Bikini Body Workouts Review (2022) – Bikini Body In Just 60 Days?

bikini body workouts review

Our body is something that always makes us insecure if it doesn’t look good. The different advertisements and movies display that our bodies should have a stereotypical appearance. It may seem rash, but at times we do think that having a slim and trim body will help us to be healthy. Generally, people find it hard to think that they will need to work out regularly and eat differently. We thought of bringing a Bikini Body Workouts Review, which will help you to know if you want to avail of the product or not. So, let us begin with the review of the program, which has been an interest for many people who want to lose their weight.

What is the program?

By the very name of the program, you can understand that it is meant to slim down one’s body, and it is specially made for women. Girls often want to cut down their bodies in a certain way, which will make them look good in a bikini. The program promises to help them to gain the confidence that they need to have before adorning a bikini. The program promises to give you a bikini body in just 60 days or 2 months. The simplicity of the program attracts all women to it. The coach promises that they will be able to follow the program amidst their work and while they are tackling the kids.

The program is meant to make the women lose weight by following a program that breaks most of the rules that are followed by most of the programs that are found in the market. It encourages the person to be healthy and starts a path for them, which are easy and affordable. Rather than making the woman appear sexy, the program also promises to make them strong. The coach also makes sure that the woman feels confident when they wear any clothes.

About the Author – Jen Ferruggia

jen ferruggia

Jen Ferruggia is the author of the Bikini Body Workouts program. She is already widely known as a strong woman with an amazing body. People will be thrilled to know that she wasn’t always like that. There was a time when she was used to be puffy during her college times. She blames it on her unhealthy lifestyle. It encouraged her to work out and healthily direct her life.

She developed this particular program with the same ideas, meal plans, and workouts, which helped her to lose weight. It made her feel confident, and she wants every woman to feel that way. She has developed a way through which a woman can lose weight and maintain the feminine appeal of their body.

She promises to provide the amount of happiness that she got when she was able to maintain her bikini body throughout the year. She is a professional in the world of fitness, and it is obvious that trusting her is never an issue. She is also the wife of Jason Ferrugia, who is well known in the fitness scene, and they have devised many plans together and helped many people to achieve their dream body.


When we are subscribing to a program, it is always important to look at the features that are present in it. We cannot just buy the first thing that comes in our hand as we do not know if it will be right or not. So, here are some of the products that are available in the Bikini Body Workout Program:

  • The first thing that is great about this program is that it doesn’t depend on crash dieting for losing weight. The author of the program is aware that it is unhealthy for a woman’s body, and it can lead to different troubles. So, she is focusing on a healthy workout and a good diet plan that will help you to lose weight.
  • The main aim of the bikini body is to lose weight by cutting down the fats present in the body. All of us are aware of the fact that women tend to store fats in certain parts of the body, and gradual storage makes them look bad. This, in turn, is unhealthy for the body and can turn into chronic diseases. So, the workouts mentioned will help to beat those issues.
  • When you are in a program, people often try to groom you into it. The author wants you to cut off those things and get into the program. She thinks that this is the best way to follow the program rather than starting things slowly. She promises that the woman who follows the program will lose three times the weight that they would have lost with other programs. The workout guide is one of the best things that you will get in the program. It is detailed, and you get to know about the right duration of the exercises. The users can also see the videos where Jen shows the exercises. There is also a program called Booty Blast, which is dedicated to making up the booty, which is a key part of having a good bikini body. She provides separate workout guides for home use and also provides one that is for the gym-goers.
  • A nutrition guide is always an important part of a program. You can never maintain a good body without having a healthy eating regime. Jen wants you to eat healthily, and so the nutrition guide is included in the program for free. It talks about the food that can be taken during the program and the right way to take them. She also encourages keto and low carb diets as they are the best to cut down on the fast production of the body. As we said above, she doesn’t believe that a starving person can ever get a body with the right proportions. The guide talks about the things that you should get for maintaining the optimal weight.
  • Jen knows that people are often confused about their shopping when they are following a diet or a program. So, she makes it easy for everyone by including a comprehensive shopping list. It contains all the things that one will need to maintain the program for 60 days so that they can lose weight.
  • A supplement list is also provided by Jen along with the program. She never forces people to take supplements, but she talks about the ones that will aid in the process. She is very clear about the things that she mentions, and the list is quite easy to follow and doesn’t contain anything controversial.
  • Booty Blast is an amazing part of the program. It lasts for 21 days, and a person needs to dedicate 10 minutes in their day for the workout. This helps to shape and tone the booty, which looks great when she wears bikini bottoms or even when they wear tight fitted pants.

