7 Day Prayer Miracle Review (2022) – Is It Worth It?

7 day prayer miracle review

The world is changing every second. People are continuously suffering. Sufferings are never-ending. Everyone is trying their best to heal themselves. But they are falling prey to the pains that this life has given them. It has become important to understand the ways of life. The 7 Day Prayer Miracle is the best alternative to uplift oneself from the grasp of worldly pains and experience peace and focus from inside. People have become so scientific in their attitude that they ignore the importance of prayers. Those who do not ignore, they do not know the ways to pray. Only having faith in God will not work out today. If you want to know more about this e-book, you must read our 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review!

God helps them who help themselves. Amanda Ross is here with this program to help you help yourselves with the prayers. It is important to understand the ways taught in this program. There are many ways to gain peace. Some might choose to go on a meditative vacation. Some people choose to do yoga. Several other people around the world have tried to uplift themselves through reading and the arts. But, the best way to do so is to pray.

Several poets and philosophers have talked about the importance of prayers and hymns. The short prayers are comprising of only four lines; each can be of great help to everyone. Amanda Ross has taken up the challenge to suggest a new way that is old in its mechanism but is backed by several strong scientific reasons. This eBook, which is available for us, is going to set the trend. Let us now look at its various aspects, one by one.

What is the program?

This is a course that would guide you through your praying experience and train you to pray in the most effective manner, similar to how the prophet Daniel used to pray. The methods and techniques are discussed in this program. The program is easy to reach and understand. It has been made after so much of research on the writings of ancient people.

The art of praying discussed in it claims to get the blessings with higher vibrations. There is a sense of guarantee about the positive effect on our life. It is a set of prayers, seven in number, to gain the ultimate bliss. This program is about how to cultivate that habit of praying that would make us more conscious about our prayers.

The program is planned in such a way that it shows us the steps to do that properly. The exercises mentioned in this program can train you to understand your environment and internal feelings at the time of prayer. This program seems to be a fantastic output of a researcher’s mind that claims to make us more sensitive towards our consciousness and gives us ways to pray fruitfully.

About Amanda Ross – the Author

amanda ross

A lady named Amanda Ross has written this book. She has written down these steps and prayers after her own life experiences. She has felt the healing power of the prayers. She is a scholar who is researching ancient writings. The author, therefore, is the one who has felt the negativity in her life, and instead of getting stuck into the time, she has moved on with the help of prayers. She has experienced whatever she has talked about in her book.


  • This program would help you to learn about the insights of your conduct. Whatever you practice in action, you would also come to know about the significance of your act. This would help you to lift yourself and taste the delicacies of spirituality.
  • It is a set of seven prayers. All seven prayers are important. You would benefit from it in one or the other way. Even if it doesn’t help you directly, you will still have the seven magnificent prayers with you.
  • It is tilted on both sides – it has supernatural as well as scientific temper. It attempts to restore happiness and peace in your life. It can bring us joy.
  • It is a step by step method of teaching you how to pray and what to pray. It teaches us the importance of prayer.
  • It has methods arranged in a demonstrative way.
  • It has amazing practical instructions provided.
  • It helps to cultivate natural and genuine feelings inside you before starting the prayer.
  • It gives us the guarantee that we would receive that inner peace that we are in constant search for.
  • The prayers are an important aspect of life. You must learn it. The ways to practice prayers have been designed here. It is very helpful. It is scientifically backed.
  • It would not let you waste your time doing fruitless jobs.
  • It helps to attain spiritual enlightenment.
  • Suppose it did not work out for you, you are free to return it with a hundred percent money back.

Pros and Cons



  • The things are explained logically.
  • The ideas are shared through easy to read the simple language.
  • It has been explained in plain English language. And English is the global language that so many of us can easily understand.
  • One can feel the achievement of their goals in a limited period.
  • This would be setting a new trend in society as it is something that is most necessary for people today who are suffering from anxiety and several other disorders.
  • This course in the program expresses great blessings, even when someone gets a shocking tragedy in his or her life.
  • This program has a prayer of four lines, which helped approximately 135,377 common people to experience the wonderful miracles in their day to day life.
  • With this beautiful and easy to read the course, one can easily get relief and can forget stress and anxiety from his or her life.



  • Available online only.
  • This module is not so quick to change your life. The patience that is rarely found in anyone today is the essential requirement. This makes it useless to many. At least you need to give some time to it. A minimum of seven days is needed to see the result.

Who should buy it?

The eBook about the significance of praying in the right way by Amanda Ross must be everyone’s table. This book should be brought by the students. It will help them to attain a state of concentration in their studies. It can be bought by the teachers. It can be bought by older people as well as children. This program contains seven prayers and the methods about how to pray in a manner that the prayer helps you. There is an urgent need to teach people to pray to God. The peace of mind that is attained after following this module is so healing, both internally and externally, that everyone should have this program with them. The prayers are simple. The language is friendly and plain. There is no need for a great academic ability to read this book. Therefore, common can get it as well.


The prices on certain websites would show it to be $147. But with a massive discount, you can get it for $27 by clicking the button below. The price is very low as compared to the similar kinds of books available. It also comes with the 100% money-back guarantee within sixty days of the purchase. This is the best thing about the book. If you feel that it is not worth it, you might return it as well. It comes with few bonuses too.

  • 7 Day Prayer Journal

7 day prayer journal

  • A Song Of Shifts

a song of shifts

  • Divine Hearing

divine hearing

  • Divine Numbers

divine numbers

  • The Prayer Of Daniel

the prayer of daniel


The most interesting thing about downloading an eBook and reading it is that you can have the matter with you at every point of your time. Whenever you get time, you can read it. The steps to pray and the methods to prepare oneself for the prayer is an outstanding approach towards making our mindset focused.

The smaller poems with explained essence give us an insight into what we are speaking. This program comes with a money-back guarantee. The program is a must buy because of the several reasons discussed above. It is written by an authentic person and is available at a genuine price. The 7 Day Prayer Miracle can help us to regain our lost peace of mind and help us concentrate on the works that would lead us to live a happy life. All this would happen just with the help of seven prayers.

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