EZ Battery Reconditioning Review (2022) – Does it REALLY WORK?

ez battery reconditioning review

We live in an economy where almost everything is way too tough to handle around and not to mention, expensive. If you have been struggling with the same issue, you must read till the end of the EZ Battery Reconditioning Review. This lifesaver can help you save a lot of your coins with some very easy and effective steps when it comes to reconditioning your batteries of the products that you use.

While many have this misconception that this deals with the service providing the reconditioning of the batteries, that is not the case. It is more of a guide which helps in giving a boost to the condition of your batteries and uses the same old ones without having to spend an excess of your money on replacing them with new ones.

Not only does it help in boosting your moving savings, but the same has also been found to have beneficial impacts in helping out with the condition of the sustainable world that you have always dreamt of having. Lesser disposing of the batteries helps in boosting the environmental conditions for the better as well.

What is the program?

It is nothing but a guide as well as the informational product which is available in the PDF format as an e-book. While the majority of the people aren’t well versed with the prospects of electronics, this guide comes a lot in handy for such people.

It has detailed information with all the necessary highlights that one needs to know about when it comes around to explaining the overall process of the reconditioning of over 10 different types of batteries. The main objective of this specific guide and informational content is to help people with minimal knowledge of electronics to get a better insight into the ways they can boost the battery life of the equipment around.

This itself is believed to have contributing factors in helping save hundreds of dollars on the day to day electrical equipment that the majority of us spend on. This is an online-based product, so, you need to make the purchases online only.

Who is the program for?

Coming round to the next topic of discussion is who will be benefitted well from the program?

This is for every person who not just wants to save their own money but even get a better perspective into saving the environment as well. If you wish to induce a long-lasting battery life for your electronic equipment, it is best suggested that you do focus on signing up for this course to get a detailed and better idea about the ways you can successfully recondition your batteries without putting in many efforts in.

The most important factor that stands out about this specific course or product is the fact that you need to learn the involved process of reconditioning just once and then can do the same for the rest of your live. The program suggests that this is an amazing way to get your budget in control, without having to fret about the consequences surrounding you.

Once you have learned and mastered the process, you will never need to invest your money in buying new batteries over and over again. Another amazing reason why this is a good purchase is that you get a whole round to images and illustrations in the guide, which makes learning the process a lot easier. It also does share the secrets behind reconditioning the dead rechargeable batteries.

If you have electronic equipment with rechargeable batteries, deep-sea marine batteries, forklift batteries, golf cart batteries, solar panel batteries and so on, this course and a complete guide book are a must-have for you.

Additionally, combining everything, the program also helps shed some light on the places where you can get your hands on the deep cycle batteries for free for the wind turbines as well as the solar panels that you might have been using.

In conclusion, this is for the people who have a very limited or less income and want to save money on buying batteries or even for the ones who tend to have issues with the process of constantly buying new batteries through and through.

Who are the creators – Tom Ericson and Frank Thompson?

With the basic knowledge out of the way, the next thing in line that we would love to discuss is who the creator behind this whole course is.

The guide has been created because of the insurmountable contribution of two men – Tom Ericson and Frank Thompson. This program was designed following gaining a complete theoretical as well as practical knowledge behind the process involved in the reconditioning of the batteries.

Once they understood the process and saw how economical it was and how one can save so much money with this, they wanted to share the same with the world to help people gauge a better alternative than buying new batteries every time that they run out of the old ones.

In short, it is believed that the entire course is based on their overall personal knowledge as well as expertise when it comes round to the program.

Given that not every person is well versed with the prospect behind the batteries and the electronics knowledge, the course has been designed to help such people gain a better idea about the process in a very simplified manner. This ensures that even the beginners in this field can benefit from the same without imposing any negative manner whatsoever.

What are the features involved?

The next thing in line that we need to be discussing has to be the EZ Battery Reconditioning features that many aren’t aware of. The overall guide indeed talks about the prospects of the overall features that are involved in this process altogether.

But, the problem with the same is the fact that not many are aware of the individual features involved. In this review, you will get an insight into each one of the features about this guide or course that can further help ease the confusion that you have been scratching your head for.

Provides with thorough information

As we did mention before, this guide has been made for the people who don’t have a very great idea of knowledge about the involved prospects of electronics as well as the general idea about batteries.

To overcome that, every single chapter mentioned in this course have been explained in a very easy and dignified manner to prevent brewing of any confusion whatsoever. This also helps enlighten you with the detailed ways involved in the multi-meter testing when it comes round to the concept of reconditioning altogether.

Assorted listings

Another one of the features about the program is the fact that it comes round to well-assorted lists for better help. If you have been considering where to get the essentials and the problems associated with the same, this is an amazing recluse for that matter without ending up causing a chaos for you through it all.

