Minneapolis AND St Paul?!?!!?


Hey Gang,

Yeah, it’s true. Bedlam’s a theater. We like to play characters. As 2012 gets rolling, we’ve been, among other things, playing real estate developers and small business entrepreneurs. Fake mustaches come in handy.

COMPLEX: While spending considerable time and focus in 2011 exploring a wide range of options, we have renewed and redoubled focus on a South Minneapolis, LRT/Bike connected COMPLEX. It just makes sense to keep growing within our home locale, if not the West Bank itself, within shouting distance.

The prospect and vision is fun, daunting, overwhelming, and amazing. Yes, there will be a social atmosphere, drop in open hours, non-stop action like before. The “Complex”ity comes in with evolving to incorporate some of what we missed from our Studio Years (96-06, spectacle installations, messy mechinations) and new ideas taking hold. It’s going to require the foundation of our already stellar network of partners, deeper relationships with the City and County, as well as new friends like Seward Redesign, and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation.

SOCIAL: At the same time, our rolling and rambling in 2011 added fuel to the notion that being Bedlam in different places can be just as fun, fervent, fruitful and fantastic. Our audience comes from far and wide. We’ve continue to give serious thought to the possibility of a Bedlam Local-Social fitting in in new places. A decentralized Outpost approach as a next organic evolution.

All things considered, it seems like it’s time for St. Paul to have a Bedlam. We see it as a great opportunity both for an expanded audience, and a perfect next step in deepening our understanding of what a social performance venue can and should be… and we’re actively working with Joe Spencer (St Paul’s King of Cool?) and a deep pocket of movers and shakers to make it happen… too.

SHOWS: And then you’re like: “WHAT THE F!?, is Bedlam just opening spaces now?!? What about them WILD SPECTACLES? What about the most IMAGINATIVE NEW THEATRE? What about COMMUNITY SOURCED-LOCAL GOODNESS ON THE STAGE?!?!? “

If you’ve been around long enough for any of Bedlam’s “transition periods” of the past 18 years, you know a little slow down is unavoidable followed by a veritable EXPLOSION of new work in the intervening years. We can’t help it, them shows JUST keep coming. We’re going to need at least two venues just to keep up with it.

In the meantime, just ’cause it’s not EVERY weekend yet, don’t worry, there’s going to be lots of Bedlam to keep you busy in 2012. You will just have to do a little leg work to keep up with where. The TENFEST will be at Mixed Blood in June, QUEERTOPIA back at Intermedia again, co-presentations with New Native Theatre along Franklin Avenue, and so much more.

THANKS to EVERYONE WHO INVESTED in 2011 – Bedlam’s MOST individual donations ever. Keep spreading the word, get your your friends and lovers to sign up as Monthly Investor$ and be there with us every step (pedal?) of the way!!

All the Best – jfb
(John Francis Bueche, of Bedlam)

Me (John) on a Bike Ride with Caged Ambition (Ben as metaphor):

Caged Ambition stops on Franklin:

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