Combat Fighter Review (2022) – Will It Teach You The Art of Self Defense?

combat fighter review

It hurts, hurts badly when you hear that one set of people abusing another set of people just for the lust and greed. We hear, read, or watch such happenings and move on, feeling helpless and frustrated by the fact that we cannot do anything. For culprits, it is just a momentary pleasure or some monetary gain, but the act destroys the life of the victim forever. Is helplessness the only solution? Of course not, if we go by the criminal records, it could be said that the majority, if not all, of such crimes, could be handled or thwarted by the use of very basic combat skills. The Combat Fighter is one such program that helps you learn those basic combat skills so that you could live life happily with confidence.

Safety and security are some of the most basic needs of humans; once you have that sense of security, you try to fulfill higher needs of love, happiness, pleasure, and ultimately the self-actualization. In this world full of hatred, greed, and lust, it is of utmost important to learn basic combat fighting skills so that you could protect yourself and ensure maximum protection to your loved ones. It is easy to say, but most of us struggle to manage time to learn these skills. Developed by a professional combat trainer, John Black, this self-defense program is easy to learn and practice from your home without the help of any external resources. This Combat Fighter Review will let you know about the details of the program so that you could decide better and learn the art of effective combat fighting.

Here is a panic dose to trigger you. According to the UN Crime Trend Statistics, the UK has the highest 36.44 reported rape cases per 100,000 populations, followed by the U.S. 35.85 and Brazil 24.44. In absolute terms, the U.S. leads the chart with 1.13,695 cases of rape in 2013, followed by Brazil 49,929, and India 33,707. You are just lucky enough that you are not part of these statistics. The situation is far worse because it is just rape data and doesn’t include millions of cases of sexual harassment and burglaries. The best strategy is to learn combat fighting skills and teach your loved ones as well so that you could remain lucky forever. Let us go into the details of the Combat Fighting guide:

In simple words, this combat manual comprises techniques, skills, and other mechanisms that keep you safe from your intruders. At the core, it is a guide that will teach you the tricks of survival. It is highly effective because it has been conceptualized to make it simple to use and practice in real-life. Keep on reading to get a deep insight.

What is Combat Fighter?

First thing first, the intent of the creator, John Black, is to make you more safe and secure through learning effective combat skills. This makes a huge difference when it comes to quality and deliverance of any product. The second aspect is the usability. Here the Combat Fighter wins the big hand of applause for its step-by-step guided tutorial to simplify learning and to make it more user-friendly to practice in all types of situations. It avoids the redundancy of advance fighting skills and sticks to the basics so that users could adapt it easily in day to day life.

The whole idea behind this self-defense guide is to prepare you to face any situation that requires some basic level resistance. This is to help those who want to oneself and loved ones safe. It has been designed to help those who find it difficult to manage time for such activities. You can learn the art of combat seating in the comfort of your home. This e-book helps you learn the fundamentals of martial arts so that you could use them when required.

This manual is not just about combat skills, but the fitness required to be an effective combatant in all types of situations, whether it is sexual assault, molestation, burglary, or a disaster. This program has been meticulously designed to help you learn faster. The smart cataloging of the content helps you access any chapter of interest and refer it whenever you require it. It isn’t a rocket designing manual, but a smart learning manual to train you about how to use body mechanics effectively in self-defense.

By the time you will finish this guide, you will fell boost in your confidence. You will start visualizing imaginary situations and your combat reactions and impacts. Of course, you need to practice these skills to have a deep impact.

How Does The Program Work?

self defense

Now you know about what you will get in this self-defense guide let us now move to understand how Combat Fighter works. First thing first, this manual is focused on self-defense and not making you a killing machine. It focuses on the proper use of combat techniques so that you could thwart any attempt of physical intrusion, without fatally injuring the intruder.

This manual is unique with no parallels as it focuses on pure facts that you learn from the comfort of home. You don’t need to go anywhere; this is what makes Combat Fighting amazing. The author, John Black, takes you through a step-by-step learning process of power strikes. You will learn about techniques of blitz blast, surgical strike methods, centerline strike, the “one and done” principle, force hijack, the 1/3 eye situational awareness, tipping point principle, and several other methods.

Interestingly, you get several fitness tips to keep you healthy to be combat-ready all the time. Even the simplest of the combat tricks require some basic minimum physical fitness to overcome the opponent. This program has helped thousands of people globally, as they share amazing life-saving experiences of how simple tricks helped them to control the situation.

And you learn these life-saving combat techniques in just a few days. Of course, it takes time to master the art, and to do that, you need to practice it regularly. The best way to do this is to start training your family members and friends.

About Author John Black

John Black, the author declares that it is not his official name as he is still actively serving the U.S. armed force, is a genius of this combat art. With vast experience of working in most hostile combat zones of the world, he is well equipped with training and experience to share his learning.

The passion for writing a simple combat learning program to ensure easy learning comes from his own experience of fighting an intruder. He faced a situation where the ex-boyfriend of his girlfriend thrashed him badly.

With the sole focus of equipping common people with combat skills, John Black created a masterpiece of self-defense. Anybody from anywhere could learn simple but effective techniques to handle a real life-threatening situation realistically.

It took several years to develop the program to make it simple to learn. Thankfully, it serves the purpose efficiently. This is what thousands of people say about the program.

What Will You Learn From It?

Blitz Blast

This is one of the most effective skills you will learn in this program. This section takes you through the basics of the Blitz Blast technique and eventually makes you the master of the craft. It prepares you to surprise your enemy with the speed and accuracy of the first blast. Your opponent won’t get the time to recover from the shock, and the next will be the hijack to force the surrender.

Force Hijack

Here comes the hijack; it allows you to use the power of your opponent against them. This is called resource optimization in combat terms. In this section, you will learn how to use their power to gain them most effectively.

Center Line Strike

Frankly, this is the beginning of combat techniques, as this equips you with the instant remedy to knock your opponent. In this section of the program, you learn to eliminate your attacker without much pain quickly.

Surgical Strike

As the name suggests, your attacker won’t ever realize what is coming their way. This eye control tech helps you attack your opponent smoothly. Add little extra force and your attacker down to taste the dust.

Tipping Point Principle

This is a bit tricky and takes time to master, as this is a blend of attack and defense. The quickness in the switch from one mode to another makes your opponent helpless.

One and Done

This is a masterpiece of the combat manual, as this helps you eliminate your enemy quickly and swiftly.

1/3 Eye

Frankly, this technique requires ultimate dedication and focus along with very deep practice. But, once you have this technique, you are invincible. No one can defeat you in a real-world fight as you can fight with your consciousness.

Fitness Program

This whole program is full of tips to keep you fit and fine so that you could practice and master the combat craft smoothly.

Pros and Cons



  • It helps you gain the confidence to fight not to surrender.
  • You get equipped with requisite skills to combat effectively with minimal harm.
  • You can learn it from home and save hundreds of dollars you go and waste in some advanced training, which you never use.
  • It is amazingly simple to learn and practice.
  • You get a lifetime warranty.



  • Available online only.



The actual price of the program is $77, but you can get it with discount for $37 by clicking the button below. Also, it offers a lot of bonuses and money-back guarantee.

Final Verdict

When it comes to the safety of your loved ones, you cannot compromise. The Combat Fighter is designed to equip with all necessary techniques in the most simple way in the home environment. All you need is the start; the program is so engaging that you will move from one step to the next without even knowing that you are turning into a combatant. The cost cannot come in your way when it is about survival and lifetime wound. It is better to invest and learn the art of self-defense and make sure you are your loved ones remain safe. Happy combating in real life!

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