Brain Training for Dogs Review (2022) – Best Dog Training in a Book?

brain training for dogs review

Giving basic training to any pet you own is mandatory. The dog is the most popular needs better training. It is one of the massive responsibilities, dog owners have. Without providing proper training, you are just harming the dog, other people, and their property as well. Though always, it is not simple and often causes haste. The Brain Training For Dogs will make you understand the value of training for your pet. It is because your dog behaves as usual and sober in training. But often, the behavior becomes unpredictable in delicate situations such as with children, other dogs, or in a vehicle.

For a long time, the discovery of various methods makes the dogs learn and train precisely. Of the most important concern in training your dogs is to use less force and achieving obedience without any fear. It has some specific benefits, and it enables a fun activity for both dog and owners. Moreover, you don’t have to exude power and commands for making your dog follow your commands.

Brain training is a program and book based technique that enables you to give your dog training with soft skills. In this Brain Training For Dogs Review, you are going to know about all the related questions to the program. This will help you to grasp the basic regime, which shows the methods and techniques for dog training.

This program is for those who are true pet lovers. This will provide an immense increase in the bonding between owner and dog. As in some of the places or with some individuals, they want to give the training to their dogs by certified professionals. This program will enable them to be just like those professionals. Moreover, the increase in the bond is ample for avid pet lovers.

What is the program?

Brain training is an eBook and also an online training program that works for enhancing the dog’s brain by increasing focus and capability to get acquainted with the commands. It is an outcome of the idea that dogs are not disobedient, but sometimes they get distracted, which makes them unfollow the command.

If you are opting for this program and sign up, then you will get the main book in PDF format, the bonus book, and also the membership of the website. Due to this membership, you can find all the videos about training.​​ The first thing you get in the book is the introduction to force-free training methods. This is the core principle for all the techniques and exercises. By comparing your previous method of training, you will get astonished at yourself.
The theory is followed by practical exercises. In total, there are 21 vivid brain training games for teaching your dog. These games are super easy. Each of these is described. Video lessons are also attached to each of the practical exercises.

Structure of this program

The overall format of this program is quite innovative and gives attention to force-free training. The sequential order of this program is critical; all the games and theory are described. The lessons which you get in the college module are hard to understand if you have not been through with the previous modules. The organized format of the program is and enables us to understand the whole program. This enables the user to get from any place where he/she left off. The structure pattern of this program is quite a simple slide. You have to try for sliding. It enables a good and effective benefit. You will never get depressed with the layered manner of instructions though it is very critical to get a hold of successive modules, as without understanding the previous one, you will not be able to understand the current one.

Perks of the structured program

  • The program default consists of forwarding and back buttons on the bottom of the pages. The set of instruction for the item which you will need is also given in top. This comes very handy and makes the whole scenario stress free.
  • The small details and writing pattern is excellent. The font is large. All the instructions are equipped with a lot of diagrams and pictures, which makes it easy to understand. The highlighted important tips are catchy. There are additional details in the form of tips are given at the end of the lesson. The glossary is also easy to understand.
  • The ease in usage is of another level. If you are not having that much time, then also you can get a hold of this program. You need some hours of your busy schedule. The simple language and pictorial representation will help you a lot.
  • The most vital advantage of the structured manner of instruction is you get to understand a lot more of the professional trainer who is the author of this program.

USP of this program

In comparison to other dog training programs, there are some of the major perks of this program. Some of them are analyzed in detail below:

  • This program helps to engage your dog on a metal level and also increases the intellect. With the use of simulation through this problem, the mental barriers can be broken.
  • This program addresses the accurate root cause of your dog’s problem behavior. It doesn’t give you vague techniques to stop them from doing that anonymous behavior, which includes chewing or barking. With this program, you can achieve longevity in their changed behavior. In another term, we can say that it addresses the root cause of the problem.
  • This program uses up to the dating force and legit techniques with a soft and subtle touch. The methods are quite force-free and gentle. It is based upon the science of engagement between you and your dog, which creates positive emotions. These methods give a new touch to the behavior of the dog. Moreover, these methods depend upon the gentle approach towards the dog.
  • Some of the training programs are made by an unprofessional individual who knows nothing about the dogs. They didn’t have any certifications or knowledge about the pets. This program uses the right techniques which restrict the violent behavior of the dog. Avoiding the advice of that professional who doesn’t have any certifications is mandatory.

