Cinderella Solution Review (2022) – Will It Help You Lose Weight?

cinderella solution review

Having a good body structure is the need of every individual. Everyone wants to look good, get appreciated for the physique or figure they have. Good body structure enables us to acquire much confidence and firm attitude. Getting a good physique is a tiresome process. Moreover, those who have eating disorders such as eating junk food or cravings for food are regular thinking, which every individual has.

In the case of women, it is very prominent, as because of eating disorders, they acquire needless weight in the form of fat. Moreover, one of the main reasons is also pregnancy, which makes them bulky. The increasing stress, eating habits, unusual schedule, and depression are the unusual cause which is the catalyst for weight gaining. The Cinderella Solution is a specific program that can be preferred by women who want to shed the extra weight gained due to any reason. The Cinderella Solution Review entails the whole story.

If you are finding it difficult to lose weight, then the specific program is most suitable. These programs or dietary solutions are time-oriented. One of the most prominent reasons for unwanted weight gain for women is eating habits. Generally, women are attracted more to food comparative to men. They are increased by their cravings. To change eating habits, an individual has to be disciplined enough. Factors also play a very decisive role in weight gain, especially for women. Every individual is the sole in-charge of their routine eating habits, what and how much to eat. If we resolve to change this habit, then big questions emerge. Why are we not able to follow the regime dedicatedly? Why our decision lacks perseverance?

Though we know that the diet-free solution which regulates you 24 hours/day in a fixed regimen, complying with the systems. This is an undeniable truth that there is lying a fat-burning terminator inside you, which can terminate the extra weight gained and also regulates the essential hormonal needs. This review relates to the working and the wholesome processes.

What is Cinderella Solution?

Everyone has this thinking to look good and appealing. And to attain that physical appearance matters a lot. For women, it is at the above level, as they are more attracted to appearance.

The Cinderella Solution is a scheduled plan that acts as a stepping stone for weight loss from the initial and specific exercises. These exercises are mostly muscle centric, which specifically targets the parts or areas where women want to lose weight or get rid of extra fats. Moreover, it gives special attention to the fat accumulation in the belly, the hips, and almost covers the whole lower body. As per the creator of the program, Carly Donovan, the weight gained by women is more related to the specific hormones, which are at the peak and has a firm attendance in the body in their prime ages. But as they get older, these hormones effects are less on the body of women, and eating disorder results in extra weight gain. This is the basic reason for not gaining weight at the prime ages, but subsequently prone to extra fat in older ages.

Carly Donovan is a specialist in weight loss, residing in Ontario, Canada. She gives regular guidance to those who are suffering from this weight loss problem. Almost for 10 years, she is in this field. Moreover, she had also been on the same stage of acquiring extra weight, and she prepared her strategy to cure that. After the success of her strategy, she made it public, and it helped quite a substantial amount of women who needed some specific ways to shed weight.

After struggling for so many years, with the unproductive exercises and a diet schedule present, she decided to research extensively for the need for a woman’s body. She continuously gets along with a credible solution, which helps to lose weight. After some tests and research, she got success in losing her extra weight, which provides her with the confidence to reveal the procedure for other women.

Approximately almost 50 women have taken advantage of this schedule. The women who are much older or attained the age 50yrs, on them also it has worked successfully to shed some extra fat quickly.

This program is a short period routine-based program that works in two stages, which are the ignite phase, and the other one is the initial phase. Ignite stage constitutes the first 14 days. In these 14 days, 3 meals are being routine for the user. The food which is scheduled in the ignite stage is described by the author of the program. These meals should be taken with dedication and at that specific period, which is mentioned by the author. These foods stimulate your natural hormones and help to lose weight.

The initial stage, which is also the final stage of the program constitutes 4meals/day. These meals are scheduled by the author. Here the author represents Carly Donovan. She reduced her weight by scheduling her meals according to this process only. Several special foods are also have been comprised in this meal schedule. A user can include apple and chocolate, mint, and green tea as a combination. Though this schedule is preferable for women over 30 years who want to lose weight by regulating the metabolic activities with the generation of desired hormones, helping to shed extra kilos.

Main Features

The review mainly constitutes the advantages of the solution as the flavor pairing ritual, which has been popular in the past. It is much easier and ready to go. Additionally, these pairings have their proofs. The following are the main features of this program, which also backed by the proofs.

