Brian Flatt’s 3 Week Diet Review (2022) – How much weight can you lose?

3 week diet review

The sedentary lifestyle has done more harm than good for humans in recent years. Say it tech-driven behavioral change in approach towards health or simply the obsession for hyper comfort the global obesity almost tripled since 1975. According to the latest WHO data, there are more than 2 billion overweight adults of 18 years and older and of these approx 700 million are in the obese category. The unfortunate reality of this hyper relaxed lifestyle of low metabolism is that this obesity is killing more people than the underweight. The good part of the story is that it is preventable. A good lifestyle involving a balance of mind, body, and soul can help you remain fit and avoid the problem of overweight. But if you are already in the grip of those extra fats, then you must read 3 week diet review to know about ways to control weight.

Let us first understand if your body weight is in balance or not. In simple terms, you are overweight or obese if there is abnormal or excessive fat accumulation in your body that may impact your health in the long run. To know whether your body-weight is in balance or not, you have to know your body mass index (BMI). It is an index of weight-for-height measured by dividing body weight in kilogram by square root of the height in meters. If your BMI is greater than or equal to 25, then you are in the overweight category, and if it is more than or equal to 30, then you are in the obese category. Although not a perfect measure, it helps you understand the shift in your body-weight according to height.

Reasons for weight gains are many. It can be your lifestyle issue where there is less mobility, very stressing hectic schedule, lack of metabolism, and genetic. It is a challenging task to maintain body-weight in the healthy range, especially when you find it difficult to manage time and maintain a healthy diet. Going by the experiences people share, it sounds almost impossible to lose even a pound in a month. Is it possible to lose a pound average per day or simple 23 pounds 21 days as the program claims? Well, the author of the program thinks it is doable.

If you are getting ready to start your weight loss program, first try to understand what the cause of fat accumulation in your body is? In simple terms, your stubborn body fat is nothing but an outcome of energy imbalance caused by consuming more calories and expending less. Top three reasons are excessive consumption of energy-dense foods, increasing body inactivity due to a sedentary lifestyle, and alteration in dietary and bodily activity patterns. If you are in the obese category, you might face health challenges like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, muscular and skeletal disorders, and some cancers. Since your weight won’t allow you to move quicker, you get trapped in the social stigma of non-performance.

So, if you want to lead a healthy life, you have to learn the art of balance which will come with following a healthy regime of diet, workout and of course mental peace. The program is all about finding the right combination of diet and exercise for you so that you could achieve your weight loss goal in the shortest possible time without any side effects. The writer is of view that every individual is different so there cannot be one formula fits all type of solution for weight loss. The key of the program is the custom-designed weight loss solutions keeping your body type, lifestyle, and diet pattern in mind. You will lose weight in quickest possible time and enjoy several health benefits. This review will give you details of the program along with benefits and challenges.

What is 3 Week Diet? How much weight can you lose in 3 weeks?

The program, as the writer ‘Brian Flatt’ claims, is a foolproof science-based diet guaranteed to melt away 12 to 23 pounds of stubborn fat in just 21 days. He rightly highlights the modus operandi of the multi-billion dollar weight-loss industry which thrives on the insecurity involved in the weight loss and recurrence of the fat.

The program is based on medical science, rational thoughts, and proven real-life results.

With the ultimate focus of rapid loss, the diet is for all as it has been designed keeping human body need of nutrients in mind and how hormones get affected by nutrients flow so that weight balance could be achieved in quickest possible time.

Most of the diet programs fail because of the slow output in terms of weight loss, discouraging the practitioner from continuing with motivation. Flatt believes that one can remain motivated to weight-loss only when one sees visible results. This will happen only when there is an element of speed embedded in the program. This speed works like a snowball effect on practitioners as they see results they remain engaged and focus more to get better results in a short span of time. Engagement boost is the key.

The diet has been conceptualized keeping human biology and hormones and how body processes, utilizes and stores, and burns body fat. Is it safe to lose weight quickly? As against the popular sentiment of dangers involved in speed weight loss, the writer believes that it is more dangerous to have those extra fats in your body, which could cause several physical ailments.

