diabetes and their family members can try to get help from this program as it may help them to reverse the disease.

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