Pros and Cons



  • The Bikini Body Workout is about being healthy and fit. Jen stays away from mentioning anything controversial, and she is strictly against endorsing starvation diets or intense workout plans.
  • The program is quite easy to follow, and a person wouldn’t need to visit a gym to stay in the program. Jen provides a workout plan that can be used by women who prefer to stay at home.
  • A great thing about the program is that it is for everyone. The program doesn’t discriminate between a woman who is free or who is busy. It can be utilized by women of all ages, and they will get similar results if they diligently follow it.
  • The program is also wholesome as Jen makes sure that she includes everything in the program. So, the person who gets the program will get to know about the right workouts along with the right diet plan, and they will also be getting the shopping list. So, they do not need to follow other sources when they are enlisted for the program.
  • Another great thing about this program is that it is available on a digital platform. So, Jen sends off the whole pack once the payment has been made. The person can pay through various online ways, and they are completely safe. Accessing videos and e-books are always easier than handling a physical book that most people find boring.
  • The program has also been quite famous for some time, and on their website, you can find true testimonials with pictures. They show the change that women have gone through once they have started on the program.
  • A good thing about the program is that Jen has kept it comprehensive. Even after being a celebrity fitness coach, she knows that women all around the world want something easy to understand.
  • A huge point that we have to mention is the fact that the program is quite affordable. We will elaborate on this point later, but we must say that it is one of the cheapest programs available in the market.
  • Jen also promises a 100% cashback to guarantee to anyone who has failed to lose weight via the program.



  • One of the strongest points for the program is that for the 60 days, a person will need to be diligent. As we said above, the program is easy to follow, but it does require diligence.
  • The workouts may be a little much for people who are just starting with exercising daily, but Jen does a good job in explaining with the help of videos.
  • The eBooks can be a little problematic for those people who prefer physical books.


Who should buy it?

The Bikini Body Workout program is for all the ladies who want to lose their extra weight and get a toned body. The program grooms then in a total way when they strictly follow everything that is mentioned by Jen. Everything from the workout plans to the nutrition guide to the Booty Blast works extremely well. People who have followed the program have got their results fast, and any woman will be able to see changes in the first few weeks.

By the end of the 60 days, they will be confident enough to wear a bikini or any dress of their choice. The best thing about the program is that it can be used by a woman who is going to college or even by a woman who is a mother of four kids or even by a woman who is nearing her 60s.


What do you think will be the price of such a program? Haven’t you paid hundreds of dollars on redundant gym subscriptions? Jen charges a meager $29.99 for this workout and nutrition program. Along with that, you also get a 60-day money-back guarantee where she promises to return 100% of the money if you fail to get any results.

The products are delivered digitally over your email as soon as you make the payment. The payment gateways are secure, and you wouldn’t be duped. We think that it is fabulous that a celebrity fitness coach is providing her program at such an affordable cost and along with a promise to make women beautiful and confident.


So, here we have come to the end of our Bikini Body Workouts Review. All we can say is that it is an amazing program that has been designed, especially for women, to take care of their weight loss problem. Jen asks for 60 days, and within the time, she shows that a woman can lose their excess weight with willpower and exercise. So, if you are someone who has been struggling to shake off the extra pounds, then you can take help from the program.

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