Gaming Jobs Online Review (2022) – Get Paid For Playing Video Games?

Gaming Jobs Online Review is a review of the online package that provides the platform to become a game tester to the gamers. These days the craze of gaming is increasing a lot, and it is in a continuous rising process with time. Since the life of human beings, in general, has become very stressful, so they all want some or the other kind of recreational activities in their lives. People can’t meet their friends everyday and relax by getting themselves engaged in lighter conversations and partying. Online gaming facilities, therefore, provide them with a mid-way with the help of which they can refresh and relax without actually spending much time.

As technology is getting advanced day by day, so the demand for online games is also increasing. Therefore the number of games is also increasing over time. However, the games can not be directly released in the market when they are made. There needs to be a person who could verify the games before they are released or launched in the markets. Game testers are those people who are appointed to check the games before they are released in the online markets or sites for the general gamers.

Gaming Jobs Online is all about understanding the needs of the players who are playing the games online and get their feedbacks so that the gaming companies can mold the games for better. If the customers or rather the players will be satisfied with the games, then they would like to play more, and they would also recommend the games that they like to other people so the market of that game would rise. But this would not be possible if there would not be any game tester in the gaming markets, as there would be no person to understand the feedbacks of the players and cater to their needs. The Gaming Jobs Online website, therefore, provides job opportunities to the people as well.

What is the program?

game tester

An online website that offers to play video games where you can earn money can be called Gaming Online Jobs. This particular website claims that you can earn up to $39,000 per year if you play the game regularly through online websites. It looks very questionable that you can earn money while you play a video game, but this happens. However, the fact is that these games are not always good to invest much time in it. It is always recommended to be wise when you involve yourself in such things.

These days the online gaming facilities have increased a lot, and so the chances of the scam have also increased too much. You can easily become a cheating victim and be trapped in a scam. Many websites offer game tester jobs, but you need to be careful in selecting them. Gaming Jobs Online is one of the trusted sites in several aspects, and so it is recommended to go for this website when you are up for such activities.

This program was created for the entertainment of people in general. Several websites claim to pay a huge amount of money, but it does not fulfill its claim. However, few online gaming websites pay you as much as they claim. Gaming Jobs Online is one such gaming website that works well and efficiently.

Gaming Jobs Online basically acts as a mediator between the user or the player and the gaming companies in the markets. They will let you know all the different kinds of gaming offers online and will show you the details if you are a member of this website. What you need to do is go on the offer links provided and earn money by accepting the offers to play within various schemes.

The website provides you with various options for gaming offers so that it becomes easy for you to select a gaming option that is good and suitable for you. This website can be trusted more as compared to other gaming online job websites as the reviewer says that this is a safe place to invest in the knowledge of various gaming job offers. The offers that it shows are also legitimate, which is less frequent on other gaming websites.

About the Author – Glen Anderson

Glen Anderson is the mastermind behind the creation of this program. He has created this program after he got frustrated to form his own gaming life. He was frustrated enough to find a new option by which he can both earn money and play the game at the same time. The idea sounds good, but it was not at all easy to make it real.

The journey began with the beginning of Anderson’s advertising and marketing skills. He used to visit a lot of internet companies so that he can influence them to help him in business. One final day he managed to find a small company with a low budget, so he was able to influence them. That very company wanted to see as to where were they investing. The deal was fixed after the company verified everything with him. Anderson asked the company members to give feedback so that he can improvise the things if needed. He never thought that he would get help form such small companies to manifest the idea for his new program.

He then worked upon the feedbacks that he got and improvised his idea. He then worked as a game tester in that company. He liked doing that job as he could play the games for the whole day that he enjoyed. He had the liberty to select the game and play it from the beginning till the end. Slowly Glen Anderson became one of the famous and renowned game testers in the market. The person who checks whether the game is working well before it gets released in the market is known as the game tester. The job of a game tester is also equally important, like any other gaming job or any job for that matter. This job is very crucial as it tests the games before they are released in the markets. The game testers have to report immediately if they find any problem in the game.

Even a small problem in the games can easily affect your sales in the markets. Glen Anderson earned more money every time he detected any problem in a new game. He also observed the storyline as well as the graphics of the game, as these things make the games real, so it feels good to the users. These days also the gaming companies test the person’s efficiency before they appoint them as a game tester in their companies through your tube and all. The gamers who are interested in this industry advertise the game and give their feedback and concerns related to the game. This helps the companies to improvise the games for better so that they can compete with other games in the markets.