The Core Idea

The core idea of this program is solely dependent on the science of correcting bad behavior. The idea of neuroplasticity in the human brain enables the core working of this program. This science of behavior is widely accepted and researched in various universities. It says that our brains are like soft plastic, which can always be molded and given the desired shape, which is made up of correct behavior. The dog’s brain is also similar. With the help of training and simulation, you can make your dog’s brain receptive to good behavior. By this, your dog will listen to you and make him understand in a good manner. The dog will listen to your commands and act appropriately. These techniques will restrict your dog’s bad behavior, and in place of that, the desirable and right ones will appear in that place.

About the Author – Adrienne Farricelli

adrienne farricelli

The author of this program is Adrienne Farricelli, who has an impressive set of qualifications. She studied dog training in Italy and also has a certification of CPDT-KA trainer in the USA. CPDT-KA stands for the certified pet dog trainer knowledge assessed. This council provides credentials for certified dog trainers.

To get this credential, one has to go through vigorous training and study, which includes stringent requirements. The smallest number of hour training dogs, multi-hour national exams, and also a reference from a vet is needed for this credential.

The author has almost worked for 10 years with dogs. She is a certified dog trainer and behavior consultant. She also works with and for those dogs who work as a service dog. It says that the author has immense credibility in this universe of dog training. The dual certification of her gives an edge over others. She has certifications from the Italian Association for Dog Trainers and Canine Consultants. She is also a certified CPDT-KA in the US. This certification also needs extra hours of training.

Some of the top graded works of the author are published online in the USA today, daily puppy, and nest pets, paw nation, and e-how. She is also the author of some notable magazines such as every dog magazine and the APDT Chronicle of the dog.


The basic features of this program are divided into modules. Each module has its course structure and set of instructions. These modules are defined as the set of neural qualities by which you can make your dog perform some of the games and actions.

Module 1 – Preschool

This is the ground for the entire training program. Here your pooch will figure out how to take advantage of his simple understanding. Step by step instructions to ‘Target Train’ you’re canine, so he/she keeps their consideration on you. The ‘enchantment little approach’ to get your pooch to investigate your eyes, so the training is solid as concrete for super compliance. This is like the Montessori of the program. In this, you start with the basics. Get yourself ready to give your pet a new set of games. He is going to like it.

A basic ‘plane game’ to get your canine investigating your eyes and focusing on you as the wellspring of happiness and joy.

Module 2 – Elementary School

Since your canine has aced basic preparing, it’s an ideal opportunity to improve his abilities and utilize his faculties to finish your directions. The ‘treasure hunt game’ that recovers your pooch to his developmental roots and relieves the ‘weariness’ that causes a large number of issues. ‘The muffin game’ to keep your dog animated and out of the issue. ‘The ball pit game’ to decrease your canine’s excessive activeness. It makes him simpler to work with or without having any decrease in fun and happiness. This is the first step towards credible information and instructions. You will get a detailed set of techniques. Moreover, the treasure hunt game is the main thing in this. The dog will play and without any haste.

Module 3 – High School

In this module, your dog will find out about tolerance and drive control with the accompanying games. The games, ‘jazz up and settle down’, will figure out how to settle your Dog down in the wake of being advertised up with the action for some time. The bottle game will help give mental incitement besides a modest quantity of activity, so they carry on better for you. Weaving for treats will give your dog the drive and reward he needs to carry on well while helping to remove the fear of water. This enables him to learn more. This module is the binding factor for the emotions of your dog. It will also help you to understand the behavior pattern of your canine.

Module 4 – College

This module will build up your canine’s stimuli and his capacity to focus on your directions. The shell game to build up his psychological activeness. The open sesame game to create a calm attitude and coolness in spite of an open entryway. The magic carpet game to grow more tolerance and skill. This is a detailed module that deals with complex emotions. This may cause some problems for the dog, but it will provide a good result. You have to be patient and composed.

