Children Learning Reading Review (2022) – Does It REALLY Work?

children learning reading review

A parent of a 3-year old knows the hardships and concern of making their kids understand anything needs a lot of effort. The approach by which a 2-3-year-old grasps the environment actions around them is very important. As they see and understand a thing, they adapt to a stimulus of specific actions or thinking. It is said that a child’s mind is a whole lot of universe. It observes everything and is receptive to every aspect. The Children Learning Reading Review is a review of the program which sheds off all the stress of parents of their kid’s growth,

Making them understand the good things, gives good results. One of the most important things or aspects is reading. At the age of 2-3 to 7 children get a keen nature towards reading. Reading helps them to nurture their cognitive skills. The Children Learning Program review enables you to know that this program is a great tool that makes them learn without any force.

It is proved that children have the shortest attention span towards anything. It is very bad if you are making them reading or regular work. It will only make their mind to take this habit as negative. It will make them think of it as boring. For executing it in a better way the Program uses a very simple approach. It is full of fun and interesting methods. Though those are short but still very efficient. Each lesson has a span of 3 to 5 mins. They engage kids more.

This program is structured in a way used by various audiences. Whether they are toddlers or children of different ages. It also caters to adult kids. It enables every age group, people, to get a grasp of this reading habit which provides growth. As it is important to sow the seed of reading at an early age. These early readers are more prevalent to be lifelong readers and learners. Making your child get into the habit of reading makes them one step advance than their peers. Due to this habit, they excel in their studies when they enter formal school. Consider this habit as a valuable gift, which you are providing your child with. This will benefit them in long terms.

What is the program?

parent reading to children

The Children Learning Reading is an extensive awareness oriented program. It gives importance to learning through understanding the sounds, which are also known as phonics. It teaches children of vivid ages to read. It makes their reading skills fluent in a short period. It provides a whole lot of imagination tactics for kids, which makes them find reading more fun.

The lessons which constitute are simple. It is represented by attached stories, pictures and poems to make all the things interesting for your child. The program makes up files, common words, rhymes, stories and audios of interesting stuff which appeals to children. It gives total fun and joy to your kids. Moreover, this program is dependent upon proven methods which offer various advantage. It enables them to blossom in a creative way. It makes them more tilted towards reading. It is the core of gaining knowledge at any moment. It will make them get massive attachment towards reading. It enables them to be proficient readers.

This program has been successful, as the parents who are using them reported that this program is quite easy and powerful. It is the core reason for using a simplistic approach by the author for making this program. Some of the parents are quite impressed by this program as it has also generated a liking for reading in their young kids.

The core structure of the program

This program is a layered course that consists of a combination of simple methods. These gradual methods that enable the children of various ages to read with ease within a short period. One of the added advantages is that it keeps them engaged ad joyful throughout the learning procedure.

This program uses the proven technique which uses phonics and phoneme. To make it clear phoneme is the learning way through understanding different sound effects. Though these phoneme and phonics are complicated words which consist of simple meaning. In a nutshell, this program combines all the complex things and makes a simple thing which is quite likable for kids.

Though it is necessary to get a grasp of phonics and phoneme. Let’s discuss them in brief.

Phonics is a technique of making the beginners read and pronounce words. It makes them do so, by giving them a grasp of the phonetic value of letters ad syllable.

Working method

After knowing about this much you are getting a nerve for further understanding. Understanding how this program works and how does it breaks the barrier minimal knowledge.

Foremost is the singular point approach of this program. It uses a systematic yet slow approach towards building their skills. It provides ample time for your child to master all the levels.

This program executed in two efficient steps. These steps are interlinked with each other. It is prescribed that you should start with step 1 always. Switching to different lessons can cause hassles in learning.

Step 1: this the first stage towards the success of this program. This stage consists of 28 lessons as a whole. This section focuses on introducing the pre-level phonetics to the child. This stage enables them to decode any specific word ad blending all the small parts. It makes them read.

Step 2: This stage consists of 22 lessons which make them learn the usage of these skills. It helps them to further improve their reading capacity. They start to read complex and hard stories which makes them understand longer and difficult words.

This program requires short spanned sessions. 10-15 minutes is more than enough for a child. These small but attentive lessons enable the child to progress in learning without being exhausted. As children who are I the 2-3 yrs. age group consists of short attention spans, which makes them less attentive towards any specific thing for a longer period.

About the Author – Jim Yang

jim yang

This program is created by a man who is a father and a reading teacher named Jim Yang. He has done extensive research on the development of children. The findings are that the first seven years of a child’s life are very important. In this time the largest health development and brain growth take place. These findings helped him to make a product that helps the children as well as their parents.