The program mainly comprises the Introduction Manual, Diet Manual, Workout Manual, and a Mindset and Motivational Manual. The whole idea is to help you lose weight in quickest possible time in a healthiest possible manner. With a full understanding of the human psychology involved in extreme body stress and mental resistance it creates, the program has been divided into several parts. This 3 Week Diet Review will help you understand the program in detail so that you could make a healthy decision. The main components of the program are;

The Diet: The part is all about your diet and how to change food habit most effectively. It has been divided into three phases of one week each. You will know about diets in detail so that you could lose about 10 pounds in the first week itself. This will explain the short term changes in your diet and what to eat what not to eat. Since it is a results-focused approach, you will move to the next phases with the higher motivation of better weight outcome.

The Workout: Most of the fitness programs fail because they miss the need for balance in energy requirement and expenditure of the body impacting the body’s hormonal balance beyond recovery. As against the heavy exercise loaded program, the program recommends just 20 minutes of exercise, that too only twice or thrice a week. Since this program of weight-loss is centered on diet-induced loss, little exercise has been designed to double your weight loss speed. Simplicity is the key here as you can exercise without any support system; since it isn’t intensive, you will not feel the urge of resistance.

Motivations & Mindset: You desire to weigh-loss is mostly a matter of motivation. Since you follow the tough regime, you sometimes feel demotivated to continue. This program keeps you motivated not just during the 21 days but throughout your life. The reward is the biggest motivator, so when you see the output of shrinking waistline and weight count, you strive for better results. Success stories of thousands of people and tips will help you further is mastering the art.

About Author Brian Flatt

author brian flatt

The author of the program, Brian Flatt, is a nutrition expert and personal trainer. With 15 years of experience in the weight management industry, he authored diet cantered book to help millions of people lose weight effectively in quickest possible time. As a health coach with a degree in biology, he assisted several people in achieving the weight loss goals to lead a healthy life.

Learning from experience and interaction with hundreds of weight-loss enthusiasts he realized that despite the best possible effort and intention people fail to achieve weight balance goals because of the system that doesn’t allow people to know the secrets of weight-loss as this will have an impact on the future growth of the industry. Understanding the limitation of an individual trainer, he wrote the program to reach the larger mass so that more and more people could understand the mechanism and achieve the health goals. This ‘fit for all’ approach in dealing with the challenges makes it a perfect program for all.

The formula is the simplicity and speedy result. The diet comprises low fat, raw food diet, low carb, fasting, and calorie counting. The research-based formulation helps one lose over 10 pounds in the first week itself, motivating further to achieve higher goals in the next two weeks. The balance is the key here as the program is a perfect blend of diet, minimal exercise, and a heavy dose of motivation. As you lose weight, your waistline shrinks by 2-4 inches, stomach flattens, metabolism rises, and energy level gets the boost. You feel lighter, your skin starts glowing, and you get new admirers. You get all these in just 21 days. The review will help you understand the manual in quickest possible time.


While going through the program in detail, we found that this program has four key manuals that cover introduction, body basics, how body fat works, the diet, exercises, and the motivation & mindset aspects.

1. Introduction Manual

As the name suggests, this manual explains in detail about the program involving the science behind weight balance, nutrition and hormonal mechanism involved in weight control, the diets and its impact factor and the morale boosters. Just opposite of other weight loss therapies this manual makes it transparent by sharing all possible details of how it works.

In addition to this, the manual helps you learn the fundamentals so that you could follow the regime for the lifetime and reap rich dividends forever. The diet is at the core so you will get great insight on functionality of nutrition in weight controls along with supplements to quicken the weight loss process. This manual has several wells weaved chapters namely;

  • Rapid Weight Loss
  • How This System Works
  • Why This Diet
  • Why 3 Weeks
  • 21 Days to Make a Habit
  • Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss
  • Nutrients
  • Protein, Fats, Carbohydrate
  • The Food Pyramid and Obesity
  • Fiber
  • Metabolism
  • How we Get Fat
  • Triglycerides
  • How to Get Thin
  • Diet Overview
  • Meal Frequency
  • Water
  • Diet Essential
  • Let’s Get Started

2. Diet Manual

Since this whole program is centered on achieving weight-loss goals through nutritional balance, the Diet Manual will help you understand the fundamentals of nutrients and minerals and how to create easy meals so that you could lose weight and leave a healthy life. If you follow the diet plan as suggested, you get the promised results in specified 21 days. Once you are through this manual, you will be in better control to plan your diet and stick to your weight goals.