Module 5 – University

This module will build up your canine’s knowledge and calmness. You’ll likewise be concentrating on helping him with his motivation control to improve as a well-behaved canine. The find the unique game to make a solid bond among you and your dog and helps hounds who experience difficulty being separated from everyone else. This game enables one to stop dogs yelping at different mutts or individuals from the window. The hot and cold game helps your dog’s capacity to learn and increase his confidence. This module deals with the calmness of the canine. The test of patience is quite good. This will also give you a keen understanding of the behavior of your dog. You can pursue all your techniques after that. Don’t be too harsh on them as this also a learning phase for them. At last, it will only help you to grab the bonding between you and your dog.

Module 6 – Graduation

Here your canine will create propelled level engine aptitudes and insight to follow your directions and propelled leg-weaving abilities to dazzle your companions. The Serpentines and spirals game enable your canine to stay close by and pursue your developments – regardless of how whimsical he is. The name acknowledgment game where you’re canine will figure out how to choose toys by their name, to support his intellectual capacity. This is one of the final steps of the training. The different games will enable you to have a good time with your companion. It will also help them to understand their owner’s ability to take care of them. Being gentle and kind is the key. Keep going forward with this program, and you will find a different relationship.

Module 7 – Einstein

Your pet is at ‘genius level’ after all those nodules. Why not intrigue your companions with your pooch’s capacity to stack rings, clean his toys, and even play the piano? The cleanup game so your canine can clean up after he is done playing, a great and helpful activity. The ring stackers game to create aptitude and tolerance. Play the piano game – believe it or not. Your canine will play the piano in your directions. This is the pro level of the training. You can brag about your pet to your friends. They will also feel privileged by seeing the activities of your dog. This will provide you with immense pride.

These modules’ wise segregation of the different techniques is quite useful and easy to grasp. This provides an optimal level of understanding for the owner. The dog also gets happy and active with these sets of games, as these will help them in many ways.

Apart from these modules, you get top of the level dog training science and techniques. These are force-free only. These contain proper instructions with pictures. There are also specific troubleshooting guides for some ultra-difficult dogs. This also contains video brain training games examples. A massive archive is given almost for every breed of dog.

You are getting proper advice from a certified trainer who has several years of experience. The root cause hunting down of the problem makes it special. This also has additional doubt clearing sessions in which you can ask the care system for any difficulties. You will also be equipped with an opportunity of getting into discussion forums of likewise dog owners and enthusiasts. You also get a membership for the information present on the internet.

Pros and Cons



  • The training methods and techniques are force-free and scientific. Kindness is the main virtue.
  • The one of a kind connection between behavior and games, which boosts the connections are most likely to increase your bond.
  • The author is certified, and her quality education of training provides better support.
  • Due to the author’s keen knowledge, she knows all about canines.
  • The information provided are simple and easy to use. It increases the chance of understanding the behavior pattern of your dog.
  • This program becomes more fun and challenging as you go through.
  • Bonding and trust are the main virtue of this program.
  • It provides a good sense of understanding to the owner also.
  • The kindness factor is quite simple, and owners who get frustrated can get a hold of their canine.
  • It increases the credibility and the faith of dogs in the owners as they use this harmless technique to teach them.



  • The program videos which provide instructions should have better sound quality. There are some video and audio glitches which makes it inaudible.
  • There should be a membership forum where the owners can find out all the videos in a single place.
  • There should be a prior inquiry about the problems an owner faces. A lot of difficulties occur due to shortage of time. The specific problem solver will be of good use as it will solve those specific problems.

Who should buy it?

a dog on a walk

This question is of very much importance. Sometimes after seeing and getting to know about the program cannot be of such usage. In this part of the review, we will give a detailed analysis of who should opt for this program. This program is one of its type which contains all-around information about dog training. Moreover, the input of the author is of great usage. Let’s dive into the answer to this vital question, which will make your choice of opting for this program clear enough.

Those owners who are struggling with habits of their dogs which are potty training, dealing with aggression. Also, activities like jumping, digging, whining, chewing, excessive barking, impulse control, hyperactivity, and ignoring your directions can opt for this program. These problems are common but can be a matter of stress for the owners.

The detailed problem is if your dog is not listening to your commands or you need to train your new puppy, then you need this program. If your dog barks or always pulling up the leash, then there is a foremost use of this program. If your canine becomes aggressive without any concern or chews things which he shouldn’t, then also you need this program.