This program is for those parents who are always concerned about their children’s growth and learning. This is a great enabler because making a child read is hard. The most important thing to understand here is, reading skill is not a stepping stone. It is a foundation on which your kid’s future is going to be laid. This program provides the most efficient way to teach your children to read. It takes a minimal time of 15minutes per day. With the help of this program, your child will read with fluency. It also increases the pace of reading. This program provides you with effective methods that are proven.

What should parents expect from this program?

There are some of the hidden facts about the learning process which is going to be revealed in the Children Learning Reading program.

First is the guidance of the program in which it teaches your children with the usage of synthetic phonetics. The phonetics awareness skillset also helps in doing so. One of the complicated chores, making them familiar to words ad sentences is also taken care of. This enables them to spell the words and understand the things which they read. This program acts as a guiding factor for parents through which they can teach their loved ones to read. This makes the parents use those methods by which they can grab their child’s focus and attention. This will attract toddlers to learn new things. The most prevalent matter of fact that it doesn’t force the children. All these things are super comfortable in approach.

Also, it doesn’t need an elaborative time of your busy schedule. You have to be around them for 3 to 5 minutes. This program is very simple for both parents and children.

Last but not least, this program doesn’t apply old methods. As such in past parents used to make their toddlers sit in front of the TV for long hours so they understand words and sentences. Also, this is not a computer-oriented program. This program uses a unique yet simple approach which makes your children knowing the words. They also understand those words well. Children will learn from crude and real experience. This is the best way to make any child experience things and learn.

It will provide them with great reading and literacy skills to develop them as a knowledgeable human being. The core facilities, techniques ad methods provided by this program make this investment credible.


  • The program utilizes Phonemic Awareness, which instructs children to control phonemes so on sound out words and getting a grasp of written texts. This is the best method to show small kids to read. Many studies have indicated that this technique creates familiar and intelligent readers.
  • This program is popular for being simple and efficient. The teaching methods are quite good. The lessons make your child to be engaged in the reading, making them a lively and habitual reader.
  • The lessons are quite funny and filled with those things which appeal to children. They found this interesting due to the combination of pictures, rhymes, and stories. As we all know stories are a good method to grab anyone’s attention, whether they are small or adult.
  • This program is effective because of the absence of language approach, in place of that it provides a visual treat for children. It creates a strong base for the children to get an understanding of the printed text so that they can also understand ad speak any word they come across.
  • The important thing is the Children Learning Reading program comes in a digital format. This program comes with a massive pile of media files. It includes MP3 files, text materials that are available for download. This helps in a good way that you don’t need to wait for the product. You have to pay and get started. You can get started anytime you want to.
  • The maker of this program has also no worries about the expense due to being in a digital format. It doesn’t need a hefty sum of amount for shipping and handling. There are also no overhead expenses. Due to its low price, it fulfills all the criteria of a buyer. Moreover, the help provided by the team and by Jim Yang is commendable. He even replies to the specific email you send with your respective concern.
  • This program can be downloaded and used in any device. Whether you own a PC, laptop or smartphone, it will be accessible from anything. It is also good as you can carry this with yourself.
  • One of the major features includes the shed off uneasiness of the toddler as some of the toddlers are tend to be in their zone. This program acts as an icebreaker for them. After that only they are ready to explore more.

Pros and Cons



  • It provides an alternative for those young parents who are frightened or don’t like to read a book. The author provides each and everything in the curriculum. It provides a layered approach that provides audio clips to improve pronunciation.
  • Those parents whose child do not love to read, they also get a great advantage by using this program. The lessons in this program attract the mind of toddlers due to the concise and short stories. These lessons are tested and tried. As the program inventor was a reading teacher, he used this technique on different children.
  • This is one of the best investments for all those parents who want to invest. This program is a real deal. Other educational or language program charges a hefty amount. With all those more things, it’s the best deal for a parent. This is providing you with much data. Anyhow, most of the competitors provide minimal resources and charges with a hefty amount.
  • Using the procedures which the reading practice incorporates, your kid doesn’t need to depend on his/her memory to recall words. So it’s simpler and more fun which makes the motivation for the kid to proceed onward to the following exercise.
  • The exercises in this program are so fun and simple that your children will figure out how to use phonetics without acknowledging it. Before the finishing of the course, not your youngster has the option to read various letters, words, and sentences. You will see your kid’s vocabulary getting greater, and their elocution getting all clear and exact.
  • One of the most root level purpose of this program is that it gives you an uncomplicated way to deal with showing your child an imperative fundamental ability. It isn’t forceful in any way. It is efficient and it develops, giving children enough opportunity to ace each level. They will get familiar with the use of phonemes and afterward phonics.
  • Marketers of reading programs guarantee early reading will empower your youngster to read grade-level books before school. For guardians who are predictable with a program, it is workable for children to figure out how to perceive words.
  • The ultimate result of reading programs guarantees youngsters who go into school reading will have a decisive advantage over school accomplishment and can use their time all the more, find out more and remain ahead.
  • As per clients of the program, guardians have seen their youngsters do reading familiarity with a couple of moments of pursuing every day. The input and review of the clients who are using this are quite commendable. The innovative approach is quite good which makes parents grasp more.