  • It is 100% biologically backed to work, and in addition to that, it works for women between ages 20 to 65 years old.
  • It is 100% proven safe.
  • It will enable you to lose weight 6 times faster than by using diet food. Counting the calorie intake and burning is not necessary for this.
  • Feel and look-alike a 20-year old by fulfilling your craving, acquiring the comfort food you want.
  • Faster burning of fat in the trouble areas of females. It will happen right from the start.
  • By consuming carbs, you are strengthening the probability of living longer while shedding extra weights. Carbs strengthen your heart. Live 22% longer by stacking carbohydrates in a way that strengthens your heart while you lose the weight.
  • It’s free you from the procrastination of not having the desired food as the diet-food compels you to restrict the food intake you crave for.
  • The approach to drinking wine and simultaneously losing weight also is the added advantage of the program.

Some of the flavor pairing techniques which acts as a reliever of craving are given below:

Chocolate pairing ritual

Instead of getting into the stress of taking extra calories by consuming chocolate, if simple chocolate paired with specific food can reset the weight loss hormones enabling the fat to burn substantially. This can be adapted by the demographics and geographical pattern, also, as every woman can freely adapt to this schedule.

Carb pairing ritual

The country or region where women prefer to eat rich carb and starchy food such as japan and china this flavor pairing ritual can be acknowledged. The researchers have also proved it with backing.

Wine pairing ritual

The Spanish ritual of adjusting wine in their diet helps a lot. On a large scale, it regulated the possibility of strokes in North America massively. Generally, western people prefer wine regularly, so pairing it with wine is a good way to generate interest in the procedure.

Spice pairing ritual

This is one of the most important pairings, as a spice can be found in anyone’s kitchen. This makes it typically oriented for normalized pairing, and there is an easy to adapt.

These flavor pairings are the main processes by which the Cinderella Solution formulates their solution. The information is being cumulated in this review. It provides a cyclic advantage. As the taste buds always crave for products mentioned above and to consume them with a bit of advancement is an intelligent approach. It also provides a two-way advantage; one is to fulfill your cravings and the other one by regulating the hormonal balance for weight loss.

Pros and Cons



  • In the beginning, only it will enable your body to exempt you off from your extra weight. With the pairing of the two foods can cheat the insulin to use carbs for energy in the place of storing fat.
  • One of the clichés which are named as ‘diet-foods’ specified by the trainers and dietician to make a hole in your pocket rather than hunting the extra weight. There will be no need for diet food at all for losing weight. As per the doctors, so-called diet-foods are also the main reason for women to gain weight, and then the repercussions of that are very critical.
  • The vibrant skin which you had in your prime or childhood can be retrieved by the usage of The Cinderella Solution from the first week only. Additionally, you will feel rejuvenating and younger, as well.
  • The female has specific areas where carbs can do a lot of harm. With the immediate access, this will get a hold on that problem also, which is quite embarrassing for women. The taste-buds have also been fulfilled by cravings.



  • It is available online only. Though this not a problem for the present as all the good and vivid things are listed on the internet.
  • Only women concentric solution. The Cinderella Program is only for the women, which are a bit deprived, as the problem of obesity is covering its ground as an epidemic.



The price of the program is also nominal. It is $27 (with our voucher). It does not make much of a financial change. And also with the regular cash cutting and offers it costs very low. If this type of legible product will be available for this minimal price, then you should not wait further.

The purchase also consists of some additional goodies, such as an accelerator pack of The Cinderella Solution.


This is a women-oriented product and also hunts down, then there is a major problem of weight gain. This solution is an innovative way to address a massive problem by using traditional and historical approaches. Without giving any problems and providing a solution while taking the desired food is commendable. Moreover, the success stories of different women compel to use this product solution. It takes minimal time to transform. The changes are also visible from the first three weeks, which is quite generous. In these cases, the users want to feel the change as soon as possible. The approach to tap the untapped market with an innovative approach by giving realistic examples and denoting that by compelling usage is one of its kind.

The services provided are unique as well as it does not promise a hefty mountain of transformation. The price of the solution is also nominal, which can be an added benefit. Regular supervision is also a basic and excellent approach. The additional advantage is this t after sales; they choose to give specific slots to every individual ticket personally, maybe it can take a bit longer to respond. The services provided are one to one, in case of any questions or query, it will be resolved precisely.

Carly Donovan herself used this solution to shed off her additional weight gain, which makes it legitimate, and it attaches the emotion. The ways by which this solution has been formulated are also credible. They have historical as well as a demographical proof, which makes this a good product to use. The single-gender approach is also preferable as the women are mostly affected by the ever-increasing problem of weight gain.

As per this Cinderella Solution Review, ultimately, the program is worth giving a try.

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