Another such causes are when your dog is digging all the time or starts jumping up, or you are helpless to control your dog, then this program will help you. Do not panic or get a thought of giving up; here is a program that is worth all this. It will help in getting a hold of these problems. After which you will feel privileged to get a dog like yours. Even you will be able to get praise.

These are some of the detailed analysis of those who need this program:

  • Those who want a force-free, easy to understand approach. The troubleshooting guides, structured guide, pictorial demonstrations to train the dog. They can opt for this dog training program. This will help to diminish the bad behavior of your canine. It also increases the emotional intelligence of your dog. Everyone wants a pet that is well behaved. This is provided by this program. Those who want to be a proud owner of a good dog they should get this program without any thought.
  • The owners who need regular support from a professional trainer, they should get this. The author of this program is a well-established trainer of dogs. Such an experience will help you a lot to get your dog on the right path with kindness.
  • The individuals who need a specific covering pretty much every canine conduct issue you could think. With customized answers for conduct issues that handle the underlying driver. All made by a guaranteed proficient professional with a long set of understanding.
  • If you need to gain access to a private gathering where you can talk about dog conduct, preparing, and everything “hound” with other invested proprietors.
  • The individuals who need an easy to-pursue process. Ask any fruitful canine mentor, and they will disclose to you that effortlessness is the way to preparing a respectful pooch. This framework is so natural to pursue; it lets you know all that you have to do to make any pooch respectful with no social issues.
  • The individuals who need surety of making their mutts polite and prepared, they can decide on this arrangement of methods. The creator has prepared various mutts effectively with this equivalent equation.
  • On the off chance that any of the customers need the genuine main driver behind every issue they are managing, such as biting or woofing or forceful conduct to different mutts and get a particular answer for every issue. The inclusive arrangements’ of most canine preparing programs don’t work since they neglect to regard your dog as a person.
  • Those who are working and unable to spend a long time with their pets can also opt for this program. The unavailability of the owners can make their pets very aggressive. With the help of this training, they also can change that behavior.


The actual price of the program is $97, but with a massive discount, you can get it for 47$ with all the upgrades and bonuses by clicking the button below. This is a good offer for those who want to invest less and get more. This powerful training is one of its kind. The value for money is very high for this program. The author’s team is thinking of making it a monthly subscription due to its high popularity. It is a steal deal. The information this program provides is ample for training the dogs.

The understanding of the value of this program can be analyzed by descriptive detail. If you hire a trainer for your dog training, they will somehow charge 350$ per hour. Some clients even pay for the full-day training session, which charges around 3300$.

So, at last, it is the vital question of how much you should pay for a formula like this, which increases the good behavior of your pet. It is very helpful to get a good training program for any enthusiast.

With this price tag, you are turning the bad behavior of your dog into a good one. It also generated the natural intelligence of your pet. This is just costing you a fortune. Get yourself equipped with this training program. The amazing bonus material is also with this price tag.

Also, the program offers 60 days money-back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with the results, you can take your money back.


This is one of its very effective kind programs. It is also good in the aspects of pricing. It doesn’t come with a price of hundreds of dollars. It costs a mere amount to understand your pet and developed by a professional in this field. You get a massive pack of products, which makes this a good product for the pet lover.

It helps in many ways by increasing the bond between owners and their food. The increase in the thinking abilities of the dog is also an added advantage. The author can be heard saying about the different problems which persist for the owner. This program is for them who want to make a difference in owning a pet and taking care of them. The ownership of any pet comes with a great bond and affection. This is the core nature of humans; they get attached to the things which they care for.

This review is for those enthusiasts and dog lovers who invest a fortune in their pets. It is beneficial as it provides all those without investing that much money. This is a good way to bind yourself with your most important companion. This is in the case of those pet lovers who give much importance to their pets. With this review, it is quite sure that this program has unlimited ability to cater to your pet training. Now it’s your turn to make yourself a proud owner of your loving dog.

This program is a great substitute for those small towns or remote locations where professional trainers are not present. With the help of the Brain Training For Dogs, you can give yourself an understanding of intelligence about your dog.

We hope that our Brain Training For Dogs Review is helpful to you!

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