Eddie Sergey’s 15 Minute Manifestation Review (2022)

15 minute manifestation review

All of us want to make ourselves better. The main reason behind this is to achieve something in this world. When we reach the threshold of adulthood, we face the reality that we have to do something in our life. Alas! Most of us are clueless about the direction that we want to follow. We think of several things, but most of them turn out to be fruitless. We try to take help from as many people as possible, but most of them are unaware of their paths. What if someone was able to help you out in helping you to get the things that you want? It is not that hard, and the 15 Minute Manifestation program has proved it to many people. Here we will talk a little about the program so that you get to know more about it. This will also help you to decide whether to buy the program or not. So, let us begin our 15 Minute Manifestation Review.

What is the program?

The very first thing that we need to know about a program is the very basic things about it. It has been devised by Eddie Sergey, and it is basically a personal development program. So, the aim of the creator is provided the customers with a surge of positivity in their life, which will help them to grow. The creator has faced the situations himself, so he is aware of the things that one will really need. You may have heard that meditation and concentration can help bring changes to your brain. This program is a glowing example. The creator has scientifically devised the things so that no one receives dissatisfaction out of the program.

One of the unique things about this program is that it is audio-based. So, the program is made of sounds and tunes that have the ability to change your mind. This change will be a positive change which will help to open up the subconscious mind, which often holds a lot of our thoughts. Most of us do not even use our brains properly, and we never think about the potential that we have. We feel deprived of things, and this leads to frustration as well as depression.

To have the right aim in life and to work properly, we need to utilize our brains. We cannot do that on our own because there is no one to guide. We are often made to believe that we cannot achieve things that are far fetched. We have limiting beliefs and bad constructs in our life, which let us from achieving things. In right time we can understand them, but cannot always combat against them. This ebook takes the initiative to get rid of those negative beliefs and replaces them with a space which will help the mind to think positively.

These days people spend thousands of dollars to gain personal motivation. The courses cost a lot, and most of them are just generic in nature. People also avail personal coaches who guide them towards things. Other people cannot afford those things, and they remain underconfident, and they live without having any personal growth. For them, this program is one of the best ways to combat the lack of self-confidence and self-growth to replace with positivity and the will to change.

The creator took the time to come up with this program. He had to learn a lot about the patterns of the human mind. He has utilized the audio platform to help users as it is one of the most effective mediums of communication as well as for understanding. The program seeks to hit the right point in the subconscious mind, which will enhance one’s mental capability, which will lead to growth.

How does the program work?

In a very basic way, we can say manifestation is a process where we think about an object or an event, and we want it to come true. So, the ebook is nothing different. It is about knowing the right path. You may have noticed that it is just 15 minutes. This is hard to judge to most people who have a habit of sitting through sessions that can go on for hours. Most of them contain a lot of talking, which may appear good, but the listener often forgets it after a while. So, the main aim of the creator is to leave a trace in the listener’s brain so that it brings forth changes.

The program contains different audio tracks that will help in personal growth. There are 3 tracks, and one has to listen to the individual tracks for 7 consecutive days. So, in total, you will need to spend 21 days listening to the tracks. The creator researched in University College London, and it was proved that listening to the tracks for 21 days will help to bring a change in one’s brain. Every track is just 15 minutes. So, it is actually very easy to take 15 minutes out of one’s day to invest it in this self-growth ebook. Just focus on the audio tracks when you are listening to them and forget about everything else. It will help to build patience as well as help to focus a lot.

When you listen to the audio tracks, you will definitely enjoy it, but you will never think about the benefits that it will have. When you take out that 15 minutes from your day and then relax for a while, you will see that your subconscious mind is changing. Something known as the Theta frequency is invoked when you play the hypnosis audio track. The tracks also have a subliminal voice, and you wouldn’t be able to hear it when you listen to the audio tracks. Of course, Eddie couldn’t do everything on his own, so he hired people specializing in Neuro-linguistic programming who are interested in research in this field. It is always a mystery to know more about the human mind and to explore it.

What do you get in the program?

The 15 Minute Manifestation is one of the most fuss-free personal development projects. The things that the creator provides are:

  • A quick start guide of 12 pages to get started with the manifestation, and this does help a lot.
  • The program contains 3 audio tracks and with a bonus track.
  • An ebook called ‘Manifestation Wizarding’ is also present.

So, these are the very basic things that you will get when you sign up with the program. This may appear less, but in reality, each of the audio tracks has the ability to change your brain to make you different.

Track 1 helps to target the natural state of the brain. So, it is priming that the brain will need before you can make the necessary changes. It is the track which helps to break the barriers to manifestation that we often have within ourselves. This is very critical because jumping into a topic may often discourage people.

Track 2 is the time when the listener starts to thing. This gives them the power which will help them to think more. This is a crucial step in reforming one’s brain to get rid of the old things. It is like painting on a brand new canvas. This track aims to provide a positive side to the user. This track also includes something known as the ‘balloon exercise’.

Track 3 is all about dreaming about achieving things. It doesn’t let you become stagnant at a place. Instead, it motivates the brain to learn new things. The brain will always want to know more things which give way to personal growth.

As we said, the creator also includes a bonus track in this audio-based program. The track helps the listener to have a good night’s sleep. One of the worst parts of people right now is that they do not know about sleeping. Many people have turned out to be insomniac, and this paves the way to think about the negative side. This track will help to bring good sleep by hitting the right place of the brain.

There are also something called ‘upsells’ which you can buy if you like the program. These include the 15 Minute Money Magic ($67), 15 Minute Health Reboot ($47) and the 15 Minute Relationship Magic ($47). No one will force the user to pick them or buy them, but they can definitely help in the specified fields.

The cost

What are you ready to pay when you are attending a personal consultation with people who aid life growth? Whatever be it, the 15 Minute Manifestation will be one of the most affordable self-growth programs. It just retails for $49 right now. You can add the upsells, which will increase the price. This is a cost that people can easily pay for the program. They will digitally get the audio files as soon as they pay for the program. The company is even ready to give back your money if you are not satisfied with the ebook.



  • The program is not a joke. The creator has actually scientifically tested the process thoroughly so that it is foolproof. So, it will definitely work on every person, and it will work in its style.
  • It is available in a digital format. So, after you pay for the ebook, you wouldn’t need to wait for an eternity before you get the product. The Audio tracks, as well as accessory things, are made available right after the payment. Also, the digital platform is quite easy to access that any other mode.
  • When you are taking help from the program, you will not need to learn anything new. The audio-track is self-explanatory, and you wouldn’t need to invest a lot of time in it. A person will need 15 minutes out of their day for 21 days to get the helpful uses out of the ebook.
  • It is quite affordable compared to coaching or personal guidance programs that are available in the market. They are even providing a 100% money-back guarantee to those people who aren’t satisfied with the product.



  • There are no certain cons related to this product. The only thing that a person will need is tremendous dedication. They will need to spend 21 days in a stretch listening to the audio files without failing. Also, the changes can be starkly different from person to person.

Is it worth spending on the program?

To conclude this 15 Minute Manifestation Review – yes, we do think that it is definitely a great thing if you decide to spend on the program. We know that when you first hear about this ebook, you will think that it is too good to be true. In reality, it is actually a great way to know about yourself and to see yourself growth. This program isn’t a temporary solution to things, the change that it brings to your subconscious mind; it will remain that way throughout your life. The positivity that the ebook brings makes you realize that you are a person that can make every dream come true.
This is one of the most affordable personal growth programs that are available in the market. You do not even need to think twice before you place the order. It has got some amazing reviews from the people who have already got help through it. So, do not waste much time and buy it as soon as possible!

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