  • Many of the reading programs for babies include time before the TV. The experts prescribe no TV before two for youngsters and from that point forward, the smallest time. Most youngsters have invested an excessive amount of energy sitting before a screen when they go to class, so the main concern is to be on approaches to bring down that time, as opposed to programs that advance it.
  • Every parent needs their kid to exceed expectations, but, the threat of early reading projects is that the kid could get the parent’s nervousness about the kid’s presentation. Since most correspondence is nonverbal, the parent may attempt to be quiet and fun-loving. Though it shows their nervousness to their infant, setting up a relationship of reading and uneasiness.

Who should buy it?

parent and children reading

This course has been planned in light of 2 to multi-year olds. Yet, all things considered, anybody more established than 6 years old will profit by this program too. On the off chance that your kid has understanding troubles, or is behind in their understanding levels, this course will help. By utilizing the exercises in this course to build up your youngster’s phonemic mindfulness. They will have the option to take a grasp of any word and express it so anyone can hear.

This program can be utilized by babies, preschoolers, kindergartners, primary younger students, or any little youngster. Jim Yang, the maker of this program, enabled his four toddlers to learn from this program.

Kids getting the knowledge of the reading program is offered as a result of its constructive outcomes as well as the significance of understanding itself. In light of the examination, reading can make kids more attentive and have a par level of understanding. By understanding great, the youngsters will have a superior vocabulary in their 3 years of age.

The long-term effect is that the wide vocabulary they get in the main evaluation decides their academics in their eleventh grade. Indeed, their reading expertise has a significant job in their secondary school level.

Price and Program Content

There are two variants of this course accessible for you to buy the Standard package and the premium package. The two packages consist of 2 fundamental digital books comprising of the exercises and activities that are required to show the youngster how to read. The contrast between the packages are described.

The Standard Package comes with a nominal price tag of $69. It has many structured lessons that make the parents get a keen understanding. The knowledge and techniques provide by this package are also sustainable. It can help you to get all the right ways to make your kid read. Some of the rhymes are way good which provides joy to the children. They feel more attached to the world of rhymes and stories.

Standard Package consists of:

  • Stage 1 Step-By-Step Lessons
  • Stage 2 Step-By-Step Lessons (More advanced)
  • Stage 1 Lesson Stories
  • Stage 2 Lesson Stories (More advanced)
  • Letter Sound and MP3 Audio Clips
  • The Most Common Sight Words
  • Children’s Favorite Nursery Rhymes
  • Children Learning Numbers & Math Workbook
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Free One-on-One counseling for 12 weeks

The Premium Package comes with a price tag of $89. It comes with all the materials of standard package and also some specific approach. Those are described below:

  • Children Lesson Videos and Workshop

A lot of DVD recordings show the adventure of the course proprietors. The maker and his wife journey for a time of twelve weeks as they use the strategies displayed in this course to show their 2.5-year-old little child how to read and communicate in English.

  • Children Learning Reading Video Edition

This is a set of video that makes the understanding of toddlers more clear. The interactive nature of the video makes it preferable. It comes with a detailed description ad also highlights the important instructions. It makes the process of teaching your child to read with confidence.

  • Pre-Set Printouts for Stage 2 Lessons

This is the advanced stage, which contains 22 lessons. The author has put all the lessons in place which saves time. For saving some more time you can click to print in a go.

  • Stage 2 Rhymes

Visual representation of anything appeals a lot. And in the case of kids, it is a unique thing that provides them creative as well as imaginative power. In this section, everything is given in full-colour which is quite good.

Moreover, this program cost is minimal, other language programs charge 100s of dollars for one page. Also, the quality and credibility of those programs are questionable.

The Premium Package is of high popularity and advantage as it provides more materials also. This material enables to understand the process of making a child read easy. It consists of all the methods and techniques which make it easy to use it. The maker of this program is so confident and sure about this program to work, he has given a 60-Day No Questions Asked, 100% Full Refund Guarantee.


The motivation behind why encouraging your kids to read is so significant. It is for sure that it is such a fundamental ability that will profit them from many points of view for a mind-blowing duration. The Children Learning Reading system will assist you with achieving that inside only 12 weeks. Likewise, this program comes with a 60-day unconditional promise so there’s no hazard here. This purchases this program stress-free. If you feel, it is not working return it without any hesitation. This will enable you to keep a single agenda to make your child read playfully.

Get your copy of this program now and sail onto the ocean of an adventurous journey.

We hope our Children Learning Reading Review is helpful to you!

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