This manual tells you what to eat and what not to eat, keeping your body requirement in mind. Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach, this manual is about the individual approach in deciding your diet according to your fat percentage. Depending on calculations, you will get a custom diet plan to meet your specific needs.

You will be beyond the guess zone as far as diet is concerned. Stick to the regime and get results in flat 21 days.

The speed is the key here, so follow the manual to get desired results. This is a temporary phase of control; once you are there, you will be free to enjoy what you like. This manual comprises;

  • Create a diet plan for your body type
  • How to calculate lean body mass and fat percentage of your body
  • An individualized weight loss plan
  • Foods to avoid that hinder weight loss
  • The good foods to eat that maximize fat burning and boost metabolism
  • How to keep the weight off long-term

3. Workout Manual

Keeping the intensive workout regime as a reason for the failure of fat loss programs in mind, the program has been specifically designed to help you achieve weight goals without intensive exercises. Although you get optimum results with exclusive diet manual, if you integrate the workout manual, you will get maximum results in quickest possible time. Since the nutrient flow is the key behind triggering hormone-induced weight loss, exercise helps you boost the process due to higher metabolic activity. Just 20 minutes workout 3-4 times a week is enough to achieve the goal. The Workout Manual comprises;

  • Exclusively designed workout to practice in a busy lifestyle
  • Best way to use manual in life for maximum advantage
  • How to exercise at home and gym
  • Exercise fundamentals with details of the impact
  • A mid-section miracle workout to get a flat stomach and 6-pack abs

4. The Mindset and Motivational Plan

When it comes to weight-loss lack of motivation is the biggest hindrance. This manual is all about creating a perfect mindset to face the challenge of shedding those extra layers of fat. This motivation to change is the key in the whole process as this helps you get the desired shape. Since the reward is the biggest motivator, the instant results you get help you boost your morale to achieve higher goals in a defined timeframe. You will get hundreds of tips, tools, and tricks in the Mindset & Motivation Manual so that you could march towards your goal smoothly.

Pros and Cons

This review will highlight advantages and disadvantages so that you could choose your weight-loss program with all possible information in your hand.



  • You learn about the fundamentals of the body involving nutrients, metabolism, fat burning and forces influencing it.
  • You lose weight without the pain traditional painful exercising and hunger control regime.
  • You maintain a healthy diet and learn the art of dietary control so that you could practice it throughout your life.
  • The motivation to remain healthy keeps you away from several life-threatening diseases.
  • You get the perfect body to get the perfect partner.
  • Using these manuals are easy as these can be accessed on all possible devices.
  • It is cheap as low as your week gym budget.
  • Above all, you get the 60-day refund guarantee.



  • People show resistance in accepting the speed factor.
  • The tall claims find low acceptance until seeing live examples of success.


Going by the advantages and realizing the dream of getting the desired body shape that too in quickest possible time makes it an erect buy for anyone. Cost is immaterial when calculating in terms of savings you are going to makes in terms of healthcare cost. Simple diabetes treatment even costs hundreds of dollars per month. Don’t forget to add the social cost, the pain of neglect, and the missing opportunities.

You get the 3 Week Diet at just $47 with a guarantee to get weight-loss results in just 21 days. What is even better you can use COUPON CODE ‘SAVE20’ to save 20% of your order! Just click the button below and don’t forget to enter this on the checkout form!


The 3 Week Diet review verdict goes in favor of your passion for getting the desired body shape effortlessly. Pros overweigh the cons as you unload several pounds in just 21 days that too effectively at no cost. This is only because someone wants you to know the fundamental and understand the industry dynamics that want you to remain in the same state forever.

Unlock your true self by shedding those unwanted fats and get a healthy body.

The manual helps you learn not just weight-loss but fundamentals of good healthy living, so this review will happily recommend this program for everyone as this is not just about weight loss but weight balance. Get the balance and let your mind body and soul be in sync with the nature.

If you decided that you want to get this program, don’t forget to use COUPON CODE ‘SAVE20’ for a 20% discount!

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