It gives you a complete rundown of the general things that you will require for the process of reconditioning, thus further helping you cope with the process without causing any further confusion whatsoever.

Simple and easy tricks

Just because it has all to do with the technical works, doesn’t mean that it is going to be a tough job to wave through. This is one of the primary reasons why this specific course is further considered as a boon for the beginners who are just started with the same.

If you have been well confused, it is time to make changes and differences to your schedule furthermore. The entire kit is well equipped with easy and simple steps that are involved around for the maximum results in getting the final result in check. This trick itself is enough to save the money, energy as well as time.

Secret additives

Last but not the least is the fact that it provides you with a complete rundown of all the secret locations and such that can come in handy for you to buy the tools as well as the deep cycle for the batteries involved around with it.

This has further been found to have beneficial impacts in helping with the further reconditioning of the processes involved around with the same. It helps in providing with renewed life to all the rechargeable batteries that you have been struggling to get on board.

How does the guide work?

Now that we have provided with all the necessary insights involving the basics surrounding the program, the next thing in line that we need to be discussing has to be the process of how it does work and what are the methods.

This will help provide you with a better understanding and perspective into the process that you otherwise didn’t have much knowledge about.

The entire course can be further subdivided into four different steps which you can then get a better context.

  • The very first step involved in this is to get all the resources in place that will be required through the entire process. In here, you will get an overall insight into all the tools that are necessary for the process and don’t end up wasting your time trying to get a glimpse into the thing involved. The users are provided with a list of tools that are needed for them from where they can then start on with the reconditioning process. Additionally, you will also find Tom Ericson sharing all the details of the best places you can get these tools from at the lowest prices.
  • The next step in line is to collect all the old and dead batteries that you have been trying to replace around. If you go through each one of the parts involved in the process, you’d know that it isn’t that easy as you might think it would be. The authors highlight every single one of the factors and points that you do need to keep in mind when it comes round to the prospects of examining the batteries involved. Before you get on with the process, it is important first to assess whether or not the batteries are even suitable for reconditioning or not. This can further come in handy in helping save those coins that you would otherwise spend out.
  • The next part of it is a complete detailed step by step process of the entire process of reconditioning that is involved with the batteries. This is possibly the most important step in the entire course that you need to pay close attention to. It is very important to look out for all the steps involved and ensure that you do take the time out to consider every single one of the step and that too in the routine that they are mentioned in. Being careful with the process is important. The last thing you want is to mess up the process and end up with faulty batteries.
  • The last and possibly one of the unique things about this is the entire process of how you can sell the reconditioned batteries to help generate better income source for yourself. It technically isn’t that easy, but with the practice and by following all the steps mentioned, the process does become a lot easier for you to engage with. The Battery Business Guide, which is the accessory secret money making the guide, helps in making use of the talent that you have nurtured all along.

Pros and cons

With the review coming to an end, the next thing that we would like to highlight is the pros and cons involved with this complete guide. We want all of our readers to have clarity about the process and to know whether or not the same is even worth the investment or not.



  • The very first and possibly one of the most important pros of this entire course is the fact that it comes along with universal instructions. This ensures that you wouldn’t have to worry about the language or the mode of instructions involved. The detailed instructions involved with this ensure the best in class results that you wouldn’t have to worry about. This further helps gauge a better look at the processes that you need to stick along with.
  • The course has been so well explained that it is perfect for the beginners with no practice knowledge about the batteries and the reconditioning process. Every single step along the line is explained well for better understanding.
  • It has a very comprehensive approach to the explanations. This ensures that you wouldn’t have to fret about the steps involved. It guides the user through every single step, thus further making the process a lot easier to bestow.
  • Lastly, it also helps you make money as well through the process for you to gain better acceptance of the hard work you have put in.



  • It is only available in the digital format.
  • Needs constant dedication because even though the process is explained well, it isn’t easy at all. You need to be very dedicated and spend a lot of time in it to get the results that you have been seeking all along.

How much does it cost? Is it a scam?

According to the basic information shared, EZ Battery Reconditioning costs you $47.

With this, you will get your access to the main book, along with two other bonus books as well as the lifetime access to the constant updates that are about to come along with the same. It is a one-time payment, so, that is a bonus.

The best part of the program is the fact that it comes along with a 60 days money-back guarantee. So obviously, it is not a scam.

Is it worth it?


There are no two ways about it. It is equipped with some of the best features that ensure to help you recondition your batteries, save money, and even save the planet in the process.

There is nothing better than that at all. The only thing you need to do through with this is to ensure that you do focus on the process involved because that is what makes all the difference in the end. We hope that our EZ Battery Reconditioning Review is helpful to you!

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