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We want it ALL! We want your pocket change, your dreams, your appetite, your checks, your time, your energy, your retirement savings, your gaze, your art, your car, your presence, your love, your laughs, and your insight. That’s 100% BUY IN.

There’s lots of ways to BUY IN and 100% means EVERYBODY is on board someway somehow. Here’s how you can BUY IN today:

Making a donation
Becoming a Bedlam Member
Dining and Drinking at Bedlam Lowertown
Seeing a Show at Bedlam Lowertown
Giving Your 1st Born Child to Bedlam Lowertown
And much much more!

Let’s make sure Bedlam Lowertown is the thriving performance club we know it’s going to be. BUY IN today and let’s get this new era of Bedlam booming with art, community, food, camaraderie, and goodness. We’ve spent a lot of time and energy building Bedlam Lowertown for YOU, now we want YOU to help make Bedlam Lowertown with us!


Becoming a Bedlam Member is a great way to show your support and investment in all things Bedlam!


Volunteering your time and energy helps Bedlam with the nuts and bolts of our day to day activities, and it’s fun too! Our volunteer needs are many and varied and changing everyday. We need all kinds of help and we want to know: how do you want to help out in the Bedlam universe?


Coming down to eat our food and drink our drinks supports Bedlam as well! All the proceeds from our Bedlam Lowertown restaurant and bar go towards making our programming and everything else in the Bedlam world happen!

See A Show

See A Show

We have programming going on all the time; check out what’s playing on our calendar, and then come out to the show!

Also, be sure to ask your employer if they offer matching funds. Bedlam is a 501(c)3, and your contributions are tax-deductible. Donate your cold hard cash (or warm soft sweaty cash, we aren’t picky).