Glen Anderson himself had to suffer a lot to become a game tester, so he intended to create such a platform that enables the gamers to find a place that would guide them in the path to become a game tester. At the same time, they would be provided with the gaming offers that would bring them even more close to their aims of becoming a good game tester. He, therefore, came up with the idea of this website and thus finally created it. He wanted the other gamers to be free from all the hurdles that he faced in the way to become a game tester. He aspired to create an opportunity as well as give enjoyment to the gamers. Like all the other online programs, there are several features of Gaming Jobs Online program. Some of the important features of the program are listed below:

  • Gaming jobs online is a single step market shops for a job for all gamers. It is easier for the game testers to find an online gaming job easier through this online website.
  • The best part of this gaming website or the game testers is that they can work from home. It means that the game testers do not need to go to any office and sit there for 8 or 9 hours and work; it is not a 9 to 5 job. The players need to sit at home and play the games online and verify them if they are perfect to be released to the markets, and if there are any changes required, then they are expected to report to the gaming companies so that they can rectify it.
  • You can also adjust the working hours as per your needs. Like for instance, if you are comfortable working in the night or late afternoon, then you can work accordingly. You do not need to worry about office hours or so.
  • Once you join the website, then a lot of options open up for you. This means that you can quickly access the hundreds of gaming companies in the market who need the game testers online. It is very difficult to chase any such job without any help. This website provides you with that help that a gamer needs to become a game tester and hence earn money.
  • You can earn money by playing video games only. At the same time, you get the opportunity to play the latest games without actually paying for them.
  • You are paid for offering your advice and opinions related to the video games. You are doing something that you like and are paid for it.
  • It serves 2 purposes at the same time. First, it gives you a job opportunity and secondly it provides you with entertainment at the same time.
  • Sometimes you also get some additional benefits of doing gaming surveys and giving opinions like the gift cards to the famous shops, Netflix subscriptions, etc.

Pros and Cons

Like all the things, this online website also has some good as well as some bad sides. It depends upon the gamers to choose whether they want to join in this site not. If they find the website helpful, then they can join it, and if they do not find it good, then it is up to their wish to leave the site. But it is very important to know the pros and cons of the websites so that the gamers can decide whether they want to join the site or not. Below the advantages and disadvantages of the websites are listed.



  • The website provides you with a reliable system of payment that has a consistent and regular workload.
  • It is easy to unsubscribe if you do not find the jobs accurate.
  • It has a refundable signup system.
  • It provides you with good and functional customer care services that keep on working all the time properly so that the gamers can make queries at any time.
  • It provides you with a good salary.
  • It has flexible working hours that can be adjusted as per the requirements of the gamers.
  • It is easy to use and handle, so it becomes a user-friendly website.
  • It is a fun and exciting job.



  • There are limited slots available on the website, so it does not intake a large number of people at the same time.
  • This could be a very tiring experience for gamers at times.


Who should buy it?

Playing the game for some time is a different thing, and working as a game tester is a whole lot of a different experience. It is true that if somebody loves to play games can become a game tester, but this is one of the several criteria for becoming a game tester, and this alone can not make you an all-time gamer or game tester. So this website is meant particularly for those people who want to become a game tester. A job of a game tester is fun and entertaining, but at the same time, it can be rigorous at times. You need to have the ability to point out the defects in the games and observe the new games minutely so that it can be verified properly to be launched in the gaming markets.

It is therefore suggested that only interested people who can bear the loads and pressures of the job should buy this or become a member of this website. The experience of joining the job as a game tester is really good, provided you are devoted to gaming and are observant enough to point out the mistakes and shortcomings in the new games.


The original price of the Gaming Jobs Online website is $27 per month. However, you can get a 7 days trial pack for $1. If you like the program, then you can buy it for $27 later after trying it.

The prices are not much; in other words, the program is suitable for the pocket, and it does not cost much that it can not be afforded. The trail packs and premium packs add to the benefits of the website. The 60 days money-back guarantee makes the program worth buying, and at the same time, it provides a kind of surety to the users.

Final Verdict

The site claims that you will be earning approximately $39,000 per year, but it is hard to accomplish – you need to have lower expectations at the start. The website is a good platform for all those who want to become a game tester. You get access to a lot of online gaming companies and researches related to gaming in the markets. So overall, it is not harmful, too, but this package as it is not very costly, but being dependent upon this for your future services could be a shock.

This particular website is far better than all the other such websites as this has some reputation and assurance towards its customers. It follows the commitments that it gives to its clients to a large extent.

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